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  1. DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCT MARKETED UNDER THE COMPANY NAME OF METABANK! This bank practices opening fraudulent pre-paid master card accounts. They opened an account in my fifteen year old daughter’s name. When I phoned to find out who opened the account and to notify them it was opened fraudulently, I was told a marketing group sent the card to my home and they only needed her name and address! Since when is it legal to open credit accounts (of any nature) without the consumer’s consent?

    Another word of advice, DO NOT enter the account number on the automated system. They have have tried to trick the consumer into “agreeing to their terms” by simply hitting a button on the phone when you attempt to speak with an associate. They disconnect you if you do not agree to their terms! HUGE SCAM!!!!!!

    • Thank you for this input. I have been wary of online, phone contact only banking systems.
      What you describe is the height of audacity in the way that consumers are being abused by METABANK.

      Please bank at a bank where you can talk to real people face to face is the message I keep getting over and over again.

      Please report this experience to the Office of Thrift Supervision and to your US Senator and Congressman/person.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience.
      Perhaps this will protect the next consumer so Thank you!!!!

      I hope that you were able to get this all straightened out!


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