Meta Bank and Payoneer: Prepaid Credit Meltdown; Why Prepaid Cards Conference? June 24–26, 2009; Denver, CO

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2nd Prepaid Cards™

Discovering New Opportunities in the Prepaid Market Arising from the Credit Meltdown

June 24–26, 2009 · Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

Why Prepaid Cards Conference?

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I liked the format and the quality of the presenters. If the conference grows with the same type of content, I will definitely plan on attending next year!                                                                                                                                                                                            Attendee from PCS

The interaction between presenters and attendees was very useful and interesting!

Attendee from Sentinel Telecom

Estimated to exceed $236 billion by 2009, the prepaid segment is introducing unique opportunities during the difficult economic environment.

To take advantage of these opportunities successfully, companies must study profitable business models, seek and forge valuable partnerships and leverage advice from industry leaders in this sector.

For this reason, IQPC and Marketing IQ are proud to present the 2nd Prepaid Cards conference. The event provides best practices, end-user case studies and industry sharing – factors necessary for you to maximize your gains in the long run.

View the complete agenda here.

Hear from Innovative Prepaid Practitioners, including:

(The short list of the players)

•Kevin Morrison, Assistant Vice President of Card Program, H&R Block

•Colin Greave, Operations Director, Newcastle Building Society (UK)

•Jim Tingey, Executive Vice President, Palm Desert National Bank

•Trent Sorbe, Vice President of Credit, Meta Payment Systems, Meta Bank

•Don Petrasek, Vice President, Treasury Management Prepaid Products, PNC National  City Bank

•Matt Davies, Gift Card Manager, NIKE

View the agenda for the complete list of speakers!

Discuss Key Topics within the Prepaid Cards Marketing, including:

•Prepaid Trends: New horizon for open – and closed-loop prepaid cards (What does this mean?)

•Prepaid Innovations: Mobile payment, payroll and insurance prepaid card  opportunities (Opportunities for whom?)

•Global case studies: A European perspective on payment innovations (Planning to go international as of this date)

•The Unbanked and Underserved: New services available for the untapped market (This is predatory bank practices 101)

•Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking: Examining successful business models (Or sharing how to scam the customer.)

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2nd Prepaid Cards™

Discovering New Opportunities in the Prepaid Market Arising from the Credit Meltdown

(Comment: It seems to me that it was greedy lenders who set  up this credit meltdown in the first place, and now they are here meeting trying to figure out how to milk the system just a little bit more and in other ways. Will they ever learn? Who do they see when they look in the mirror?)

June 24–26, 2009 · Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

Conference Day One: Thursday, June 25, 2009

8:00  Registration And Coffee

8:45   Welcome Address And Opening Remarks From Chairperson


Keynote Panel: Tying Prepaid Offerings To Real Demands During A Tough Economy

•Identifying How The Prepaid Industry Is Emerging From The Credit Crisis

(Comment: Meta Bank is scamming their customers to earn more income, and they lie. How will this pull America out of a crisis? This will put America into a bigger crisis.)

•Examining The Opportunities And Risks Under The Current Economy

•Studying The Prepaid Market Segment And Identifying The Potential For Growth

(Comment: the growth is for the banks and not for all of America. This is a very myopic view of success since it depends upon the failure of those at the bottom financially at this time in history. These people will become homeless and have to depend on the public tax dollars to merely survive. Not only is it demoralizing to them, but it will drag down much of the country. Meta Bank also offers away for people to put their money into Swiss Banks to either avoid paying taxes or to appeal to a criminal element. The thought process is very faulty; it lacks a depth of understanding and any kind of compassion for the rest of humanity. This system of banking creates a them and us, and is actually dependent upon a them and us. We are all in this together. When one falls, we all fall down.)

Toffer Grant, Founder and CEO, PEX Card

Jim Tingey, Executive Vice President, Palm Desert National Bank

John Barbella, Senior Vice President, Bancorp Payment Solutions


Sharing European Perspective On Payment Innovations And Prepaid Case Studies

~ Examining The Payment Technologies Evolution In Europe

~ Discovering What’s Next In The Prepaid Horizon

~ Learning The Development And Applications Of Contactless Cards

~ Discussing The Prepaid Programs Initiatives From Newcastle Building Society

Colin Greaves, Operations Director,  Newcastle Building Society (UK)

10:45  Morning Networking Break

11:15   Panel Discussion: Recent Legal Developments, Latest Challenges Of Expanded Products And Potential Impact Of Regulatory Reform

•Navigating rapidly evolving federal and state laws – an update on the 2009 legislative changes

