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Meta Bank Commercial Clients be on alert; you will begin to lose valued customers by using Meta Bank

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Palestinians at a refugee camp in Lebanon carry pictures of slain Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Friday.

Violence begets Violence, Why do this kind of thing? That man was not given a fair trial in any court of law anywhere?

… Dubai police say some of the credit cards in question were issued by banks in Europe, Dubai police said. But Dubai authorities said most of them were issued and distributed through two U.S.-based companies: MetaBank, a unit of Meta Financial Group Inc., of Storm Lake, Iowa, and Payoneer Inc., based in New York.

In an emailed statement Friday Metabank declined to comment pending a “factual review of this issue.” Payoneer, in a statement, said it is “cooperating with the bank and the authorities to explore the matter.”

(That is the same lie Meta Bank gave me last summer!!!)

Dubai police didn’t explain details of how they suspect the cards might have been issued and distributed. But the two companies have partnered in the past to provide prepaid debit cards to payees, such as employees, of client companies, according to press releases issued by the companies. The client can then transfer funds to payees via the prepaid cards.

Part of the focus of the probe, the person familiar with the situation said, is to determine whether the cards were issued and used in this way, and if so, where the funds that would have been funneled into the cards originated.

But Meta Bank lied to me and for what reason??? Yes they lied, but why is not clear other than to get free use of someone else’s money.

So, Is Meta Bank a con operation? yes

Is Meta Bank stupid? yes

Is Meta Bank greedy? yes

Is Meta Bank myopic? yes

Did Meta Bank pay more money to Lobbyists in DC in 2009 to push their prepaid bank card to the senate and the house? yes

Is Meta Bank part of the terrorist scheme? Others within their bank in the past have committed crimes without being noticed by Meta Bank’s supervisors so this is plausible. So, yes.

Will Meta Bank even think of this as a possibility? The people of Storm Lake can’t believe that anyone in Storm Lake could be involved with an assassination in Dubai, but what better place to be as an accomplice in such a major terrorist attack? Who would first even begin to suspect Storm Lake Iowa? Storm Lake, Iowa residents need to take a better look at themselves and their neighbors. The answer is “yes” Meta Bank is involved, and in a much greater way than anyone could have ever imagined.

Look how Meta Bank treated Boesen and his widow.

It is best to stay far away from Meta Bank. Do not subject your customers to Meta Bank. Meta Bank uses more than 550 names under which they market their prepaid brand name cards through other companies to Americans. Meta Bank could get any of you!!!

Meta Bank is not reputable. Meta Bank is not honest!!! Meta Bank is the biggest con game going in the United States; they want your money.

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