Consumers must work to protect themselves; We,consumers and customers alike, of the banking industry, can’t afford to be taken in by their publicity and deceptive practices any more ☛ Please become aware of what is happening to you because it is also happening to many others. What may seem like a small scam, perpetrated on many people who have no recourse is how META BANK operates. META BANK created the banking rules that have put them into a great economic growth; this growth is at the expense and misery of many hard working Americans. Only we can get this stopped!!!!!!

Meta Wins Two Paybefore Awards at Prepaid Expo

Meta Payment Systems won two awards at the 2009 Paybefore Awards for both the Best Consumer-Funded Prepaid Card [ This may be the only true statement that META BANK has actually made. It is true that META BANK relies on customer’s money. It is the customer’s money placed on the PREPAID CARDS from which META BANK earns interest, more for them, but at the customer’s expense. The customers complain that they can’t get their money when they need it the most, and META BANK Representatives have been trained to push all the blame off onto the customer.]as well as the Most Innovative Prepaid Program. [Innovative: definition =

innovate  (ˈɪnəˌveɪt) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— vb
to invent or begin to apply (methods, ideas, etc)
[C16: from Latin innovāre  to renew, from in- ² + novāre  tomake new, from novus  new]
innovative – adjective
— adj
‘innovatory -adjective
— adj
‘innovator = a noun form of innovate
— n
— adj
using or showing new methods, ideas, etc


But is this new method or new idea good for customers of  META BANK? Not at all!!!!! Customer levels of complaint indicate that META BANK is innovative….. and sly, sneaky and unscrupulous in the way they treat their customers which they obtain through a third party. META BANK is basically a collections agency so that every thing is designed to go into a collections format even when it doesn’t have to and perhaps especially when the payment could have avoided a collection situation. META BANK holds onto to their customer’s money by which META BANK gets an interest free loan, but charges outrageous fees to anyone who borrows from them. META BANK Lies to customers and pushes the blame off onto the customer rather that providing a customer friendly product. What you are reading are a lot of “BIG” words that are empty of real meaning for consumers and customers who may be unfortunate enough to have done business with them.]

Meta would like to thank Paybefore for its efforts in helping to recognize excellence in the industry. We would also like to thank our clients for allowing us to continue developing partnerships to push excellence and innovation in all aspects of the prepaid industry.

[“Clients” is actually referring to the third party that pushes the META BANK prepaid card for them off onto their customer base by telling the customer that the cards are better/safer than cash. Yes, the cards guarantee lots of income for META BANK and perhaps for that third party so in that sense the cards are better and safer than cash, but for META BANK and not for consumers. This is yet another form of deception through the use of   BIG words. It is a lot like talking in codes. META BANK isn’t consumer friendly.]

[However, the part that is true, is that these partnerships have allowed META BANK to expand and to grow their concept even though many, many customers have complained often about META BANK’s practices. Only customers/consumers of these practices will be able to shut them down. Please use your voice to complain about any form of these banking styles that may be in use now by other banks and even by your local government system. It seems that it is the big money that is running our America and not the people we elect to represent us. This needs to stop.]

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