(Comment: i.e. how to get around the existing laws)

•Examining the impact of the latest regulations and enforcement actions including anti-money laundering (AML), unfair and deceptive practices and federal deposit insurance

•Assessing potential legal challenges presented by new functionalities and expanded markets: What to consider if you want to add a credit feature, venture abroad or offer a product to a different group of customers

(Comment: In 2009 they began to study how to sell internationally…began to study it..curious)

•Considering how consolidation of the federal banking agencies could affect branded prepaid card programs

(Comment: This group formed a non-profit and paid Rupli & Associates hundred of thousands of dollars in 2009 to advocate for this prepaid bank card in the US Senate and the US  House of Representatives. This amount of money was more than any other group paid to any lobbyists in DC for 2009.)

•Looking at how the new federal Financial Product Safety Commission could affect prepaid cards

(Comment: Do you think that any of these people were really looking out to protect their customers at this time or were they just looking to see how they could make more money and more and more?)

Moderator:  Carol Van Cleef, Partner, Patton Boggs LLP


Panel Discussion: A Global Perspective: Prepaid Worldwide

In this panel discussion, global practitioners and market leaders will be sharing their perspective and insight on the huge potential for new growing markets all over the world.

Panelists: Nvalaye Kourouma, CEO,          Afric Xpress;                                                    Yuval Tal, CEO, Payoneer; (Meta Bank)

(Yes, this is the company that just sold the prepaid bank cards to the people who committed the assassination on a man in Dubai in January 2010 ( ?). Having this prepaid card facilitated their travels. Meta Bank said that they presented false identification in order to get the prepaid bank cards. That is all Meta Bank said….. So that means in the future this can be repeated over and over again or was this one assassination being planned at this conference? June 24-26, 2009 in Colorado for Dubai in January?? Just wondering since Meta Bank’s response was very cool and disinterested for as horrific as that event was given their card facilitated its occurrence.)

Colin Greaves, Operations Director, Newcastle Building Society (UK)

12:45 Networking Lunch


Serving The Unbanked & Underserved With Innovative Prepaid Programs

A recent survey shows 8.7% of U.S families do not have a checking or savings account, which means about 10 million families are outside traditional financial service coverage. The prepaid card business is driven largely by the purchasing and transaction behavior of this group, developing functional financial products for them is a huge opportunity.

(Comment: Yes, banks make more money off of the poor. That is what they are saying here!!!)

•Understanding the unbanked & underserved to develop better financial products                                                                                                              

(Comment: Let’s be honest here unbanked & underserved means poor people who normally cannot get a bank loan for whom banks will only give loans with extremely large interest rates, added fees and extra charges since they fall into this category. Meta Bank does not do credit checks so they have no idea who you are. If you get any kind of Meta Bank card you will be treated rudely because this is who Meta Bank is.)

•Sharing the statistics of the unbanked population in the U.S

(Comment: This is profiling.)

•Leveraging technologies to reshape customer relationships and communication strategies (Leverage = to exert power or influence on. So what does Leverage really mean in this context then for the customer? Will the customer be treated fairly and honestly?)

Frank Kaplan, Senior Vice President-Business Development, Netspend Corporation (Meta Bank)


Case Study: Why Your Payroll Card Program Isn’t Working

•Uncovering misconceptions about unbanked and underbanked employees

•Revealing the real employer benefits

•Understanding fees and other employer concerns

•Learning from the best: Companies that have achieved real value by using payroll cards optimally

(Comment: Don’t use a prepaid card to pay people salaries. This is a scam against your employees. The company gets the interest from the money on the prepaid cards as does the bank, but the employee gets shorted if paid at all. This is nothing but a scam. No honest company should ever consider this!!!!  If you have not talked to your employees to see how they feel about this and you push this on them, you are being only foolish. How do you expect to run a company if you cannot talk directly with your employees?? Pay them in cash over paying them with a prepaid debit card. Leave your employees with some sense of honor.)

Don Petrasek, Vice President, Treasury Management Prepaid Products, PNC National City Bank

3:15 Afternoon Networking Break


Improving Prepaid Card “Stickiness” With Value-Added Offerings

As one of the largest bank issuers, Meta Payment Systems is rolling out an innovative product to allow prepaid cardholders apply for a credit line which is a missing link in prepaid front market. Join this session with Trent Sorbe to learn about his insights of prepaid product proliferation and ground-breaking offerings for the prepaid cardholders.

