PrePaid Bank Cards

This is Publicity, i.e. Advertising in Disguise to Promote “Reloadable Prepaid Cards” One of the BIGGEST SCAMS of this era

What follows is pure publicity. It is an advertisement in disguise to hook you in, to make you feel comfortable with a product that has caused misery for so many people.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards Are Low-Cost Options Compared to Other Financial Tools According to Annual Bretton Woods Analysis


Reloadable prepaid card users can manage finances for as little as $8 a month, an almost 40% average savings versus a low-balance checking account

MONTVALE, N.J., March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — According to the third annual Analysis of General Purpose Reloadable Cards released today by Bretton Woods, Inc., consumers who utilize a reloadable prepaid card to manage their finances can do so at a relatively low cost – as little as $8 per month – often paying less than the costs associated with low-balance checking accounts or the costs associated with cash-based lifestyles that include utilizing money orders and check cashing services.

[You will pay $8 or more to hand over all control of your cash money to an unknown corporate entity, a collections agency that isn’t a neighbor. Your money leaves your own community. In exchange for the fees you will be charged to use a “Reloadable Prepaid Card” you will find that there will be times when you will need access to your own cash money but that you will be prevented from gaining access to your own cash money. The rules governing your card will change without notice.]

The steady growth of branded prepaid cards, used as alternatives to high-cost checking accounts and as a way for the unbanked to gain access to the payments system, is reinforced by the 2010 Federal Reserve Payments Study.

[Note the use of the term “UNBANKED,” this means that RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARDS are targeted at the most economically fragile human beings in society. This whole reloadable prepaid card program is a gimmick to make the rich get richer quicker at the expense of the poorest.]

The 2012 Analysis of General Purpose Reloadable Cards found that:

  • Consumers that utilize a general purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid card with direct deposit experience an average cost savings of almost 40% versus a low-balance checking account. [ASK WHY BANKS DON’T PROVIDE A NO STRINGS ATTACHED LOW-BALANCE CHECKING ACCOUNT. ASK YOURSELF IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GIVE FULL CONTROL OF YOUR ASSETS, YOUR PAYCHECK, ALL OF YOUR INCOME, ALL OF YOUR HARD EARNED CASH MONEY TO A TOTAL AND UNFRIENDLY COLLECTIONS AGENCY.]  Checking accounts have monthly fees that can be avoided with a recurring direct deposit or a daily minimum balance of up to $1,500.  However, the typical consumer of a GPR prepaid card maintains a balance of less than $100.[BANKS SET UP ALL OF THE RULES FOR EACH SITUATION. The prepaid bank cards are by design created to be handled over the internet by total strangers. This keeps the customer at a distance. It is easier for the phone representatives to lie to an unseen person. You will be charged to phone to ask about your balance. Having given up all control of your own cash money to a total stranger, you will be lied to as they take more and more money from you for whatever random reasons they can give you. The reasons won’t make sense to you or to anyone else, but because that stranger bank/collections agency has control of all of your money they can create any kind of a lie to tell you because they are the ones who have full control of your cash money. DIRECT DEPOSIT TO YOUR RELOADABLE BANK CARD WILL MAKE YOU AS A CONSUMER EXTREMELY VULNERABLE]
  • Consumers that switch to a reloadable prepaid card with direct deposit versus relying on a cash-based lifestyle experience cost savings of 56% on average. [This is publicity. Consumers have found that random expenses are removed without their knowledge or consent. By opting into RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARDS, you as a consumer are giving up all control of your own money to an unknown entity. Other consumers have complained that they have been abused by these RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARD PROVIDERS who are nothing more than a collections agency with publicity.]
  • Reloadable prepaid card users’ costs range $8-$20 monthly if they use direct deposit. [This is an estimate of the basic cost to have a RELOADABLE PREPAID CARD. Reloadable Prepaid Cards are basically an interest free loan to a bank or a collections agency. The DIRECT DEPOSIT aspect of this reloadable card gives an anonymous and distant bank/collections agency full access to all of your income, your earnings, your wages; other consumers complain that they have been taken advantage of by this system. You are giving up all control of all of your assets. This is targeted at the most vulnerable people in our society.]
  • Low-balance checking account consumers pay in the range of $15-$37 per month.[People who are working hard trying to pull themselves up by their boot straps are being asked to pay at least $15-$37 just to keep their money in a bank. Consumers have complained that they have been taken advantage of by these RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARD COMPANIES. They have been lied to. They report that they can’t access their own money when they need it the most. Buy money orders at the POSTOFFICE; doing that will let you keep full control of your money at minimal expense. The only people getting rich in this scenario are the banks who get their money up front and in doing that the unknown banks get control of your assets. Our object is to how these unscrupulous and immoral banks have taken advantage of their customers for their own gain.]
  • Consumers that rely on a cash-based lifestyle pay in the range of $9-$48 per month.[ This targets those people who live from pay check to pay check. Hard working people who are underpaid are being charged even more for a service that is by design predatory. The concept that is being promoted is immoral and unscrupulous. Why can’t these greedy banks work out some genuine solution? Why aren’t they advocating for a fair minimum wage? Please note that the bank tellers in Storm Lake Iowa earn wages that places them below the poverty level; they will be handling your assets for you with directives from Hanson and Haahr for how they should treat you as their customer. They need their job so they comply even though they most likely understand that what they are doing is immoral and unscrupulous. $48 dollars per month for what????? People who live from pay check to pay check simply and realistically can’t afford this service. It is not a solution, but an additional burden.]

