Support common sense rules for gift cards! – META FINANCIAL SYSTEMS has failed to self-regulate in ways that are of benefit to all, including consumers

Support common sense rules for gift cards! This should be easy and helpful for the prepaid card vendors/providers and consumers. Please consider this seriously!!!!

As I get ready to shop for friends and family, I want to know that the gift cards I purchase will be worth to my loved ones what I spent to buy them. Therefore I ask that you  to advocate for the Gift Card Consumer Protection Act with your U.S. Senators!

( Previously I had suggested that consumers simply not buy gift cards at all because I saw no hope for consumer protection in what existed. If those gift cards worked properly, then both the banks and the consumers would perhaps benefit. At this time, the prepaid gift cards are not better than giving cash. Changes are needed in the laws so that all can be treated fairly… This seems like the best solution if the prepaid gift cards are to continue to exist. Our options have only been to opt in to horrible  bank created restraints by using the prepaid cards as they exist now. It simply made no sense for consumers to buy these cards as gifts.  If the prepaid gift cards are to continue to be sold then consumer’s need their rights protected. If consumer’s rights aren’t protected, then as a consumer,who has already been scammed once by using METABANK’s Prepaid Card, I must then advocate for removing the prepaid gift cards completely from the market. On the other hand, if consumer rights can be protected, then I see potential in the cards for both the provider and the consumer.)

Support legislation just filed in the Senate to improve

gift cards by:

* eliminating expiration dates;

* eliminating the deduction of fees for not

using the card;

* protecting the card’s value if the retail

store files for bankruptcy;

* protecting the value of cards created

from loyalty or rewards points. 

Gift cards are electronic cash, and should work as

much as possible like cash.

If I give cash to my loved one, he or she can spend all of it, with no fees and no expiration dates. This new bill makes certain that consumers are not short changed when giving or receiving gift cards.


Please ask your elected US Senator to cosponsor the bill and support it when it comes to the Senate floor for a vote.

This is the only way that consumers can be truly represented in the U.S. Senate.

Most of us aren’t able to hire RUPLI and Associates to lobby for us in the US Senate. Most of us just don’t have that kind of money. To make this country our own, we must ask our elected officials in the Senate to work on our behalf. Voting is only part of the package. We must also make our voices heard as consumers.

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