Have Bills To Be Paid? …. Don’t work for METABANK! Former Employee complains about being underpaid by METABANK

“People are fantastic, lacking corporate direction”

 Former Employee in Sioux Falls, SD – Reviewed Nov 20, 2012

Pros – I've never worked in an environment where the people get along so well. Great culture and lots of culture building activities. (Consumers could have predicted that culture building activities would be part of the METABANK indoctrination... Read on:) Very flexible for interruptions during the work day suck as sick kids.(Underpaid, and how did this person pay the medical bills for the sick children?)

Cons – Has been under regulatory enforcement and very compliance focused with little room for innovation. (Consumers have complained about these bogus holds on their own cash money with excuses like "there may be fraudulent activity on the METABANK PREPAID CARD or other product." This is just part of the METABANK scam process; it is a repetitive process. )  

Little corporate direction on where the board and/or executives would like the company to go. (That may seem like that to this former METABANK employee, but the METABANK CEOs are making huge annual incomes so things are going as they had planned. )

Pay is 10-25% less than industry standard depending on the role. You work at Meta for the people, not the pay. ( This former employee of METABANK had to have been brainwashed or so filled with METABANK Corporate Propaganda to the extent that they are oblivious to how extensive that was!!!)

Advice to Senior Management – Invest in corporate strategy and clear communication plan. (We would say that CEOs should treat humanity in a decent and respectful way. We don't like being conned out of our hard earned cash money as consumers.)

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