“Some other analyses that judge the costs of prepaid cards and other financial products largely ignore the reality of how consumers actually conduct transactions. Costs for overdrafts[ Bank created costs], out-of-network ATM transactions [Bank created scenarios] and low-balance checking fees [ It is the banks who created the rules that govern low-balance checking fees. So these banks created the prepaid reloadable bank cards, not as a service to the consumer, but as a gimmick to be sure that the banks make lots of money off of the most economically fragile people in society. It is the banks intent to keep you vulnerable so they can make more money off of you.] and the fact that millions of Americans cannot qualify for bank accounts must be taken into consideration when comparing the costs of traditional bank accounts to the transparent and low-cost fee structure of a general purpose reloadable prepaid card,” said Kirsten Trusko, President of the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association. [It is the banks who have determined that the most economically fragile, the working poor cannot qualify for an ordinary bank account. This is immoral and unscrupulous on the part of banks. Banks have been left to create all of the rules that govern their actions. Regulatory systems have been inadequate in governing these banks. Left to their own devises, these banks have pushed all the limits for their own financial gain. This is immoral and unscrupulous.]

The comparative analysis was conducted by economist G. Michael Flores of Bretton Woods, Inc., an expert on payment systems and financial institutions. [Payment Systems means “COLLECTIONS AGENCIES” in ordinary terminology. Consumers are advised to steer clear of any bank that considers themselves to be a “THRIFT BANK” and/or a “PAYMENT SYSTEMS”… This is just fancy language for being a loan shark that is a real blight on the general economic well-being of consumers in general. They are PREDATORY by design.]  Each year the study has analyzed a range of consumer payment options, including low-balance checking accounts, reloadable prepaid cards, check cashing services, and their relative costs. The Bretton Woods report utilizes independent, third party sources along with input from prepaid card providers to verify fees and typical transaction patterns. Bretton Woods compared the costs of FDIC insured checking accounts from sixteen banks representing 45% of the total deposits in the U.S. and the largest FDIC insured reloadable prepaid card programs. [Wow, these credentials are listed here to impress us, but METABANK has bragged that they are the largest provider and regulator of PREPAID RELOADABLE BANK CARDS in the country, and we have seen over and over again that METABANK operates using many different names….. This is publicity that was made to look like an official report and nothing more.]

“For three years running, the undisputable truth is that the costs associated with reloadable prepaid cards continue to be reasonable and most often lower than the costs associated with low-balance checking accounts or cash-based lifestyles,” said Flores. [ The issue of living from pay check to pay-check is being taken advantage of is how that sentence translates. No one has even begun to address the underlying problem to give the working poor.

Paying in cash is an honorable state of being.

METABANK requires customers to give them cash money upfront to load and to reload their PREPAID BANK CARDS. This seems to be a standard practice across the board. Why then would they belittle people who live cash-based lifestyles? Oh, that is because they can’t make money off of them.

