Meta Bank offers Visa Prepaid Cards – A Warning to Potential Partner’s of Meta Bank

Visa Prepaid Card Programs

Need more Information?

Call 1-877-xxx-xxxx to speak with a sales representative.

There are many different categories for prepaid card programs.

[Meta Bank only really offers one product. Meta Bank uses many different names and diverse marketing techniques, but the product is always the same. Meta Bank is a collections agency and they are designed to operate as a strong arm collection agency. Your customer base will be driven away by how Meta Bank abuses them.]

We will work with you to tailor a custom prepaid card solution to meet your company’s needs.

[Meta Bank excels in marketing. We have observed that Meta Bank basically courts other companies’ CEOs promising to address that partner company’s real needs, but META BANK is like  “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”; Meta Bank will promise you and your company greater profits. At first, your bottom line may improve, but offended long term customers will discontinue to do business with you in the long haul. There is nothing new about what Meta Bank does but you will be led to believe that Meta Bank will improve your bottom line. It is a marketing gimmick that will appear to work at first, and then it will fail in the long term. META BANK is using your list of customer’s for their own financial gain; important data will be kept from you.  We have seen this before] 

We have broken down some of the more popular prepaid program types below.

Employee Rewards

When setting up a prepaid employee rewards program it is important to identify the goals the program is supposed to achieve, the determination of appropriate rewards and how the program will be communicated to your employees. We can provide you with a prepaid solution to fit your unique needs.

  • Employee Incentive & Recognition

[ Meta Bank uses this to get your employees to push their prepaid cards. Many consumers have complained about the horrible customer service they have gotten from META BANK.]

  • Sales Incentives

[The actual rewards for the income that META BANK CEOs will make is insignificant for the employees.]

  • Health & Wellness Programs  

[ This is a new kink and marketing gimmick by META BANK, but it actually highlights that the Affordable Health Care Act is greatly needed.]

  • Safety Programs

[ OSHA is still in place.]

Customer Incentives

Engage existing customers and draw in new ones with a prepaid customer incentive program. An effective customer incentive program will increase purchase frequency and provide unique customer data that can add valuable insight into the behavior of your customers.

[This is publicity and marketing. Customers are complaining about this product and how they have been treated.]

  • Customer Loyalty

[ Do not confuse “Customer Loyalty will real and improved customer service, but with gimmicks that will eventually put the partner company out of business.]

  • Customer Retention

[ The loyalty cards are designed to keep customers coming back to the same store. Every competitor is offering the same gimmick now. This idea has already reached its limits and full potential; customer retention on the long term will only work if it is based on quality customer service…. META BANK will never be able to provide you as their partner with anything but a fierce collections system based on lying to your existing customers. META BANK will destroy any sense of trust that you may have previously provided by way of service.]

  • Referral Programs

[MetaBank gets other corporate entities to market their cards]

  • Promotions

[These “Promotions” are also gimmicky ways to get your employees to sell the MetaBank product. As Meta Bank customers, we have found their customer service to be abusive and predatory. Partner companies will end up losing customers over the long haul.]

Cards are issued by MetaBank TM, Member FDIC, pursuant

to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

NOTE: If you have a problem using a VISA product that is offered by META BANK and you write to tell VISA that you are having a problem with their product, VISA will refer you back to META BANK and then META BANK’s Customer Abuse will begin in all earnest. Your life will become miserable. This was our experience using a VISA META BANK PREPAID CARD.

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