2013 Consumer Complaints Regarding METABANK Still Pouring In

Submitted: Fri, September 20, 2013

  • Reported in Arizona 
  • Meta Bank, Texas


Meta Bank Ace Elite Card blocking card poor customer service Texas

 Beware of cards issued by Meta Bank.  They will put a block on your card and not even tell you.

I just moved and got the card to have my job paycheck put on it.

They put a block on my card and did not even tell me and will not remove the block because I just moved and do not have any bills put in my name yet.

They said they put a block on it because I used the direct deposit.

Beware they put blocks on it for alot of reasons and you may go to use your card and it will not work.

(That pretty much explains everything. Need we say more??!!!)

  • Submitted: Mon, February 11, 2013
  • Updated:  Tue, March 12, 2013
  • Reported By: S. T. — Cicero Illinois United States of America

InternetUnited States of America

  • Credit Card Fraud

Netspend Meta Bank ILLEGAL Forced Transaction Allowed – REFUSING to Refund! Internet


First off let me start by saying that my home has 3 disabled people in it and our 3 checks are direct deposited to one netspend card and it is our ONLY income.    That being said…

January 27th a “Budget Rental” put through a forced transaction on an old transaction that WAS SUPPOSED TO BE COMPLETED back in December! They put it through for $4,852.20!

My home ONLY has an income of a whopping $2,100/mo!!!!!

I have NEVER made a transaction THAT large EVER.

I called in and put in a transaction dispute RIGHT AWAY the second the transaction showed up on my phone, THEN I ALSO submitted it online as a double back up… They told me 3-5 days, 3 days later I called they said 7-10 business days and it would be a waste of my time to call before the 11th of February… So here it is the 11th of February, we are now homeless thanks to this ONE ILLEGAL transaction and they tell me THEY HAVE NO UPDATE and that they will call me back when they know something… My family will be once again in the street on Valentine’s day…

and they are still not sure whether or not they are going to reverse an ILLEGAL TRANSACTION… Ummmmmm hello the fact that my account ISN’T supposed to be ABLE to be overdrawn by more than $10 and the fact that it came through on a lost/stolen card AFTER it was reported lost/stolen and the fact that it was done as a FORCED Transaction which AGAIN… is ILLEGAL…

OBVIOUSLY it wasn’t authorized!!!!!!!!!!! Being that they are SUPPOSEDLY FDIC INSURED They SHOULD have been able to reverse the charge within a day or two!

(Meta Bank isn’t looking out for the best interests of their customer base as seen here. META BANK has not acted as a friend nor as a good neighbor. Please do not do business with METABANK for your own good. These two stories should be adequate warning in and of themselves…. Each took place in 2013. Our objection is that METABANK fails to take responsibility for the problems they cause. We find it odd that METABANK never takes responsibility for problems with their service and that METABANK fails to protect their customer base as consumers. Why would any company partner with META BANK to sell their prepaid cards for them? When customers are abused in this way, they will be forced to move along.)

More followed in that discussion:

SUBMITTED: Monday, April 22, 2013

We apologize again for the problems you have experienced. We are happy to inform you that this should be taken care of now. Thank you again for your patience. NetSpend ( This turned out to be empty talk, no problems had been resolved!!! The problem was reported on March 12, 2013 and Netspend made an empty, weak answer on on April 22, 2013)

Consumer Comments

BUDGET – AUTHOR: chickpainter – (United States of America)

Consumer Suggestion

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why on earth didn’t you contact Budget and raise wholly hell. I would have called everyone
and anyone who would listen including the police, FBI you make enough noise you get results.
Good luck, next time anyone plays dirty do the same. (by making noise lots of noise)

EFTA – AUTHOR: chestercheetah – (United States of America)

 Consumer Suggestion

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Read the Electronic Funds Transfer Act  (EFTA) – it spells out what your rights are under Federal law regarding disputed electronic debit transactions.It tells what the bank’s responsibilites are and the time frames they have to respond to the problem.  If they fail to meet these guidelines, the claimant can sue them for 3x the disputed amount.

#2 Author of original report
Update: 4/22
AUTHOR: S. T.  –
SUBMITTED: Monday, April 22, 2013

To chickpainter: I tried that and they denied ANY and ALL knowledge of such a transaction being put through on their end at the office in which I did the actual rental at. The return location is at a repair shop and they never answered ANY calls so that makes it VERY difficult to raise hell with them.

