Meta Bank is a collections agency

dy·nam·ic  is an adjective for a process or system that is characterized by constant change, activity or progress


Speaking for consumers, we do not want to be met with a banking system that is in a constant state of change. Our personal experiences as customers of METABANK or using any of its diversely named product offerings but which are still META BANK, a collections agency that thrives only because of their focus on publicity.

META BANK does have a constant change in activities, but their product time and time again fail to meet consumers’ expectations. Complaints by customers, former customers, of META BANK abound.

The progress that may be part of the META BANK’s “dynamic” traits only creates great financial gain for the META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC CEOs.

In a letter to potential investors in NASDAQ:CASH aka META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC, J. Tyler Haahr says:
“Welcome to Meta Financial Group, the holding company for MetaBank. In addition to our extensive array of traditional banking products and services, Meta Financial Group includes the dynamic Meta Payment Systems, our industry-leading electronic payment systems division of MetaBank.” 

“We hope you will explore our website and gain an increased appreciation for the growth prospects we are supporting on behalf of our organization and our shareholder owners.” 

J. Tyler Haahr
Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

The term “DYNAMIC,”used by J. Tyler Haahr, stuck out like a sore thumb …..

….According to the dictionary: dy·nam·ic  is an adjective for a process or system that is characterized by constant change, activity or progress. The way that “DYNAMIC” has been applied by METABANK has been a source of problems for many years now as seen by the numerous complaints about how customers have been abused by METABANK.

META BANK, META FINANCIAL GROUP relies on partner companies to get a customer base. Long standing customers of a company where they have been a client for many years will basically be lead to the slaughter by the partnership their old friend and reliable local company has or will make with META BANK, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC.

We are speaking from our personal experience here. META BANK is taking advantage of the downturned economy  to hook in corporate partners who fear that their business will go completely under. In reality, a partnership with a collections agency such as META BANK will be the greatest component that will caused long term customer losses for the partner company.

Read below how META BANK seeks out partner companies whom they get to push the very faulty META BANK PREPAID CARD:



We’ve implemented more than 2,500 individual prepaid programs of every size, shape and color. We have the know-how to create, implement and support – together.

And top to bottom, we dedicate more resources over the life of your program to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your business successfully. ( META BANK takes over your customer list and then does what they have always done. They abuse the customer.)

We’ve grown up with the industry and understand it better than anyone. No learning curve on our end means proven results on yours.

It starts at the top. Our executive team cut their teeth among prominent payment companies including four top positions at other prepaid organizations and two founding members of the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association. (They hired lobbyists to get legislation so the prepaid cards could be sold widely; this is an unproven product from a consumer’s perspective. META BANK and the NBPCA paid more to lobbyists in 2009 than any other interest group.)

That gives us the knowledge and understanding to create successful products as well as the industry expertise to make your prepaid program a success.

(However, customers complain continually about encountering the same problems with the structure of the METABANK prepaid cards. Why partner with such a collections agency that build up their expertise as a THRIFT BANK that catered to the underbanked, i.e. the poor but hard working citizens.)


We’re a leading issuer of prepaid reloadable cards because prepaid is our core business.

(META BANK gets an interest free loan and keeps changing the rules which makes an impossible situation for your customers. There is nothing noble nor noteworthy about what META BANK does.)

Both Visa and MasterCard list us among their top debit card issuers because we’re more than an issuing bank. (However, VISA and Mastercard takes no responsibility for what META BANK does to their customers; in that sense, VISA and Mastercard are equally culpable for what has happened to so many consumers at the hands of META BANK.)

We also work as a trusted advisor on compliance matters and as a partner advocate with the processors and payment networks. You’ll even find us speaking at industry events on a regular basis. (META BANK is first and foremost a collections agency and not a bank. As a collections agency, META BANK lies to their customer base while using that customer’s cash money as an interest free loan for themselves.)

Serving You

Our team is your team. ( META BANK just wants access to a list of your customers. META BANK will do some promotional gimmicks to hook in your own clerks who will then be used to market the imperfect , by design, META BANK PREPAID BANK CARD.) An experienced senior business executive and relationship manager will work with you from concept through implementation. We provide ongoing support to ensure your program has the compliance, fraud, and legal support to be fully compliant over the entire business lifecycle.( The biggest fraud though will be done by META BANK’s “dynamic” [used here in a sarcastic manner] practices that they will inflict on your customers if you choose to partner with META BANK.)

We look out for our partners and want to make sure you have the funding, experience and compliance know-how before we get going. If it’s not a good fit, we’ll be honest and help you find an alternative way to meet your goals. ( Compliance know how??? META BANK turns the screws on your customers as they abuse them  because they are a collections agency and nothing more. META BANK will give your customers a different contact number from what they give you. As a potential partner you will be wined and dined in one manner or another, but once META BANK gets ahold of your customers, in the long run, you will lose that customer. Yes, you may get a short term increase in profit. META BANK only plans to move on to the next partner to scam.)

Meta Bank doesn’t   actually provide a sustainable solution for any of their partner companies… Be forewarned!!!!

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