Paying With Plastic: Think Again !!! Stay Away From METABANK, BANKMETA, META PAYMENT SYSTEMS

Why are you using plastic???

Small business owners tell me that they are charged fees to process plastic payments  in the form of a credit card.

Many businesses simply will not accept a prepaid bank card; this implies that they have previously had a bad experience with them.

Banks make money at both ends of the deal:

Customers who use a prepaid bank card are basically handing over cash for banks to use interest free; the bank will give you as the potential customer many reasons why you should use a prepaid bank card, but none of them are actually valid. Okay, by using a prepaid bank card, you are giving up all control of your own money to an unknown “bank” out in the world someplace.

Customers have reported over and over again that once the bank, in this case META BANK or a bank by another name but which is really one of META BANK’s partners has control of their money, then they find out the real character of the bank they are dealing with. METABANK has consistently held customer’s money so that the customer doesn’t have access to their own money when they need it the most.

Then META BANK lies to their customer and tries to push the blame for the problem off onto the customer. Oh, it is META BANK’s consistent pattern of operating. This is dishonest and immoral; METABANK’s president and CEO are rich and get richer while the rest of the general public suffers. You are better off simply by not doing business with METABANK…

… Have you noticed that METABANK tends to award themselves various awards and then they use this as publicity??? That is a scam too.


Using plastic is more expensive for small businesses who must pay a fee to get their money from the transaction. Banks like METABANK are basically ruining the possibility for small businesses. Those Mom and Pop places that can give us real service as their customers are being pushed out of the running; the use of plastic puts the small businesses at a disadvantage. No one will be able to start up a small business and keep it running.


Be a good neighbor. Pay in cash.

Buy locally.

Bank Locally.

Meta Bank is not a friend to consumers nor to small business owners. I also believe that they are putting many of their partners out of business because they market their prepaid bank cards through another partner company, but META BANK handles all of the collections for them.

The mind set is all off at META BANK.

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