•Breaking through the clutter of prepaid card products offerings

(Comment: This is so ironic since it is Meta Bank that has clogged up this market with many different names, over 500, just for their own prepaid bank card alone! Doesn’t that make you want to question Meta Bank about their motives? Meta Bank’s card all seem to be identical but to have different marketing attached to them.)

•Why iAdvance – bringing sensible credit to prepaid cardholders

(Comment: This card is a real piece of crap! It requires the customer to sign over agreeing to attach their paycheck as a direct deposit into this account. Meta Bank promises to improve the customer’s credit history this way; Meta Bank misleads the customer to get them to sign up. This is white collar fraud on the most fragile and vulnerable Americans. Shame on you! Meta Bank!! Shame on you!!!)

•Initiating piloting program for better consumer understandings

(Comment: From all that I have read on line the problem isn’t with the consumer’s but within Meta Bank, they are predatory. Lying is just being dishonest. The problem is with Meta Bank. Meta Bank always blames the customer, even here. Meta Bank has a sick mind set.)

•Working with distribution partners for market penetration (Comment: This translates into how they are planning to do a major scam on the world.)

•Forecasting future developments

Trent Sorbe, Vice President of Credit, Meta Payment Systems, Meta Bank

(Comment:  More customers have complained about the Netspend and the iAdvance prepaid cards than any other service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In January 2010, an assassination was able to be accomplished in Dubai with the use of a Payoneer Meta Bank Card. This Conference Workshop is doing a lot of patting themselves on the back, but there is no real customer input. Meta Bank was going through a 4 million dollar lawsuit for fraud around the time of this conference. Boesen’s suicide and Meta Bank chasing his widow for all of his estate had been in the newspapers just the year before. When will the world discover that Meta Bank, the parent company for Payoneer, iAdvance, Account Now, Netspend, and so many other prepaid cards are just running America into the ground? ~ At this conference, they spoke of a closed loop, perhaps that refers to when they only speak among themselves so that they have a warped perspective of the world. They reinforce a rather sick kind of thinking among a closed circle of people; this group lacks input from the real world. They are themselves living in a self-serving closed loop.)


Case Study: Creating Compelling Gift Programs

•NIKE is a company: How Nike shows up in the gift card space

•The consumer decides: making gift cards relevant to the consumer

•Evolve immediately: innovation within gift cards

Matt Davies, Gift Card Manager, NIKE


Roundtable Discussions – Choose Your Group And Voice Your Opinions

Gift Card Revenue Generation & Maximization

(Comment: MAXIMIZATION? This translates into that Meta Bank and most likely all of these banks or businesses plan “to take their customers for all they can.” It is just how they think. The thinking is sick.)

Competing with massive gift card offerings as well as the tough economic environment present major challenges for gift card program managers. They need to maintain consumer confidence and loyalty to drive revenue streams. Brainstorming in this session will explore innovative products and collaborative channels for revenue generation.

(Comment: “They need” is the original word from their page.)

Roundtable Leaders:Matt Davies, Gift Card Manager,NIKE

Robert Hatfield,Corporate Sales Manager,The Home Depot

Anne Gillman, VP/GM Gift Cards, InComm

Derrick Carpenter,Gift Card Product Manager,Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

General Spending Cards Opportunities and Challenges

•Identifying the opportunities and challenges from issuers’ and processors’ perspectives

(Comment: By beginning out thinking that your customer will default is the real problem. Of course, this is where the banks can really get more money in interest and in fees. So that is why they are studying things from the processors’ perspective. From a potential customer’s perspective, stay away from any of the banks or companies listed on this page. They are only in it to earn a buck. There is nothing honorable or noble about them!)

•Exploring the innovations in the general spending cards

•Examining the risks associated

Roundtable Leader: Dan Grotto, President of Prepaid Solutions, West Suburban Bank

Exploring Payroll and Insurance Cards

•Identifying the scope of the market

•Examining the pioneering projects

•Providing practical suggestions to develop the payroll and insurance prepaid cards

(Comment: yes decide not to do this at all. It is a really bad idea. The only people who will make any money is the company and the bank. This is very short sighted.)

Don Petrasek, Vice President, Treasury Management Prepaid Products,PNC National City Bank


End Of Day One Conference [ Register Now] · [ Next: Conference Day Two: Friday, June 26, 2009 ]

Conference Day Two: Friday, June 26, 2009


Registration And Coffee


Opening Remarks From Chairperson


Panel Discussion: Evolving Technology Shaping Prepaid Future In Retail Industry

•Overview of mobile prepaid development

•Achieving real benefits for retailers by integrating prepaid program with loyalty program

•Sharing the consumer feedback on the pilot programs

•Ensuring security with advanced infrastructure and technologies

•Exploring the opportunities of taking the mobile prepaid to the open-loop     (What is open-loop?)