Any one who puts down low balance checking accounts or cash based lifestyles, which we perceive to be the case in the paragraph just preceding this, is denigrating, putting down the working poor. The real issue is the need for all employees to receive a fair living wage so that none of us are vulnerable to this kind of predatory banking…. This article is really a form of self-rationalization so that the perpetrators of this moral crime can keep doing what they can to get rich quick. Consumers have complained about how these products have been used to take advantage of them as their customer. Many complaints have been registered against the practices of METABANK, a collections agency that operates out of Storm Lake Iowa that uses all of the strategies listed here. The rules change without notice. Fees are hidden and suddenly taken. Customers can’t access their own cash money. PREPAID RELOADABLE BANK CARDS are nothing but an interest free loan to an unknown bank… Why would a consumer give an interest free loan to a bank that charges them as much as $48 dollars a month to give them that loan? In return, METABANK wouldn’t give anyone an interest free loan, let alone also allow themselves to be charged a monthly fee to give that interest free loan…. This is the craziest double talk by banks that I have ever discovered.]

“When you take a well-researched picture of how consumers are utilizing financial services today, you find reloadable prepaid cards cost consumers less. I believe that the fair costs, in addition to prepaid cards’ convenience and greatly improved consumer protections over the last few years, have driven consumer satisfaction with the products.”  [This is the opinion of someone who stands to gain lots of money by getting people to opt into their RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARDS. Consumers still are complaining about how they have been abused and taken advantage of when they have used these RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARDS. The consumers have all sought to alert other consumers. We trust what they have to say over what this disguised publicity says.]

Some highlights in the analysis include:

  • Prepaid price trending downward: Pricing for reloadable prepaid cards has trended down, while pricing for low-balance checking accounts have trended up. [ This scenario regarding low-balance checking accounts is a gimmick to force people into using PREPAID RELOADABLE BANK CARDS. It is a contrived situation by the banks for their own personal gain.]
  • Many options to reduce common fees on prepaid: Consumers can use free options to access cash and pay bills, available on most cards, to reduce their fees significantly. [This is also a gimmick to get consumers to try the cards, but consumers are still complaining that the cards don’t work, they have not been able to access their own money when they have needed it the most.]
  • Bank consumers continue to incur significant overdraft charges: While this analysis uses a conservative estimate of 5 overdrafts per year, studies show that high overdraft activity customers can actually incur 50-60 overdraft charges annually. [Banks created the overdraft fee fiasco and then this new gimmick to get themselves an interest free loan. This whole discussion is nothing but a created scenario by the banks for their own personal gain. METABANK CEOs make over $700,000.00 in income per year, and yet they disdain and put down those people who must live from pay check to pay check, the working poor. This is a form of economic servitude, slave work to pay and keep some anonymous bank and their CEOs really rich.]
  • Prepaid consumer profile is evolving: Consumers who choose reloadable prepaid cards are increasingly expanding beyond the 60 million underbanked to include Gen Y-ers. [To sell the RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARD, banks get partner companies to push the cards. Incentives are given in house, so naive clerks who are required to promote the cards do so with a genuinely sincere honest face. They simply haven’t seen the downside to the cards. Partner companies will in the long run begin to lose long standing customers who can no longer trust them once they have been scammed by the RELOADABLE PREPAID BANK CARDS.]
  • Satisfaction with prepaid remains high: Long-term users of reloadable prepaid cards report high satisfaction levels. Prepaid users self-reported that what they like most about prepaid is that they can’t overspend/overdraft and it’s cheaper than alternatives. [ NOT SO!!!! Consumers complain regularly. We are tired of being scammed by reports like this that are nothing but publicity made to look like an impartial report. There is nothing impartial about what is written here. It is clear that this report was created as publicity. It is a sales gimmick.]
  • Prepaid is a compelling option for millions: Consumers do not have equal access to checking accounts, affecting as many as 19% of US adults according to the FDIC. Many cannot qualify for an account due to being listed on ChexSystems or TeleCheck for mishandling accounts in the past. [FIRST THE BANKS CREATE IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS. THEN AS AN ALTERNATIVE THE BANKS CREATE RELOADABLE PREPAID CARDS which is basically an interest free loan to a bank given to them many times by the most financially vulnerable people in our society. In recent years, NBPCA and META BANK hired RUPLI AND ASSOCIATES in Washington, D.C. to lobby for their RELOADABLE PREPAID CARDS. This is why varying forms of these cards are being sold in every place imaginable at this time. CONSUMERS COMPLAINTS ABOUT HOW THEY HAVE BEEN TREATED BY METABANK HAVE COME IN STEADILY FOR YEARS NOW. IN REALITY, THERE IS NOTHING HONORABLE NOR WORTHY OF ANY KIND OF PRAISE REGARDING ANY RELOADABLE OR SINGLE USE  PREPAID BANK CARDS. CONSUMERS ARE ADVISED TO BE VERY WARY AND TO AVOID USING THESE PREPAID BANK CARDS.]

