META BANK Ipower Customer Reviews: studied

Meta Bank Ipower Customer Review


by lostroyal – 1 year ago

unauthorized direct deposit with no acess to account, no card. nothing. they have commited fraud what do i do about that?who can i report this to?

  • Overall Quality 1/5


  • Communication 1/5


  • Waited
    15 mins

    by jaeide – 1 year ago

    Didn’t have to wait long

    • Overall Quality


    • Communication


    • Waited
      2 mins
      This information is inadequate to explain why that customer believes that META BANK provides good customer service based on one phone call. On the other hand, the report above indicates a fifteen minute wait. No other details are given. The customer complaints just before that also indicated a fifteen minute, the exact same time as the second complaint. The wait for what? What was said? Why the problem  wasn’t resolved is not discussed.
      I believe that this is a form of publicity trying to market yet another service that is unwanted and unnecessary given the link that is provided at this site.
      Bottom Line:
      META BANK needs to be controlled since they have not shown respect for their customer base.
      META BANK seeks out clients who do not have to provide a credit history.
      META BANK is a sub-prime lender bank.
      META BANK makes up all of their own rules, in their favor.

      The GET HUMAN website looks suspicious
      Find other places to seek solutions because as a consumer this is your right
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