To chestercheetah – thank you for that tidbit of information they have actually exceeded the limits and today we will be calling our lawyer… I’d like to see just how quickly they decide to return our stolen funds when being faced with needing to pay 3 times the initial amount!!! And just for kicks I’ll be asking him to toss in psi and suffering for my son who went through seizures and multiple infections due to the BS games they have been playing.

And to Netspend we sent letters in 3 different times before you FINALLY acknowledged receiving even one and today is the day you CLAIMED we would get our refund… And oops it’s STILL not there… So yeah you can deal with our lawyer at this point cause I have had it with the games your playing with our life.

AUTHOR: NetSpend Corporation – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We are very sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with your transaction with Budget Rental. (It took three months and most likely an attorney just to get Netspend to respond.)

Since you initially provided them with your card number in December, Budget was given authorization to charge your account. Because this was an overcharge, we can assist you with getting the funds returned through our dispute process. Please fax the requested letter to 512-531-8770 and we will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Also, the FDIC protects depositors of insured banks located in the United States against the loss of their deposits if an insured bank fails. This does not cover regular transactions. (It took three months and most likely an attorney just to get Netspend to respond. It really doesn’t matter what any law says, but more in how corporate entities treat their customer base….. If people treated each other decently there wouldn’t be any need for laws….. Because METABANK has abused their customer base so often, it has become apparent that more laws are needed to govern and over see how banking is done.)

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We hope the problems you have experienced will not bear any reflection on our company and the services we provide.

Thank you,


 ($4,852.20 is a very large amount for NETSPEND To allow through without calling their customer to alert them.

In one place we see, METABANK putting a hold on a customer’s funds because according to METABANK they had perceived Terroristic activity on that account, but here an extremely large amount is put on the card and METABANK lets it go through….. Where do consumer interests factor in at METABANK? Are we just a convenient source of an interest free loan or are we people? Netspend/Metabank was far too slow in responding to this consumer’s needs.)


netspend   Wed, February 20, 2013 

  • Reported By: M G — Houston Texas United States of America NETSPEND – Internet United States of America
  • netspend meta bank, netspend, prepaid debit card/ alternative banking Internet

*UPDATE Employee: NetSpend

I’m writing this report to let consumers know to not use netspend. This card seems decent on the service but beware.

(SERVICE?!!! That is the major complaint against using Meta Bank and any prepaid bank cards. and this kind of complaint has ocurred over a period now of what is amounting to many years)

They do not release funds as soon as there are received they are held for a day up to three to make interest. (METABANK held all of my money for one month. It was a large amount of money. It was on a travel card and the money would have been spent in increments. To get a Prepaid Card METABANK will only accept cash money; I had given METABANK cash money and they never allowed me access to my own money for the month I would be on the trip of a lifetime in Paris. I ended up living like a homeless person in Paris, in a place where English isn’t the first language and American isn’t the cultural reference point. I hadn’t worked all of my life to live in Paris as a homeless person… who would?)

You can not reach a live person because they give no option when you call the automated system you have to try multiple avenues to reach someone.

Every time I have called the representative was hard to understand and they charge you.50 cents.

The online customer service is no better it takes literally 48 hours for a reply.

(NETSPEND and METABANK are one in the same. The concept of a prepaid bank card is that a consumer hands over their own cash money for an anonymous corporate and likely rich entity to get an interest free loan from you as their customer. In return, you the customer get abused.  Once they have your cash money, they have all the power over your access to your own cash money. False advertising, false and misleading promises of services that simply don’t exist, and outright lies, hooks in customers. METABANK gets a partner company to market their prepaid bank cards for them. The partner company basically gives  METABANK full access to their customer list. The partner company’s customer may feel comfortable buying the PREPAID CARD because they have done business with that entity for many years. The partner company has been mislead by METABANK too. However, Meta Bank does make some money for the partner entity and appears to treat them well. The partner entities’ CEOs are basically courted by METABANK’s CEOs so their guard is down too. In the long term, the partner company will lose long term customers.)

AUTHOR: NetSpend Corporation – (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We certainly hate to hear feedback like this, but we do understand your concerns.

We can assure you that deposits are posted as soon as we receive them.  The only time a deposit may not be available right away is if we need to verify some information.  This verification is only meant to protect your account and your money. ( Please note that META BANK only accepts CASH MONEY to load or re-load their prepaid bank cards. Cash money is required because it is negotiable currency right away!!!)