The full text of the report and information for the researcher and research firm can be obtained by emailing     [nbpca = NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID CARD ASSOCIATION. This is a NON-PROFIT organization that was established to promote PREPAID BANK CARDS…. How this organization was able to get the designation of being a NON-PROFIT amazes us. They are not actually serving the poor; they are taking economic advantage of the poor…. This is one of the biggest scams we have ever seen and we must speak out.]

About Bretton Woods & Michael Flores

Mr. Flores, President and CEO of Bretton Woods, Inc., is a subject matter expert in the area of financial institutions. He has over 30 years of financial institution experience in both hand-on experience and academic study. Mr. Flores specializes in the study of payment systems [Payments Systems is flowery terminology for “Collections Agencies ] and process improvement and reengineering through enabling technologies [ “Process Improvements and reengineering through enabling technologies” that is garbage talk and fancy wording for finding new ways to make a buck so fast that no one will know what actually hit them.]. He has testified in Congress and spoken to industry groups and has authored several studies and articles for industry publications. [ Testified in Congress??? But does that mean that he has ever considered the harm that PREPAID BANK CARDS cause to ordinary people so that the rich can get richer quicker.  Congress in recent times hasn’t seemed to be a friend of the people, the ordinary people, but to be at the service of a minority of extremely rich people who consider themselves privileged, entitled and above the moral guidelines that govern the rest of humanity.] Previously, Mr. Flores served as a faculty member with Pacific Coast Banking School in Seattle, Washington where he taught Technology’s Role in Community Banking curriculum for bankers in the graduate school.   [Banking School, as in how to make banks rich, but no mention has been made regarding serving humanity or in improving the lives of the most financially vulnerable people who live among us.]

About the NBPCA

The Network Branded Prepaid Card Association (NBPCA) is a non-profit, inter-industry trade association that seeks to educate, advocate, protect and promote on behalf of network branded prepaid debit cards and represents the common interests of the many types of companies who come together to deliver the wide variety of prepaid products. For additional information, visit

[NBPCA never mentions that it intends to serve the general public, humanity in general. How did they get the designation of being considered as a non-profit. It is a self-serving organization created to make its members rich, then even richer and even richer quicker.]

SOURCE Network Branded Prepaid Card Association  [This is publicity for the NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID CARD ASSOCIATION to get more partners on board who will push their cards for them off onto unsuspecting and vulnerable citizens who are seeking solutions to their financial woes. METABANK’s Brad Hanson is on the founding board of the NBPCA. We believe that through the use of lobbyists, strategist and shark lawyers that it was possible for the NBPCA to be created. By getting more on more banks on board with this plan, it seems to make the PREPAID CARDS appear to be a legitimate solution for others and perhaps everyone who is looking for a quick solution.   The current economic problems at this time cannot be resolved by quick solutions, but by foresight and intense planning. Yes, our congress should be doing this, but they have ignored us. They too have been misled by the NBPCA. Consumers have more power to make positive change that you may have ever recognized in the past. You must speak up! You must seek the economic protections that we need so badly. The gap between the haves and have nots in the USA has grown; the NBPCA, PREPAID CARDS, have only furthered this huge gap.

The PREPAID CARD concept creates misery for the general public. It makes bankers rich and then even richer quick. Partner companies are used to promote PREPAID BANK CARDS and for a brief time they will see an increase in profits because the basic concept is based on those of being a collections agency. However, customers will soon encounter problems in using the prepaid bank cards. Having been hooked in by the partner company, the customer will simply be forced to move on. The partner company will begin to lose their customer base. Consumer complaints come in weekly regarding these PREPAID BANK CARDS. Be warned to stay clear of these PREPAID CARDS because they fail to serve the consumer in any genuine or viable way.

METABANK and the NBPCA hired RUPLI and ASSOCIATES to advocate for the placement of these PREPAID CARDS in more and more places. You may see gift cards everywhere now, but they are only a way to make an anonymous bank rich. Hidden fees abound with these prepaid bank cards.]



We have often wondered about the placement of METABANK and the NBPCA advertisements. They seem to pop up everywhere even though the PREPAID CARDS are a scam.

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