Consumers Align, Join Forces, Share Ideas for Solutions

Given the current economic situation, it will serve us best, as consumers, best if we can share solutions as we find them

Given the current economic situation, it will best serve us as consumers, if we can warn other consumers about banks or corporate entities where we have been unduly taken advantage  of, especially when that abuse has been found in more than one instance.

Simply noting the problems we have encountered to alert other consumers so they do not have to experience the same misfortune that we did may be one of the first ways that we can fight back.

If you can alert us to places you have found problems that will be helpful.

This is a blog for consumers, by consumers.

What we cannot do is to give advice about getting yet more debt and loans. This site wasn’t established for that purpose. This site was established to seek solutions and consumer protections where there haven’t been any in the past.

Great effort has been done to seek input about other consumers who were scammed in the same way that I was so that we will have a collection of consumers experiences with the NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID (BANK) CARDS.

I found that the NBPCA has an active and well funded non-profit organization established for the purpose of hiring Rupli Lobbyists in DC to advocate for legislation that would allow these cards to become ubiquitous and pervasive through out the world. However, it is banks like META BANK who have sent their officials to be the founders of the NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID CARD ASSOCIATION. (Documented elsewhere on this blog) In this way, META BANK and the NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID CARD ASSOCIATION are able to channel great amounts of money to pay for lobbyists that might other wise never have happened.

META BANK is a sub-prime lender bank that seeks to serve the “Underserved” in the banking community. Sometimes META BANK calls these people the “UNDERBANKED”, but this is misleading. METABANK seeks out people who have a “Bad Credit History” to give them these PREPAID BANK CARDS. To get the cards, the consumer doesn’t need to present any documents to prove that they are credit worthy.

META BANK says that their debit/prepaid bank cards when attached to a checking account into which the customer has all of their paycheck deposited and if the customer uses the card card a lot, frequently that this is the way to improve their credit history or credit rating. This is basically a false promise for several reasons. META BANK has in this circumstance full control of the customer’s income and META BANK has been unscrupulous in how they have managed these accounts for previous customers. Once the customer has given full control of their account to  META BANK, that customer is then at the mercy of META BANK. The customer needs to have control of their own money and financial assets. Given the fact that META BANK has repeatedly scammed other customers by keeping their money from them and basically forcing the customer to incur additional fees which they hadn’t anticipated, META BANK has not “acted as a friend” to the consumer customer. The rules get changed at anytime per the fine print and when they change it has always been in META BANK’s best interests, but to the disadvantage of the customer consumer. META BANK sets up all the banking rules themselves and in making this contract the customer consumer has to take it or leave it.  Given META BANK’s track history, customers would be best served to simply not deal with META BANK.

This isn’t so easy though. META BANK uses many different names under which they operate. META BANK advertises to potential partner companies that they are the largest PREPAID BANK CARD Processing Bank in the USA. If this is true, then we may be dealing with META BANK without knowing it.

META BANK gets the partner companies to promote their PREPAID BANK CARD for them so we may believe that we are dealing with the partner company when in fact we are really dealing with META BANK.

In advertising to the partner company, META BANK notes that they have all of the collectors in place for this business relationship. This means that from the start META BANK anticipates acting more like a collection agency than the traditional banks we may have once known. META BANK often speaks of customer loyalty. When a customer consumer hears the term “Customer Loyalty” we may assume that it is because of having received very good service, but by their actions, META BANK means that they have found ways to force customer consumers to keep using a service that may not be to their genuine economic advantage.

I am advocating that consumers open up savings accounts in a local bank where they can actually walk in the door and talk to a real person free of charge.

META BANK has charged their customer consumers money for phoning them.

Many people say that they can’t access their money once they put their money onto such a card. In recent years, META BANK has been attending seminars and conferences to promote these cards to other banks and financial entities. META BANK is training others to follow their pattern when we, as customer consumers, need a completely different system that doesn’t keep us in debt.

META BANK’s primary goal is to make money for themselves, but the way they choose to do business has repeatedly been “unfriendly to the customer consumer” (This is documented elsewhere on this blog)

If you have already decided to use one of these PREPAID BANK CARDS anyway, you have that right.

I have found META BANK’s publicity to be misleading so I cannot promote their services to customer consumers.

Once in debt, more debt should not be incurred to pay off the first debt. As difficult as this may seem, this is exactly the situation that META BANK wants you to be in, a constant state of debt which has attached to it huge interest fees. It is the huge interest fees that makes using the card so desirable for META BANK.

Regarding the gift cards, those prepaid gift cards, many times fees are attached to the card. The other benefit for the bank and the partner company is that they hold onto your money until you remember to use the card. This is a period of time in which the bank and partner company hold onto the customer consumer’s money . In this case, many consumers have complained that they cannot access their own money, have unexpected fees that add further economic problems … This isn’t then the gift that the giver has intended nor the economic circumstances that we as consumers had signed on for. The time has come for consumers to align with each other, to share helpful information that leads to solutions.

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