Also, the only time a balance inquiry fee will be charged is if you are contacting us to check your balance or to see if a deposit posted.  We offer free services. such as text message alerts, to avoid this fee.

(METABANK has full control of all of the money you hand over to them and they lie. On top of that they charge you money to ask about your own balance while METABANK/NETSPEND is getting an interest free loan from you as their customer. Text message alerts implies that you must have a cell phone to be able to bank with NETSPEND/METABANK. METABANK is a thrift bank that seeks out the most economically/finally vulnerable people in our society. Who can afford a fancy cell phone???? Think about this. METABANK/NETSPEND is not customer oriented.)

We strive to achieve a high level of customer service and continually look into ways of improving our products and service.  We hope that the problems you experienced will not bear any reflection on our company or the services we provide.

(This final paragraph seems to be overtly fawning and rather condescending because the problem has been repeated time after time. Therefore it seems to be an empty statement made in 2013…. We began following the actions of METABANK in 2009 during that CD fraud trial. That is 4 years or longer of scamming the consumer, and that is far too long and too much for the general public to bear.)

Thank you,


Submitted: Thu, October 24, 2013

Updated: Thu, October 24, 2013
Reported By: E. C. — Vermilion Ohio
Giant Eagle
4453 Liberty Ave.
Vermilion, Ohio

Category: Grocery Stores
Giant Eagle Metabank, Visa, PayPower Visa prepaid card Vermilion Ohio  

(MetaBank relies on corporate entities to sell their PREPAID CARD for them. METABANK basically courts the CEOs of the corporate entity to get them to sign on to METABANK’s collections program.) 

My neighbor gave me a Giant Eagle reloadable prepaid Visa card for $20 as a gift for some work I did for them. They just gave me the card, removed from it’s packaging, which I later read when looking at 1 in the store after the problem we encountered. The package the card came in states fees on the back, including a $6.95/mo. maintenance fee, and states it is not a gift card, although the receipt for purchase of the card, which my neighbor still had and I saw after I told them of the problem, states

“Gift card activation” and “Gift card $20.00”.

(This is fraudulent and misleading on the part of METABANK. It can’t be stated any clearer than what is written above.)

My wife went to use the card 6 weeks after we got it, as usual, we had shopped at the store many times, always forgetting to use it. When she went to use it, it would not register. the clerk said that it had to be activated. My wife got out of line, called PayPower to activate it. when she went back to pay for the purchases with the card, $13.05 was credited from the card.

(This was then not a $20 gift card, was it? So this is misleading and predatory practices on the part of METABANK.)

When she asked the clerk why not the $20, the clerk said she didn’t know. My wife said she would go to the customer service desk and inquire, another clerk came over and told her she would have to call the number on the card. My wife asked if other’s had the same problem, and the clerk said yes.

(We have also seen other consumers struggle with prepaid cards at gas stations and in all the places where people would expect to pay using them. This was a gift card for a specific grocery store that fell for the pitch that METABANK had given them.)

After calling PayPower later, she was told of the $6.95 monthly maintenance fee deducted as it was over a month the card was used after it was purchased.

(METABANK/PAYPOWER was getting an interest free loan for the gift card for over one month and then they want to charge the customer more…. what if the customer had tried to use the card too soon???!!!)

In short, my neighbor’s fault for buying a card with these fees, and mine for not using it sooner. But really, you give them free use of your money from the time of purchase of the card until the time you use it, people not using all of the money on the card and losing the card and forgetting to replace it, on top of the fees chipping away at your balance. And add in the potential for anyone to be able to get the numbers off of the cards hanging on the racks in the stores and accessing the accounts after they are purchased and money loaded on to them by someone else.

(Yes, it is a banking gimmick to keep the consumer confused so that the bank can make a huge profit. The person who was scammed here gets the full implication for why these cards are in reality a piece of crap for consumers.)

My only recourse, I’m not shopping at Giant Eagle anymore (Go Meijer’s and Aldi!), and I have cancelled my Visa card.

