New Rules and Regulations boggle a long standing consumer using PREPAID DEBIT MASTER CARD

prepaid mastercard

Oct-15-2012 07:36 PM

Hi I’m not new to PayPal and Ebay but have been on a long hiatus…they have a plethora of new rules and regulations. I used to have the reg. Debit mastercard not eligible so i have prepaid. What I cant wrap around my head is that after linking to acct….you cant deposit your funds from paypal funds.
Does anyone know if I am misinformed?Thank you. This sote is also new to me….I will bookmark but it was 10 windows before I got here. THANK YOU ON ADVANCE.

savanna5150 New Community Member

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Re: prepaid mastercard

Oct-26-2012 08:38 PM

im having the same problem with my prepaid master  card and my netspend visa have you figured anything out yet


Easier than paying with cash?!!!! It would seem that statement is only true in the publicity, but not in real practice!!

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