Freedom of Speech and why as consumers we must tell you about how we were abused by METABANK, an Iowa based bank that operates nationally and internationally

Americans are guaranteed by the US Constitution “The Freedom of Speech”

I have been scammed by META BANK.

Online searches show that META BANK is still scamming consumers by using the same tactics they have always used.

It is my “Freedom of Speech” and a sense of duty to my country and my fellow Americans that are urging me to continue to speak out against injustices that I have experienced and also observed in the way that META BANK does business.

Meta Bank lies to their customers.

Meta Bank makes lots of money off of the suffering of the underbanked. In an effort to try to depict their focus on the underbanked as being some kind of a noble calling, META BANK’s publicity creates glowing images of what META BANK does.

In reality, META BANK causes great suffering.

META BANK has consistently tried to push the blame for why they keep people from having access to their own money off onto others, anyone and everyone but META BANK. It is META BANK who is holding your money from you and that is by design.

The Prepaid Bank Cards make lots of money for META BANK. Using misleading and false promises, META BANK gains partner companies to push their prepaid bank card so you may be a META BANK Customer and not know it yet.

META BANK has operated for years using many different names for the same product that has so abused consumers in the past.. This is by design to get more customer’s money.

The prepaid card is a way for META BANK to get a free loan, interest free from you the consumer.

META BANK doesn’t require a credit check, but a credit check would serve to protect you as a consumer.

Using a PREPAID CARD is not safer nor more secure for consumers; it is for META BANK.

META BANK will begin to lie to you once they have your money. Prior to that they offer what sounds like a plausible and innovative way to make payments, but it is how META BANK treats their customers so that they can keep the money they are holding from their customers for their own use where META BANK really fails to be responsible to humanity.

MetaBank lies, pushes blame off onto anyone and everyone else but them although they are the real source for why you can’t get access to your own money and does absolutely nothing to change the way they treat people because this action plan makes lots of money for them. There is no real incentive for META BANK to change the way they do business.

META BANK creates a really bad name for the State of Iowa and the United States in the way that they do their business.

As consumers, we must try to protect others from being abused by META BANK and now any other entity that is imitating their practices. META BANK offers training sessions to other banks and financial institutions so that they can normalize the scam they are doing.

“If everyone else is doing it”…..

You know that old saying

META BANK is really nothing more than a collections agency. Their tactics are far more like those of a loan shark. Anyone who actually wishes to save money, and to protect their assets no matter how meagre they may be, will be abused by META BANK’s practices and misleading promises.

The PREPAID BANK CARD that was originally designed by METABANK is so different from what we have known in the past that at first as consumers we may be willing to give it a try, but all that the PREPAID BANK CARDS do is to keep us from having access and full use of our own money…

No one would choose such a prepaid card if they understood how it actually works.

Consumers must speak up for their rights. METABANK isn’t looking out for your best interests even if they say they are in their publicity.

Apparently, in publicity anything can be promised at this time and place in history. METABANK creates publicity that looks like factual information when it isn’t. This too is part of the scam. If you knew the real facts about META BANK and how they act toward customers you would run from them.

All that we can do is try to protect other consumers with the hope that they will try to protect us too in the future.

Oh yes, all those “Urban Legends” that try to spread fear that are based on hearsay and forwarded on. Some have been created as a joke by some adolescent friend of someone; we have all seen them.


However, in this case, I was actually scammed by METABANK. Then I looked online and I read about all of the orthers who had also been scammed in the same way. What META BANK was doing was a crime of scale and size!!!

As a result of my own experience, I completely severed all contact and business with an organization that sold me the META BANK PREPAID CARD. I had been their customer for years, but I could no longer trust them.

Yes, I know that the partner company was promised so much by META BANK.

META BANK basically wines and dines potential partner companies to get them to sign on to push the META BANK PREPAID CARD.

Sometimes META BANK runs competitions giving prizes, minimal prizes, to the clerk who sells the most of the META BANK PREPAID CARD.

Those clerks are perpetuating METABANK’s scam and they don’t even realize it…. this gimmick actually helps to sell the METABANK product.

Customers may be sold cards that look like what the partner company’s CEO’s and even their clerk have been issued, but the numbers on the customer’s cards and the contact information is different on the customer’s cards.

The customers however are being set up to be abused by META BANK in the way that META BANK has been scamming people for years.


I was scammed by META BANK. I would like to warn others so they don’t have to be scammed too because it was a horrific experience.

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