Business Report for META Bank

December 03, 2009

EA SPORTS Launches Prepaid Visa Debit Card with Rewards

(“With Rewards” is a hook you in phrase, used to get the most benefit for METABANK… What does “With Rewards” really imply??? Think about this carefully and thoroughly because it means a lot for the consumer and ultimately for the partner company.)

Electronic Artshas announced that it has “made it easier for loyal gamers to buy their favorite EA SPORTS™ titles with the launch of the first-ever EA SPORTS branded prepaid debit card. The reloadable prepaid debit card enables users to receive a percent back from every purchase at thousands of brick-and-mortar and online retailers to redeem points (“EA SPORTS Rewards Points”) that can be used to purchase select EA SPORTS game titles.” (“Gamers” have a partnership with META BANK)

November 02, 2009

Western Union Launches Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

Western Union has launched a new Visa prepaid gift card and greeting card offering enabling consumers to send the gift of money using Western Union branded prepaid gift cards available at

(A friend of mine was scammed through a money transfer via Western Union… Know to whom you are sending money when using Western Union.)

August 11, 2009

A Look at Meta Payment Systems

Meta Financial Group has reported its financial results for its third fiscal quarter of 2009. Included are the results of its Meta Payment Systems business unit, one of largest prepaid card issuers in the US. MPS quarterly revenue grew by 68%, up from $10.3 million in fiscal 2008 to $17.4 million in 2009. Non-interest income for the quarter more than doubled from $7.6 million in fiscal 2008 to $15.7 million, or 107%, in 2009. MPS said the growth in non-interest income was spread among its prepaid and credit programs. ( META BANK was in the midst of a major law suit for CD fraud in 2009 and then there was the suicide of Boesen who had received far too many loans from METABANK… how does that happen????)

May 14, 2009

A Look at Growth in Prepaid at Meta Payment Systems

One of the leading network-branded prepaid card issuers in the US is Meta Payment Systems, a subsidiary of Meta Financial Group. MFG reported financial results for the first quarter 2009 earlier today – and included a business segment breakout report for MPS. MPS’ results included quarterly net income of $3.5 million and revenue of $36.4 million, up 139% from the same quarter last year. MPG also reported the filing of eight patents during the quarter (three provisional and five non-provisional and international) and 32 patents since the inception of MPS relating to the addition of functionality and ancillary products to prepaid cards.

(Prepaid Cards give an interest free loan to a bank or some other entity like META PAYMENT SYSTEMS. Trust me, META BANK wouldn’t ever give out an interest free loan to anybody. However, they have created a system where they can get an interest free loan from the most financially vulnerable people in our society. META BANK’s success depends on the suffering of the most vulnerable people in our society. Please do not encourage this scam to continue. META BANK sets up all the rules and retains the right to change them without notice. Then, there is also the issue that META BANK Representatives are trained to lie, and they do. META BANK has control of your money already so even if they are lying, you still don’t have your money, but META BANK does so they can lie and change the rules as long as they have people who “donate” their hard earned money to the METABANK scam. False advertising and misleading information designed to hook in partner companies who are trained to push the META BANK PREPAID CARD on the general public further the scam.)

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