Tag Cards; Yet another gimmick

This blog was set up after I had been scammed by METABANK when using their prepaid card.
I cannot advise anyone to use any form of a prepaid card.
The services you ask about are not within my focus area.

Prepaid Cards basically give an interest free loan to a large corporate entity.
After getting full control of my money, METABANK wouldn’t allow me access to my own money when I needed this the most.

METABANK lied to me about why I couldn’t get access to my own money and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to push the blame for what happened to me back off onto to me. The reality is that the very design of the METABANK PREPAID CARD was established to give METABANK full access and control of my cash money.

All of the METABANK PREPAID CARDS require cash money so they can be loaded or re-loaded.
Then METABANK begins to use various lies for why their customers can’t access their own cash money.

My advice has been that consumers should also only do business using cash money.
Do not hand over control of your money to an anonymous bank like METABANK
I cannot advise anyone to enter into a preformatted contract with a bank
that retains the right to change all of the rules without prior notice to the consumer.

Given the horrible customer service that I encountered personally and which I observed personally happening to another person, one who is extremely well educated, who was told that the METABANK PREPAID CARD didn’t work because he hadn’t used it properly. I saw that no merchants would accept his METABANK CARD. This gave me the impression that the PREPAID CARD by design is faulty and seriously working against consumer’s better interests.


I am not familiar with the term “Tag Card” so I did an online search for “Tag Card”
I cannot advise anyone to use such a product because it gives control of your money to a third party.
Why not make a cash donation directly to the agency you wish to support?

The “Tag Card” information page says that they aren’t in it for the money just to serve non-profits, but you are still giving the money to a third party, a total stranger.

“The TAG! card is an incentive to discover a new way of spending – to make shopping better for you and to make a positive difference in your community. It’s simple to use, comes with a free and handy key-fob and will save you a fortune. Guard it with your life.”

The gimmick and the enticement is that you will save money by putting some money upfront. This upfront money will become totally out of your control.

“TAG! is a community loyalty movement. That’s a real thing, although we definitely had to make it up first.” The term customer loyalty and here “community loyalty” is also another gimmick. The consumer is being encouraged to buy more from a specific vendor over other vendors because of this promise for special benefits and price reductions for the consumer. Still, cash money is handed over to an anonymous entity and therefore taken out of your control.

The term “loyalty” is a marketing term to get merchants to opt in. The term “Loyalty” doesn’t imply better service or better products for consumers.

If you want to support your local community. Go to those places and spend cash money there. Please know that many merchants have told me that for them to accept plastic cards that they must pay a fee. Meanwhile, you as the consumer also have fees attached to using those plastic cards.

Thank you for bringing this term to my attention.

By its very design, it appears to be yet another way to scam consumers.
I would be very cautious about entering into such a contract.
Keep full control of your own money. Do not hand over control of your money to a total stranger, which was METABANK in my case. METABANK has been running seminars and workshops for other banks to promote their concept. I have no idea how it is marketed in those seminars/workshops. I imagine that other banks and potential corporate entities are told that their sales will increase. In the long term, they will lose customers if they are treated the way METABANK operates which is like a loan shark, collections agency and not at all like a real bank. METABANK claims to be a “Thrift Bank”; this term should also be a cautionary term for consumers.

Are you an employee of METABANK or another agency like it?
The employees of METABANK and their affiliates are the ones who are used to push their scam. Only the highest ranking CEOs make a huge profit. Many of the METABANK employees live at or below the poverty level.

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