Change is needed – PREPAID BANK CARDS give far too much control and an interest free loan to META BANK and banks operating like it.

I am of the belief that large corporations and banks like METABANK with their PREPAID BANK CARD SCHEME and their origins as being a THRIFT BANK have all the power at this time in history.

Perhaps it has always been this way in one form or another. I also believe that many of our wars have been basically caused by the actions of these large corporate entities or by powerful wealthy leaders, such as “noblemen” who may have been seeking more power and control in previous generations.

I am reminded of the assassination in Dubai by 26 people using METABANK prepaid bank cards, purchased at the Payoneer Affiliate of METABANK. Payoneer had bragged in their own publicity that they had the best detection equipment available in the world to detect potential customers who may be presenting false identification to buy prepaid bank cards. However, they sold prepaid bank cards to 26 people using false identifications. Some of them were using Identifications of living people. Then the 26 went off to commit an assassination. One man wasn’t given a fair and impartial trial. Certainly, he must have friends and relatives who were and who not doubt still are upset over his assassination. Those 26 people created a future retaliation potential. META BANK denied any knowledge of the fact that the assassins had used false IDs.

The fact that the 26 assassins could actually get their prepaid bank cards purchased at a METABANK affiliate to work to buy plane tickets, pay for hotel rooms and food while they were in Dubai is even more amazing.

Most ( and there have been many) customers using METABANK’s PREPAID BANK CARD  who place CASH money on it only to find that they can’t get the card to work when they need it the most. Thats right, METABANK customers over a period of over 5 years to our awareness ( but most likely for much longer because METABANK seems to have put their tentacles in and to be holding onto their position of power holder very tightly)

The average customer can’t access their own money  because METABANK has chosen to use their CASH money on the prepaid bank card for their own personal needs. Well yes, that is the real truth. METABANK phone representatives have been given a list of reasons for why their customers can’t get the prepaid bank cards to work. The reasons are generic and they are lies. METABANK’s entry level positions pay below the poverty level salaries so these phone representatives most likely are willing to lie simply because they need a job of any kind.

METABANK began as a THRIFT BANK. METABANK sought out the underbanked and the unbanked, who mostly have poor credit histories, often promising those customers by implication that simply by using the METABANK product that they will be able to improve their credit history. This is misleading information only to get the attention of those customers whom METABANK plans to charge outrageous interest rates and charge exorbitant fees for the personal gain of METABANK

But who are the people who are sent out to do the fighting and who are on the front lines in the battle that is fought; it isn’t any corporate CEO at this time in history.

This whole system needs to change. When???

There is a whole group of economic power holders who are blocking change so they can keep the status quo. METABANK has abused the consumer repeatedly over a period of many years. This is one change that needs to happen immediately.

Consumers need clear information so that they can make informed decisions. Enough of this big corporate game playing, METABANK controls all of the rules governing their accounts and retains the right to change the rules at anytime without warning.

The fact that 26 assassins, using false or stolen identification, in Israel were able to buy METABANK/Payoneer PREPAID CARDS and  then they were able to get those PREPAID BANK CARDS to actually work for them while they committed a crime doesn’t look right. METABANK/Payoneer appears to be far more involved with what happened regarding the DUBAI ASSASSINATION than METABANK will admit.

( Many criminals don’t admit they have committed a crime, even after they have been convicted… or so I have been told.)

Ordinary Citizens can’t get the METABANK PREPAID CARD to work for them in any kind of a reliable way, but 26 assassins use the METABANK/Payoneer PREPAID CARD to major purchases that the average prepaid bank card user can’t make.

METABANK limits how much a customer can spend on a daily basis.

Customers have complained that METABANK puts holds on their cash money placed on the METABANK PREPAID CARDS saying that METABANK suspected “terroristic activity” on the card. That customer had only used the card at the same local, well known stores as usual. That customer couldn’t access their own cash money to be able to pay their rent on time.

METABANK’s PRACTICES make the average person far more vulnerable. However, in METABANK’s publicity for why people should opt into the PREPAID CARD is that they the cards are safer than carrying cash. Nothing could be further from the truth!!!

Just look at all of complaints made by consumers over a period of many years. It is always the same pattern that METABANK uses to abuse their customer base. METABANK relies on  the large population so they can simply move onto the next potential sucker whom they can scam.

METABANK says they have innovative practices, but they always scam their customers in the exact same ways. METABANK is really nothing more than a collections agency. METABANK simply isn’t customer service oriented; any hint that METABANK has an innovative plan tailored to your specific and unique needs is nothing more than a marketing tool for their old, same old scam and abusive practices.

Consumers are tired of being abused. Consumers need and want to be protected from these kinds of Predatory Practices that we have observed in METABANK over and over again. When will they be stopped????

Change was needed years ago.

METABANK is headquartered in Storm Lake, IOWA.  Iowans, please wake up and do something.

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