Jackson-Hewitt uses METABANK to give out tax refunds; METABANK customers are still complaining in 2013

Questions about metabank?

has anyone received their refund from this bank? and does anyone get anything other than your deposit is scheduled to be deposited on January 29? I also wanted to know if anyone knows of a phone number for them where you can actually speak to a person instead of a computer?

Additional Details

I just received an update from meta bank saying that my deposit was received from the irs and they will deposit as expected. Does this mean my money WILL be there tomorrow?
[ Will tomorrow ever come for METABANK customers?]


That number you gave is only for people that used Jackson Hewitt. The number they gave me was 800-717-7228, which of course is automated. Thanks though!!
[This is not a reasonable explanation. Why wasn’t that customer given a working phone number from the      start? ]
This experience happened three years ago so in 2010.

However, Customers are still complaining about METABANK in January of 2013.

Customers feel alone when METABANK scams them and yet there are so many of us who have been scammed by METABANK. This is part of the design created by METABANK.
We wonder how it is that METABANK can keep abusing their customers as they do? They lied to us so they must be carrying this lie elsewhere.
Our guess is that METABANK may be describing their customers as intellectually inferior.
That of course isn’t the truth.
The problem is that METABANK created all the rules for their product and regulates how they operate.
At this time in our history, no one is really looking out for us as consumers.

What you need to know is that Jackson-Hewitt uses METABANK.

Our experience using METABANK was horrible.

So many others have also complained about not having access to their own money that is placed on the METABANK PREPAID CARD that we can’t recommend any service that uses the METABANK PREPAID CARDS.

What makes it really difficult is that METABANK has built up a huge war chest of funds to fight to be able to keep doing the very things that METABANk’s customers keep complaining about.

METABANK hires D.C. lobbyists to push for their myopic cause for their own personal financial gain.
Prepaid Bank Cards, in theory, may be ok, not great, but ok.
Our complaints all are related to the fact that once METABANK has control of our money, then METABANK begins to lie to us for why we can’t access our own money.
This is the nature of the on-going scam that METABANK does.
We have observed diversionary tactics in the practices being used by METABANK to be able to scam their customers.
These practices seem to have been ramped up and invigorated recently, but we aren’t sure why.
This may be nothing more than a big game for METABANK, but for those abused customers this is what “HELL” would be like in dealing with METABANK.
  • METABANK gets an interest free loan from those people who are least able to give loans.
  • METABANK charges outrageous interest rates to loans they may give to those people. What is fair in that kind of practice? Absolutely nothing!!!
  • METABANK is also using smokescreens as part of their lies.


We strongly suspect and there is every indication that METABANK is using smokescreens such as saying that they are trying to prevent fraudulent practices when it is METABANK themselves who are taking from the poor to make themselves even richer.

This is a cautionary message.

Please protect yourselves from METABANK and its partner companies.

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