METABANK blames customers for METABANK’s own errors and inappropriate behaviors

MetaBank Pays Restitution to its I-Advance Customers

October 12th, 2011

It looks as if thousands of former I-Advance customers are getting restitution payments this week.

In July, MetaBank announced that it had agreed with the OTS to provide approximately $4.8 million in restitution payments to its former i-advance customers.


If you didn’t get the money owed you from METABANK as one of their former IAdvance customers because METABANK said that someone else was preventing  them from giving you your own money, then METABANK is once again pushing the blame off onto someone else, any one else, everyone else while scamming you out of your own money…. This is part of the formula that META BANK has used for years to keep customers’ money from them. It is a lie.

IF you are entitled to this restitution money, then you should have received all of it in a timely manner.

NO conditions should have been attached to when or how you got your restitution money.

The CEO’s of META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC haven’t lost any money so you should be getting your full restitution….. Did you?

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