In the second half of 2012, Consumers are still complaining about META BANK’s Customer Service

Many Consumers have complained about META BANK over the years.

Here are some from the second half of 2012:

Ripoff Reports

  • Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2012
  • Reported By: n…s… — natick Massachusetts United States of America


InternetUnited States of America

  • Category: Credit & Debt Services

netspend meta bank

they charge a transaction fee for swiping the card

also i used it at a gas station i had a$65 balance

i spent $15 and now my balace is $15 50 bucks magicly gone they blamed the gas station, Internet


Oh please, META BANK blames the gas station or the internet for the missing money and then does nothing to get their customer’s money restored to him/her, and yet, this is what I have also experienced through META BANK too so I know that what this customer is saying is the truth…. META BANK needs to be stopped once and for all…. META BANK has gone too far and on for too long with the same scam.


I purchased a reloadable debit/credit card for my 15 year old daughter’s use.   I loaded the card with $100, plus paid the $3.95 service fee.

I did not realize the company would charge $1 to $2.50 for each transaction. [So it is by design then that META BANK keeps important and useful  information from their customers]

Once I opened the card, I saw that there was an offer to pay an additional $9.95 per month to use the card in non-debit situations to avoid these charges.  Well, that was frustrating because I thought I was just buying a card that could have the balance reduced as it was spent, and that the $3.95 was the cost for this benefit.  Not that it would eat away at the balance with hidden fees, in addition to the fee I already paid.

I thought I would buy the $9.95 upgrade so at least my daughter could use it over one month for her small transactions.

When I called customer service, I was told (by clearly an off-shore service center) that unless I faxed my driver’s license, social security number, birth certificate, current utility bill, etc. to a random “customer service” representative, that the card could only be used for credit transactions at at least $1 per transaction. [ This is a new twist to META BANK’s SCAM]  The additional $9.95 “upgrade” (to avoid per-transaction charges) was not available.  Plus, the card was not available for debit/atm transactions.

I could not believe they wanted my most personal information faxed to a general number when I thought I was just buying a simple reloadable credit card, so I asked to speak to a manager.  

I was put on hold indefinitely. 

Needless to say, I will buy something once to use up this card balance and NEVER reload it. [Good advice here.]  I would not recommend anyone every use this card or this company.


  • Submitted: Wednesday, October 03, 2012
  • Reported By: j…d..f …— Middleburg Hts Ohio United States of America

Students: Beware… Netspaend and HIGHERONE are owned by MetaBank and they will not correct any wrongs whether fraudulent or not to your accounts.

They will lie to you and tell you there is nothing that can be done, then when you ask for their name and ID number, will refer you to the dispute section.[ This is the same old scam that META BANK has always used…. Really, META BANK should be charged with two murders: that guy who was assassinated in Dubai and for the death of BOESEN because I am convinced that META BANK harassed BOESEN to death.]

At the dispute section, they try to anger you and frustrate you to give up asking the same questions repeatedly … I was told my dispute was being processed and was neer told I needed to send a fax and no fx number was given to me. [ Think about what they must have been doing to BOESEN then!!!]

I learned this when I demanded to speak with a supervisor who was trained to ask mis directing questions and to frusrtate me even further. [ I feel certain that the same thing happened to BOESEN…. PLEASE if any law officials are reading this there are two deaths, one assassination and one suicide, for which META BANK has been directly involved although they have and will deny any knowledge or involvement… META BANK is into a lot more than just scamming ordinary people. The ordinary people have to be the ones who are being used to fund something bigger. What it is? Is it only hiring Lobbyists in DC to push legislation so they can keep scamming people or does it go even further?]

When I first called NetSpend they told me in Juky to deal with the merchant. The merchant skipped after a lot of bank and check fraud and “another group” [ name removed because I believe that META BANK also scams their partner companies and runs them out of business especially when they may already be on the brink of economic failure]  has taken over and refused to make good.

[ I believe that META BANK/NETSPEND also scams their partner companies to the extent that many may be put out of business simply because they signed on with META BANK… so that META BANK is working the scam from both ends for their own gain.]

