Customer Loyalty in 2013

Customer Loyalty


In years gone by, in a far and distant time and in a place with a completely different understanding of morality, customer loyalty was based on giving quality customer service so that customers would want to return to shop or spend money. It was all based on human relationships and dignity.

Now in 2013, “Customer Loyalty” has taken on an entirely NEW MEANING. You can get an item on sale if you have a “loyalty card” and if that “loyalty card is also attached to that corporate entity’s credit card” even greater bargains can be found.

If you shop at a place anyway, you may say okay to their loyalty card.

There may be other stores where you shop on occasion too.

The Sunday newspaper arrives. You see that something is on sale for loyalty card holders only. It is a real deal. You are tempted to take advantage of the deal, but then you see the offer is only good for loyalty card holders at the place you only shop occasionally.

You reason that it is impossible for you to carry hundreds of loyalty cards. How would you be able to find the loyalty card from among all the others when you want it the most? If the loyalty cards are kept on a key chain, the key chain becomes cumbersome to carry around.

Then you begin to think do I really need that bargain from the place where you only shop occasionally anyway. You decide not to go to the occasional place because you don’t have their loyalty card and don’t plan to get yet another thing to manage anyway.

Loyalty Cards were created to keep customers coming back to the same store. It is a form of  rapacious corporate competition that we have unwittingly been sucked into as consumers.

Those corporate entities plan to give their customer base mediocre customer service because they will be coming back just to get the exclusive savings through the customer loyalty card. It is a gimmick that corporate entities use in an effort to put their competition out of business.


In summary, “Customer Loyalty” no longer is about providing a quality product or customer service that would keep you coming back. “Customer Loyalty” is gimmick driven, based on the fierce competition between corporate entities. As a customer, you have only become a tool so that the rich can get richer. Humanity, compassion, human dignity and human rights have all been thrown out and replaced with a rapacious form of corporate greed.

We no longer have access to clear information. Much of we we see is publicity or very biased opinion.

In fact, this blog itself was inspired by our own negative experiences using the META BANK prepaid bank card. We were inspired to advocate for consumer rights. We want clear information.

Our view of the American banking system has been biased by our own personal experience using the METABANK prepaid card. Had only someone spoken up to warn us, we wouldn’t have opted into the META BANK PREPAID BANK CARD. Perhaps they didn’t know how to warn us, and in reality, we recognize that our efforts to warn and to protect other consumers is limited.

So we need your help. If you have been scammed by Meta Bank or banks operating like Meta Bank, please contact everyone  to alert them to the problems you have encountered. Online blog sites have only a limited scope to be able to help. Far more effort is needed if we are to get the proper customer service we need as consumers.

Corporate entities, today we chose not to go to a place that we had frequented in the past because we don’t want yet another “Customer Loyalty Card”…. You lost a former customer today. Perhaps this “Customer Loyalty Card” has begun to keep potential customers out rather than to entice them to come inside to shop at your place.

We think that the “Customer Loyalty Cards” have reached a point where they are failing both the corporate entity and customers alike.

This is just our opinion and observation as American consumers. The bias is that of an ordinary customer.  Corporate Entities,  you may have “met your Waterloo.”



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