METABANK is “Independent Community Bankers of America” and “ICBA” is METABANK

ICBA/Mastercard Peace of Mind Program   [This is nothing but publicity. This isn’t educational material although it has been made to appear to be educational and the final word. ICBA and METABANK are not reliable sources for banking information for consumers.]GIVING YOUR CUSTOMERS PEACE OF MIND  [ You will actually get one of the worse experiences you have ever encountered. Partner Corporate entities suffer when working to promote METABANK’s prepaid cards for them. METABANK will ruin your whole existing customer base.]

Offer your customers peace of mind, right in the trusted environment of their localbank branch.[Yes, I have said to bank locally, but any bank that uses METABANK as a model is only fooling themselves. Customers don’t want to be scammed.]Using credit and debit cards is the most convenient way to access funds and pay for goods and services, and also one of the safest and most secure.[This is the biggest line of publicity that METABANK has been putting out. Customers complain that they can’t access their own money. Not just one customer, but many customers.]

But to keep the credit and debit card information from falling into the wrong hands, the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) and MasterCard International have partnered to bring you and your customers a new benefit, the Peace of Mind consumer education program.

Together, ICBA and MasterCard  have created informative posters and brochures that offer easy-to-follow tips on safeguarding payment card information. These materials are now available for display in your local bank branches, free-of-charge, and can be viewed and ordered at

[The problems that consumers have complained about has been with the way that the banks, most of whom are affiliated with METABANK on some level or another, have kept them from being able to access their own money.]

Help give your customers peace of mind with the tools they need to safeguard their credit and debit card information. [This is publicity and nothing more than that. METABANK’s practices drive away long term customers from the partner companies they have used to push their prepaid bank cards. Part of the METABANK publicity indicates that they have all of the collectors and collection agencies in place. The problem is that METABANK “over uses” and abuses the concept of having a collection agency of their own on hand.]

[The prepaid bank card was created by METABANK and METABANK has done nothing but abuse customers’ good will. Any other bank following METABANK’s lead may experience an initial increase in profits, but it will be followed by an even greater drop in the existing customer base. It is for “We, the people” to put America back on the right track. Stop the unscrupulous practices being promoted by METABANK. Please don’t adopt similar banking practices.]

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