So I called NetSpend/HigherOne/MetaBank to let them know and still more lies. It is a game of lies and pawn you off until you give up. I myself will try to get our student union and body to force the college to give us direct deposit to our own banks… what a scam … they payed our college millions to get them to use them and refer them and now I see why …


  • Submitted: Tuesday, September 04, 2012
  • Reported By: Bu….da… — North Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA
Meta Bank / Western Union

Sioux Falls South DakotaUnited States of America

Meta Bank / Western Union prepaid debit card left me stranded out of the country!! Sioux Falls , South Dakota

Please Beware of Meta Band and Western Union Prepaid debit cards!
I used it for direct deposit right before I left the country, The representative told me that the money would go right into my account on payday and when the money was deposited they won’t post the money for 2 weeks!
they totally lied to me to get me to do the deposit then when the money didn’t show up they finally told the truth….I am now in a foreign airport with no money at all because of their dirty business! [ Wow that same exact thing happened to me in 2009 and to you in 2012… I had to give META BANK cash money, no checks, no credit card to load their prepaid card. META BANK had my cash money and I didn’t when I needed it the most.]If you use them they will do the same thing to you. even on a normal week they are now telling me that it takes at least a week for your paycheck to post to your account….they are kiting [getting?] money to draw interest from it so watch out. do business with a reputable company so you don’t wind up in situation.Meta Bank did nothing but blame it on Western Union, they are totally irresponsible! [ This is what many have complained about META BANK’s practices. META BANK never addresses problems and fixes them for their customers. Usually this would put a business out of business sooner rather than later…. Is it that META BANK has paid off the right people? Who did META BANK give large campaign donations to so that person could go to Washington, D.C.? You may have the answer you are looking for, in part, right there. META BANK buys power and pushes their weight around… come to think of it… I have often felt that META BANK operates a lot like what one would expect the MAFIA to act like… this is IOWA for you folks…. Is everyone in IOWA as corrupt as the CEO’s of META BANK????]

the people that might be able to help don’t have phone numbers or email addresses probably because the company is ripping off so many people! [ I wasn’t given a working phone number  to use for overseas on my card and even though they told the partner company that my card had finally been re-loaded, META BANK never re-loaded my card. META BANK kept my money for their own use for one month!!! That is a scam!!!!   Most business can’t treat people like this and stay in business!!! What is the missing link that allows META BANK to keep doing the same old scam over and over again????]
Stay away from these pieces of crap they all lie because the customer service people are in sh*tty third world countries and will get smart with you on the phone, hang up on you or put you on hold without ever picking up again!! BEWARE!!!
[This consumer has explained the situation far better than I ever could. META BANK NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!! THERE IS NOTHING HONEST ABOUT META BANK… absolutely nothing at all!!!!]
  • Submitted: Friday, August 31, 2012
  • Reported By:S — north myrtle beach South Carolina United States of America
Western Union Meta Bank perpaid debit card

5501 South Broad BandSioux Falls South Dakota 57108United States of America

I had moved to a new state and needed a Debit card to use for Direct Deposit, I used the Western Union Pre Paid Debit Card issued By Meta Bank.
I have had the worst service ever from these people! when I got the card I asked several times if the deposit would work on the payday and was told 3 different times YES. On the day of my deposit the money wasn’t there so when I called in I find out that they hold your money for 2 weeks! they use the term 10 business days, bet that’s really 2 weeks. It’s like they tell you anything you want to hear until they have your money….then you’re screwed!! when I tried to solve the problem I got arguments and more lies from the ” customer service ” in their foreign offices in the Phillipines and Mexico from Joie # 805 in Phillipines and Rachael In Mexico, when you ask for a supervisor they say that the manager will just tell you the same thing and when you insist then they put you on hold and no one ever picks up again.[ This is what I found too in trying to deal with META BANK… Please help to stop META BANK’s actions toward consumers. META BANK scammed me in 2009 and they are still doing the same scam in 2012…. How can we let this continue?????]

Do not trust these people!! this is what happens when companies outsource, Both Meta Bank and Western Union should be ashamed to be doing business like this but both just blames it on the other and says there’s nothing they can do to help…….Stay away from these low life companies they just want to rip you off!!!!!
[ META BANK USES THE BLAME SCHEME REPEATEDLY… there is really nothing creative nor  anything noble about what META BANK does… ha  so it is true then!!!… META BANK creates organizations to give themselves customer service awards, but the awards can’t even describe what positive actions META BANK is supposedly doing to serve the public… and I mean “serve” not abuse!!! META BANK is a joke that isn’t funny; it is a crime!!!!]
[It is now so obvious that META BANK basically gave themselves the award for good customer service…. No real customer would praise the service or treatment they got from META BANK ]
[These scams by META BANK all happened in the second half of 2012. META BANK is consistently scamming good people. There is no way that people can make it when they are abused and taken advantage of by the likes of META BANK.]

[Potential Partner Companies, please take note and do not partner with META BANK]

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