Yes METABANK can engage in protracted litigation and does.

METABANK grabbing at whatever they can get out of Boesen’s estate. Why did METABANK loan money to Boesen? Is MetaBank stupid or sly and conniving? It is difficult to tell. Either way, consumers should avoid banking with METABANK; Boesen committed suicide using over the counter drugs. Can you imagine the state of mind that he had to have been in? Meta Bank is primarily a collections agency that does a great job with publicity. Of course, the publicity is filled with misleading information that amount to being lies. Customer service complaints are very high in regard to any name under which METABANK has operated.


Value of Boesen partnerships could spur lawsuit
MAY 12, 2011 ET [Boesen died either in 2009 or before. This news is from 2011. This describes METABANK and how they work and view the rest of humanity better than anything that I could explain to you about them.]

A dis­pute over the val­ue of four Boesen fam­ily partner­ships, including Boesen the Florist, has surfaced in the probate of the late Edward Boesen’s estate and could result in lit­igation, a report filed by the estate’s lawyer says.

James Monroe, who is admin­is­tering Boesen’s estate, disclosed the dis­pute but with few details in a status report filed last week in Polk County Probate Court.

The report was filed as part of a request to continue estate proceedings be­yond the three-year time limit for final settle­ment.

[ Yes METABANK can engage in protracted litigation and does. METABANK was irresponsible in giving any loans to Boesen without doing a background check. Because METABANK failed to check and do research of their own before loaning and loaning again to Boesen, I hold METABANK responsible for the suicide death of Boesen. Boesen’s death was really a modern form of murder.]

A hearing on Monroe’s request for exten­sion of the time lim­it is sched­uled May 26. Boesen, a well-known Des Moines businessman, died of an intentional overdose of over-the-counter drugs on July 15, 2008, as his five-state enterprise was beginning to unravel.

Monroe has predicted that Boesen’s creditors will receive very little from the estate because most of Boesen’s businesses were insol­vent at the time of his death. [However, METABANK has gone after whatever there was that they could sell off for money.] Since his death, Boesen’s estate has had more than $60 million in claims filed by creditors demanding repayment. During the hearing, Monroe has said the estate has tried to sell as many as­sets as pos­sible, but has had great diffi­culty obtaining much money for them.

[The land and title to those properties would have some money, and METABANK went after everything.]

The val­uation of the Boesen partnerships is crit­ical to obtain­ing a final settle­ment of the estate. Money obtained from the sale of as­sets as well as from the val­ue of Boesen’s interest in the family partnerships is to be pooled and then divided among creditors determined to have valid claims against the estate.

Monroe’s report says that the dis­pute in­volves the val­ue of four Boesen fam­ily lim­ited partner­ships – Boesen Fam­ily Enterprises LLC, Boesen Land LLC, Boesen the Florist LLC and Beaverdale Invest­ment LLC.

“The oth­er members of said orga­ni­zations have offered the estate an extremely low fig­ure to buy out the estate’s inter­ests,” the report says. “The estate is currently val­u­ing the var­ious busi­nesses for an accept­able fig­ure; howev­er, lit­igation may be necessary.

“In addition, the report said Boesen Family Enterprises received $2 million in life insurance following Boesen’s death “and has refused to pay at least one-third of said $2 million to the estate even though the estate owns a one-third interest in said organization.”

[Earlier reports indicated that Meta Bank went after all of Mrs. Boesen’s assets. She knew nothing of these loans. Usually insurance isn’t paid when the death is a suicide.]

County property records disclose that Beaverdale Investment holds ti­tle to eight parcels of prop­erty mostly in Beaverdale and valued at $724,650.

In addition, Boesen Land holds title to a strip mall at 2629 Beaver Ave that is val­ued at $1.1 million.

Monroe dec­lined to com­ment Wednesday.

Bob Dou­glas, an attor­ney rep­resent­ing the Boesen partner­ships, could not be reached for comment.

Monroe also reported that the estate has set­tled with Meta­bank over the sale proceeds of a Las Vegas print­ing op­eration in which the bank claimed to have a prior­ity inter­est.

[Yes, METABANK is only about making a profit off of vulnerable people. Look at METABANK attack this estate!!!!]

Sale price of the company was $282,000, and those proceeds will be split be­tween the estate and Meta­bank af­ter deducting $10,000 in attor­ney fees, the report says.

[Attorney’s fees for the Boesen Estate. METABANK’s CEO most likely acts as their in house counsel. This estate process has gone on for years. I pity Boesen’s wife and any children if he had some.]

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