METABANK: “basically they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your money and then tell you the real deal once they have your money”

“Our humanity was stripped from us as a customer of METABANK”….We are nothing but an amusement for METABANK while they steal our money from us

METABANK Customer says to METABANK, “stop cheating the general public with bullshit and fine print!

MetaBank – Western Union / Meta Bank prepaid debit card is a ripoff!!

  • by b.d.   Sep 01, 2012
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Company MetaBank
Product / Service PrePaid Debit Card
Location Richmond, Virginia
Category Banks
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  METABANK operates in Richmond Virginia too… Take note of this!!!

I have been having a huge problem with the Western Union prepaid Debit Card!

I used it fo ra direct deposit after moving to a new city for my job, I asked the representatives if the direct deposit would go into my bank account on my payday, they said yes.

I called in 3 times to tripple check that there would be no problems.

On the day of the deposit the money wasn’t there, when I called in that day I got a totally different story, this time they inform me that it will take 7 to 10 business days to post the deposit to my account, basically they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your money and then tell you the real deal once they have your money.

      • I complained to Meta Bank and Caren from their customer relations specialists said that they don’t have anythin to do with it it’s Western Union,
      • When I call Western Union, they say they don’t have anything to do with it,
      • it’s Meta Bank and won’t give you the number to call Meta Bank At all.
      • When I ask to speak to a supervisor the rep starts to argue with me saying the supervisor will just tell me the same thing, when I insist they put you on hold and no one picks up again!

these are people in third world countries like the Phillipines and Mexico who have no rules to follow and probably only earn 50 cents an hour! I can’t believe people like that are exposed to an American’s Bank info… wonder there’s identity theft,.

So in the end the guy that Caren from customer relations emailed to help me called last night and with a foreign accent sounding like a broken record informed me that it will take 7 to 10 days to post the funds to my account, but this time added that the company still has to approve the deposit!

I told him that my employer checked and the money was already there”.

This company obviously has many layers of BS to cover the real truth, they are kiting the customer’s money for as long as possible to make money thanks Mike #451 in whatever *** country you live in for not helping at all and repeating the same crap I got ever since the company took my money….hopefully after a few dozen of these reports they will smarten up, hire Americans in America, and possibly stop cheating the general public with bullshit and fine print! 16e5307

We have found the same truth in dealing with METABANK

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margina jacksonm.a. j.Oct 24, 2012

I advise that no one gets this card.. can’t use it at a atm unless u fax them your ID and social security card.. I used it to purchase gas and they took all my money and I’m having a hard time getting it back.. all I get is a bunch of sorrys nobody knows anything

Consumers must align to get these practices stopped


ShawnS.Oct 09, 2012

I am having a.similar problem with my.prepaid Mastercard.I have called almosy 21st (18 days ago).

They continue to say.they.dont have all the information needed to release MYmoney.

(Once again METABANK takes the customers’ money and then decides on some reason for why the customer can’t access their own cash money and METABANK will only take cash)

They told me to have the hotel fax them on company letterhead

1. The auth. Code

2. The auth date

3. The amount of the.hold

4. A statement declaring no charges would be held.

5. Their merchant ID No.

After this was faxed, i called back and was told the datea were not correct.

So they are looking at the charges and playing a game. (YES for METABANK , this is just one big game where they set up all of the rules so they must always win. This is what makes METABANK immoral.)

I had Holiday Inn refax the documentation…still nothing.

I spoke with the Controller of the hotel and she called Western Union and faxed the information again…no resolution.

I called again on the 17th and 18th to check the status and they told me Holiday Inn never provided a folio number.

They never asked me for a folio number. I contacted the controller again amd she said they never asked her for folio numbers.

She refaxed the info with a statement saying “Please contact me directly if you come up with another reason to withhold his funds”.

I explained this to Western Union and they told me they dont make outgoing calls. (What???)

I asked the rep to verify if all information requested and needed was received and he said i was supposed to call back in 24 to 48 hours. (What????)

I said it has been 24 hours and he said “So we have 24 more”. (What????)

I have never been so pissed off by a company before. (And this is also why we created this blog about how customers are routinely treated by METABANK. METABANK enjoys making their customers angry and they plan for this anticipated anger.)

I asked if he could cobtact the department and verify the receipt of the fax and he said “no. When they receipt the fats they mate note”. Who the *** do these people think they are. ( We have wondered the same thing. However, the part that is most infuriating is that METABANK believes that we as their customers are ‘nothing’ or of no value other than to be a source of quick cash for METABANK; our humanity is stripped from us as a customer of METABANK)

Let’s take them down  (Please write to people in positions of authority and to many of them, to all media sources and to all of them often because METABANK is continuing to abuse their customers, and this needs to stop.)

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