Kevin Grieve, CEO, Mocapay


Stabilizing Global Travel Cost Under Economic Turbulence With Prepaid Travel Cards

•Examining the costs and risks arising from global currency fluctuation

•Analyzing cost savings from using the prepaid currency card

•Developing multiple channels and forging partnerships to reach bigger markets

•Exploring more functionalities with the travel card

(Comment: They never discuss customer satisfaction, difficulties reloading the card, problems with which card to re-load  so this conference or workshop never addressed any of the actual customer’s problems with the card, just the company’s way to reach bigger markets. This is not customer service oriented in its approach, and part of the reason why Meta Bank is so clueless as to why they are not serving their customer’s needs. Meta Bank rejects real customer input.)

Christopher Russell, Executive Vice President of Outsourcing, Americas Travelex


Morning Networking Break


Case Study: Exploring Innovative Prepaid Cards To Provide An Outstanding Consumer Experience

•Understanding consumer needs and how prepaid can help meet them

•Utilizing prepaid features and benefits to provide and exceptional consumer experience

•How prepaid solutions can meet the needs of multiple consumer segments

Jorge Consuegra, Senior Vice President and General Manager, US Product Management, Western Union

(Comment: And where is he getting the information from to make this report? Where are the customers who are giving the actual input?)


Combining Mobile Bank Convergence With Prepaid Debit Card Products To Drive Consumer Acceptance And Benefits

H&R Block’s Emerald Prepaid MasterCard marked the largest launch of a prepaid debit card in the industry and innovation never stops. In this session, Kevin Morrison will walk you through the program design and share the recent outcome from mobile banking features of their prepaid program.

•Introducing the prepaid debit card with in-depth understanding of consumer needs

•Leveraging the retail model to overcome distribution challenges and lift consumer acceptance

•Sharing where and how mobile banking is coming into the picture

•Piloting the text message functionality to build and strengthen loyalty

•Looking into other innovations to ensure consumers keep coming back

(Comment: I am not going back. I think that this is just a big pompous joke. Meta Bank is a bunch of liars and crooks and they were a major part of this workshop. This is all just a bunch of puffery.)

Kevin Morrison, Assistant Vice President of Card Program,H&R Block


Networking Lunch


Case Study: Developing General Spending Card Programs To Meet Consumer Demand With Minimal Risk

(Comment: With minimal risk for whom???? I seriously doubt that they are talking about the customer here. Meta Bank doesn’t have any compassion for their customers.)

Launching prepaid cards to leverage and compliment money transfer services Examining & monitoring the transaction process and identifying potential risks Translating the relevant regulations to the dos and don’ts in your process

Kim Slater, Senior Product Manager. MoneyGram

Willard Hart. Director, Fraud, MoneyGram


Mobile Payment: A Possible Game Changer For Africa

•Exploring mobile payment business opportunities and current state of the market in Africa

•Examining the economic and social impact on the communities economic growth and empowerment

•Capturing the opportunity: the case of Afric Xpress

(Comment: So are these banks now going after the most economically fragile and vulnerable people in Africa too? )

Nvalaye Kourouma, CEO,  Afric Xpress


Case Study: Serving The Unbanked On The Road

•Studying and understanding your customers

(Comment: If you would just come out from behind that two way mirror and greet us, you might finally get to know us as real human beings.)

•Developing prepaid products according to your customer profile

(Comment: profiling us?? We are real people. Individual people; I don’t fit into a profile and none of your other customers do either. AND… We are tired of eating the crap you try to sell us in your Travel Centers, and you need to clean your bathrooms more often.)

•Leveraging branch stores for distribution and profit maximization

(Comment: Profit Maximization, customer profile, understanding your customer …so you can get money, more and more money off of them. I have understood! Travel Centers of America, I doubt that I will be back.)

Scott Burslem, Non Fuel Income Manager, Travel Centers of America


Closing Remarks And End Of Conference

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  1. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

    Thank you for the vote of confidence. The truth must be spoken. Large Corporate Powers are wielding far too much power, and all geared toward their own best interests through any means that they can including lying to the general public or implying promises they never intend to make. As consumers we must speak up and say that we will not tolerate being treated this way.

    I don’t want donations, but I would like for you to contact your elected officials to ask for the reforms that we so desperately need.

  2. Hello there! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

    Thank you. Please encourage your old roommate to send any information that he may have. The truth needs to be spoken.


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