Partnered with METABANK

How We Do It

Chances are you may already know a few things about us, such as our solutions cover three key business areas: Prepaid Issuance, ATM Sponsorship, and Agent Products. And you may have already experienced how our commitment to values like integrity, trust and respect inspire our decisions and actions. (Read customer reports from many sources and you will see many, many complaints about how METABANK has lied to them and taken advantage of them. Do you really want to work with a company like that? METABANK works hardest at doing publicity to gain partnerships. The partners provide customers whom METABANK will scam; META BANK will set up a parallel system for you and perhaps some of your employees that does work well. This is a “loss leader” because they need access to your client/customer base. What METABANK does is act as a “Collections Agency” but with a spin. META BANK changes the rules so that the customer will not be happy with the service. METABANK will make money and you will lose your customer base. This is by design; this is really how METABANK works. Ultimately you will be run out of business. METABANK will keep up the false premise of providing a genuine service for as long as they can make it work.)

We are focused on advancing the payments industry by working with best-in-class partners who share our values and our commitment to quality. (“Quality” sounds great , but you need METABANK to explain what they perceive to be “Quality”.)

When you partner with Meta, our team is your team. As our president, Brad Hansen likes to say, “We constantly strive to make doing business with Meta comfortable.” Comfort that comes from our industry experience. Our partners know it means more to work with Meta. Together, we’re changing the way people use money. (“Comfortable”??? META BANK will take over the control of your finances. You may make some money, but if you had actually paid attention to this aspect of your operation, you would have made money anyway. METABANK may get you some money as a collections agency, but how good will that be in the long run if METABANK runs off all of your longstanding customers??? You won’t have any customers while METABANK is controlling all of your finances. Please be warned!!!)

Together, we’re changing the way people use money.” As a consumer, I am not asking for this service; it is being pushed on me. As a consumer I do not like how I was treated by METABANK. As a consumer, I feel moved to speak out so that no one else will be scammed by METABANK no matter what name they are using at any given moment.)

(Partnered with METABANK??? Be warned, this will not provide you with a solution to any problem you currently have. METABANK wil drive away your customer base and ruin your name. You will be flattered and given many false and misleading promises. Yeah, you may make some money, but you would have made that money anyway. Partnered with METABANK, you will owe a cut to METABANK. Trust me, METABANK will be looking out for their own interests. If they have lied in the past, they will continue to do this in the future…. All that we have left is the hope that we can warn others about METABANK.)


About Us

Meta Payment Systems is more than a bank; we are an innovative payments provider. (META PAYMENT SYSTEMS is really more of a collections agency.)

Meta enables partners to grow their businesses and build more profitable customer relationships by creating, delivering and sponsoring payment solutions that bring money to LIFE. (The focus is on PAYMENT which METABANK calls solutions, but METABANK abuses their partner company’s customer base and drives away their customers.)

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