Payment Solution or Bigger Problems for Your Company Using Meta Payment Systems

Overview of Meta Payment Systems (MetaBank)

Meta Payment Systems is more than a bank; we are an innovative payments provider.

[You may never have seen anything like this before, but Meta Bank will infiltrate your company. Meta Bank wants access to your customer base. Meta Bank will them put in place their same old scam.]

Meta enables partners to grow their businesses and build more profitable customer relationships by creating, delivering and sponsoring payment solutions that bring money to LIFE.

[Payment Solutions means that Meta Bank will create situations that scam your customer base. Briefly, you will make more money, but your customer base will begin to fall away after years of being faithful customers. Meta Bank will abuse your customer base so badly that they will never trust you again.]

Whether it is prepaid, debit, credit, ATM sponsorship or agent bank products, Meta’s flexible, scalable payment solutions are backed by industry leadership and unmatched expertise.

[Meta Bank gets your customer list. They require cash upfront, but then they abuse your long standing customers. In the long run, you will lose all of your old customers, but this will happen within a few years or less far sooner than the natural attrition rate. Meta Bank needs access to your customer list. Meta Bank needs you and will use you as part of their scheme.]

Meta offers payment options to help you increase your speed-to-market, reach untapped segments and build customer loyalty.

[When Meta Bank speaks of Customer Loyalty, they are not speaking of anything positive. Meta Bank will create an indebtedness situation for your customers whom they will continue to scam for as long as they can  get away with it. Your current customers will resent how poorly they will be treated. No body likes to be scammed and lied to, but Meta Payment Systems will also be lying to you, making you believe that they have something to offer you. In reality, Meta Payments Systems just needs access to your customers and they will do this will misleading promises and by courting the CEOs of your company just to get you to sell their product for them. Meta Payments Systems will manage the product they offer from top to bottom; they just need your customer base and list of names.]

And top to bottom, we dedicate more resources over the life of your program to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your business successfully.

[ Meta Bank will take away all of your own control over the product they will get you to promote for them. They will give you a cut while making a financial killing for themselves. Your customers will complain to you and you will be lied to by Meta Bank as they court the CEOs of your company. Meta Bank needs access to your existing list of customers, but they will fully control the product they offer so you will not at first perceive their to be a problem with what Meta Bank is doing.]

Key Facts for Meta Payment Systems (MetaBank)

Major Clients:Confidential

Year Founded:1954

Full Time Employees:Above 100

Revenue:Over $100 million

Core Service Areas:

Merchant Cash Advance, Automated Clearing House (ACH) Software [Meta Payments Systems/Meta Bank is not a bank. It is a collections agency.]

Key People at Meta Payment Systems (MetaBank)

Company Representative

Brad Hanson

Meta Bank Executive

NOTE: Time has shown over and over again that corporate partners of Meta Bank are used to provide a customer base from which Meta Bank can grow richer and richer. Meta Bank has provided  horrible customer service for years. They were taken to court over an internal CD fraud. Where were the bank supervisors and the bank examiners when this kind of fraud happened? We believe that the problem actually began in the highest levels of Meta Bank/Meta Payment Solutions. Partner Companies are used by Meta Bank to get access to your faithful customers with whom you have worked a long time to establish a rapport and build your reputation. Meta Bank needs your good reputation in your community to be able to sell their inferior service. Partner Companies are urged to avoid using Meta Payment Systems/ Meta Bank/Meta Payment Solutions, Inc.

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