The funds are STILL being held – Meta Bank/Meta Payment Systems

Bank Freedom,

Meta Bank Holding Funds,

EXTREMELY POOR customer service.

..NOT RECOMMENDED,   Irvine California

*Consumer Comment: BankFreedom                                                                                Let me start off by saying this is a pre-paid debit Mastercard.

Not only does Bank Freedom charge $9.95 MONTHLY for the card, but unless you use a direct deposit option, it also costs $4.95 just to add funds to the card.

With that being said, I am a Bank Freedom cardmember…albeit for not too much longer.

With existing funds on my card I initiated new service with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV did a pre-authorization transaction on the card for service – it was NOT a purchase.

After inquiring with DIRECTV, they assured me the funds would be released in approximately 3 days.

Well, not with Bank Freedom.

It is going on 4 weeks now, and after several attempts to contact customer service via email AND the toll free number, I recieved an email informing me they can hold the funds for up to 60 days                                                                                      …unless DIRECTV contacts them via fax on company letterhead ect.

DIRECTV humored me and did so 5+ days ago…and the funds are STILL being held.

Now when I try to contact Bank Freedom, the emails bounce back as “user unknown”.

While we aren’t talking a great deal of money

– it’s a hold for $25

– it’s still belongs to me as I deposited it to the card.

• I’m an unemployed single mother with a special needs child.

• Now when I am in desperate need of those funds, I can’t access a dime.

• I DO NOT recommend Bank Freedom in any capacity for any reason.

~ SNA, Crescent City, Florida

[This is a similar complaint heard over and over again about the customer service through META PAYMENT SYSTEMS. Please read what this customer wrote once again. See what this META BANK customer needs to explain to the world. Bank Freedom is META BANK; META BANK uses many different names under which it operates. We are trying to protect others who may find themselves using META BANK. Our advice is “Don’t” – Find another local bank instead.]

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