Steve King spreads bold lies in an effort to get re-elected… Then Iowans re-elected him, but is Steve King really serving Iowans????


Once again, we must ask why must we be lied to? METABANK of Storm Lake, IOWA lies to customers and potential corporate partners. Steve King of Storm Lake, IOWA lies to his constituents and promotes paranoia among them just to get re-elected. In each case they are self-serving. They don’t give a hoot about humanity. It is a winner take all attitude that is destroying the American Dream


Rep. King: Obama ‘Doesn’t Believe

In Life And Families’

By Scott Keyes on Sep 18, 2012 at 11:40 am

Prompting gasps and boos, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) declared in a debate Monday night that President Obama, a married father of two, doesn’t believe in families.

“[We have] a Commander-in-Chief who disrespects this Constitution, doesn’t believe in free enterprise, doesn’t believe in life and families,” King said during a congressional debate with Democratic opponent Christie Vilsack in Hampton.

KING: Are we going to defend this Constitution that we celebrated tonight, or are we going to watch it be eroded by a Commander-in-Chief who disrespects this Constitution, doesn’t believe in free enterprise, [By free enterprise, does KING mean to give METABANK the right to scam citizens because that is what they are doing and have been doing for a period of years and years?] doesn’t believe in life and families. [How many orphanages has Steve King sponsored? How many single mothers with children has Steve King helped in a real way? What has Steve King done to support American family values in a concrete way? If you talk the talk, you must also walk the walk, and I see Storm Lake, IOWA’s Steve King as a garbage mouth who spews nasty concepts for the same of getting re-elected. Lying to people is dishonest, Steve King. In this way, you are the problem and not the solution. Promoting fear and creating unnecessary paranoia just to get re-elected is dishonest. Why do Iowans tolerate this?] They are core values in this country that we must defend at all costs.

Though King has made a career of controversial and outlandish statements, they’ve come at an increasing clip in the past few months as Election Day nears.

In July, he hosted a tele-townhall where he defended dog fighting. During the same event, King suggested Obama’s parents may have telegrammed a fake Hawaii birth announcement from Kenya. [ Steve King is nothing but a joke. Why do people vote for him?]

In August, King expressed his agreement with Michele Bachmann’s anti-Muslim witch hunt against Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin and others. He also bemoaned the existence of multicultural groups on college campuses, dismissing them as “people that feel sorry for themselves.”  [This mindset is really sick, really, really sick. We live in a global community and much of the grain grown in Iowa is exported…. Has Steve King ever considered that the economy of other places needs to be strong so they can buy IOWA produced grain? Is Steve King the one behind the proliferation of the huge industrial factory farms that are removing the family farm from the reach of the average Iowa Citizens who have grown up as farmers? Steve King fails to serve IOWANS; Steve King is betraying IOWANS with misleading and paranoid driven thoughts just to get re-elected… Now that he is in office, again, what is he really doing for the welfare of IOWA?]

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