( We also dropped all further contact with the partner corporate entity who sold us our prepaid bank cards. This is what I have been warning potential partner companies for a long time. Yes, I understand that your CEOs have been courted by the CEOs of METABANK PREPAID CARDS so that the partner entity was taken in too. I have warned you that our only recourse as consumers is to stop doing business with the entity who sold us the PREPAID CARD in the first place. This report only highlights the fact that in the short term the prepaid cards may seem to be a boon, but in the long term METABANK’s practices will cause you to lose customers.)


MetaBank and Social Security


    • Submitted: Mon, October 07, 2013
    • Updated: Mon, October 07, 2013
  • Reported by HC from— Acworth Georgia

 This past year my wife has had a terrible problem involving Social Security, MetaBank, and Fraud in regard to her Mother’s Social Security direct Deposit.

My wife’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s.

There is a verified ring of individuals that are fraudulantly trying to move Social Security Direct Deposits from Wells Fargo to MetaBank.

We have filed numerous police reports to the aithorities local, state, and National.

Moreover, we have been to Social Security five times this year in regard to this matter.

At first, SS told us that she was ‘Auto enrolled.”

Next, SSA told us that her mother agreed to be enrolled.

Then we found out that farad was commitied in regard to opening an account with Metabank in regard to SSA direct deposit.

My wife has POA in her mother’s finacial and medical affairs.

She gave Social Securitiy Administration copies and we have discussed this matter with the same SS Representative several times.

Additionally, we had protocols set up with SS to alert us if anything was changed without authorization of the POA and yet it continues to happen.

My mother in law has had direct deposit of her SS for decades and somehow someone can get into SS and re-router her check to Metabank.

I cannot prove this, but I am starting to think someone within SS is involved. When we contact SS we get the usual runaround and denials that actions neccessary actions were taken.

(We are beginning to wonder about kickbacks!!!)

We watched the Repesentative input the data and information and have her name, contact number, and extension.

So guess what? We cannot get in contact with her on that number and extension she gave us and have left three messages for her to call us back.

I won’t hold my breath. No surprise at this point. The authorities have Identified and arrested a ring of individuals involved. Seems the ring leader is located in Jamaica and is untouchable.

My wife and I are so frustrated and angry because her mother depends on SS to live and survive monthly.

(Because METABANK basically runs a scam, their own internal policies seem to contribute to this success of this kind of a scam. There is a need for better regulation of our banking system. In recent years, we have been inundated with phony phone calls out of Jamaica and from other toll free callers. No one seems to be watching out for consumers’ interests in the USA, but the time has come and it is now!!!)

SSA always acts as if this is the first time they have heard such a thing.

( Who heads up the SSA? They must be notified and this problem must be addressed immediately. Please contact all of your elected officials to make them aware of this new twist by METABANK or using METABANK…. this is totally unacceptable!!!)

I wonder how many elderly individuals this is happening to in regard to SSA and Meatbank. It would suffice to say that this has been a nightmare and SSA is involved to some degree. We need help in this matter with the media and legal advice.

(Do contact the media immediately!!! This needs to be stopped and corrected.)


    • Submitted: Thu, October 25, 2012
    • Updated: Thu, October 25, 2012
  • Reported By: ns — Massachusetts United States of America

InternetUnited States of America

Netspend Meta Bank: they charge a transaction fee for swiping the card

Also, when I used it at a gas station, I had a $65 balance. Then I spent $15 and now my balance is $15.

(Please note that the amount left is the exact same amount that was spent. Is METABANK doing this purposely or are they hiring incompetent people who just happen to accidentally make money for METABANK? We have observed this situation at MetaBank before.)

50 bucks magically gone Netspend blamed the gas station. I bank using the Internet with MetaBank.

(Please note that METABANK also charges customers who phone to ask what their balance is. This is the biggest nightmare for consumers that we have ever seen.)


They charge a transaction fee for swiping the card also I used it at a gas station I had a $65 balance. I spent $15 and now my balance is $15.
50 bucks magically gone and  Netspend Meta Bank blamed the gas station.

I got the receipt and Netspend pretty much told me to screw off.  (This is the kind of customer service that we have encountered before and complained about over and over again.)

That’s not the first time they have pulled this and now I cant get my money back. I have been ripped off by Netspend Meta Bank as they have nickel and dimed me again.

(We sincerely hope that you will complain to every media outlet in your area and to every elected official for your area. May what happened to you never happen to another person)

 Marketing is basically Meta Bank’s major strength just behind collections. We find METABANK’s advertisement placement to be questionable.

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