Meta-bank, Offshore banking offerings: tax efficiency, privacy or asset protection


Offshore banking is using banks and financial services located outside of the jurisdiction of your country of residence. You may choose to use offshore banking services for extra privacy, tax efficiency, or asset protection. [<These are Meta Bank’s own words here.     Who are you, as the potential customer, keeping these funds private from? Why? When they find out what will happen then? Just curious?  Tax efficiency? Why don’t all Americans bank Offshore then? Shouldn’t we from what Meta Bank is saying? Just Curious? Asset Protection? How does that work differently from what we are used to getting say at the bank around the corner? Just Curious???]

Offshore Banking services also tend to be less regulated than domestic banks, depending on where you reside.[Then you, as Meta Bank’s customer will really be at Meta Bank’s mercy. That is unless you have more Mafiosa like tactics than they do, and then you both will have met your match.]They suffer fewer restrictions from governments because they are often located in countries where the laws are not as strict.

As such, it can be financially beneficial to move your assets offshore. These banks offer confidentiality and privacy because they usually have no obligation to divulge information to any body of government or tax authority. [This sounds like money laundering to me; tax avoidance and what else? This is Meta Bank, a den of thieves!!!!] Offshore banks provide a good way of protecting assets, and can be useful for anyone looking for higher rates of interesdt and privacy.

[Why would Meta Bank give these customer’s a higher rate of interest?  Privacy? How will that work?]

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