Efforts Appreciated to get META BANK properly regulated and improper tactics stopped forever.

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your
efforts and I am waiting for your next write
ups thank you once again.

You are most welcome.

Until we can get META BANK’s practices stopped and the situation improved, we, as a consumer advocate group, must work to protect one another, the ordinary people just like us.

The more that I look into what META BANK is doing, the more that I believe they are doing far more than what we ordinary people have experienced. We are simply being used to fund whatever it is that META BANK needs huge amounts of funds to keep doing.

META BANK is situated in an isolated part of the USA where they may perceive that they can do just about whatever they want, and so far, they seem to be getting away with whatever it is beyond scamming their customer base.

Whoever is behind this scam is really slick at META BANK. I suppose that is a sort of compliment to the talents of what would otherwise be considered a criminal. It is unfortunate that all of that talent is being wasted as it is by taking advantage of people. That same energy could be used to do so much good, and still allow META BANK to make a profit, but META BANK wants more and more or so it appears by their actions.

It is businesses like META BANK that have created the economic recession for which the rest of us must suffer.

What META BANK is doing appears to be immoral as well as criminal. How do they get away with this year after year????


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