Just protect yourself. Don’t do business with METABANK/METAPAYMENTS SYSTEMS

i need a loan to pay off my school i have a job but between having to help pay bills i dont have enough to pay anything on my school i owe 800 dollars and have to have it paid by june so im llokin for a loan at least 600 dollars and its hard to find a loan that will deposit money in a meta bank account can u help me please thanks

I did not create this blogsite to give advice about getting more debts or getting loans. I have no information that can be of help to you other than to tell you not to take out another loan to pay off the first loan.


I began this blog to warn others about the awful customer service I found at METABANK and about their practices in the past where they have scammed other consumers. My purpose is to protect others from being taken advantage of by METABANK or any other financial institution that operates in a similar manner.

#1 I have advised the general public that many previous customers have complained about poor customer service by METABANK.    METABANK pushes that poor customer service far beyond the normal limits.

#2   I cannot advise anyone to do business with METABANK

#3   Borrowing more money from METABANK or any banking institution simply will push you into creating more fees. This is how METABANK traps customers into a downward spiral, an how they rationalize charging you higher fees than they would other customers. METABANK wants you to be dependent on them and desperate.

#4 Your only viable option at this time is to pay off the existing debt without making more debt for yourself.

#5 Bank at a local bank, that is both owned locally and operated so that you can walk in the door and talk to them

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  1. In response to an email inquiry regarding this message and the original response which is somewhere on this blogsite some place:

    Yes, that person wanted to get another loan; “Angela” would be incurring more debt. That person was already far too deep into debt and wanted to get out of debt. They thought that by simply following METABANK’s publicity that they would be able to have it all right now.

    #1 It may have been METABANK who wrote in themselves.They have contacted me using various guises in the past.

    #2 This person shouldn’t go deeper and deeper into debt thinking that this will be a solution [that is if it was a real person and not METABANK again.]

    #3 The PREPAID CARD, especially when attached to a customer’s paycheck, basically takes the customer’s money and puts it in the full control of an unknown entity. Many people have already written in to say how they had been scammed by METABANK. Customers can’t access their money when they need it and then end up with added late fees when they can’t pay rent bills on time.

    #4 The PREPAID CARDS are targeted at the most financially vulnerable people in our society. They do not help to restore a person’s credit rating as indicated in METABANK’s publicity. The PREPAID CARD make their customers economic slaves to META BANK.

    #5 This would include students, African Americans and Immigrants who aren’t really being helped by using these PREPAID CARDS but who are being victimized by them. The bank gets interest free use of the customer’s money and then proceeds to change the rules to the bank’s advantage. The consumer always loses and we are in an economic downturn. The CEO of METABANK makes in the area of $900,000.00 a year while profiting from the suffering of others. This is not serving the public in any kind of a moral or decent way.

    #6 Anyone who believes that METABANK and the PREPAID CARDS will help them is mistaken and being misled by publicity. The cards are designed to make lots and lots of money for the bank to the detriment of the customer.

    **** What we really need is something that will allow consumer’s to control their own assets and money, to save money and take control over their own lives****

    METABANK has time and time again proved that they are not honest in their business dealings or they are grossly incompetent. METABANK takes full control of their customer’s money in their bank.

    The connections that I found were on META BANK’s own website pages and had been posted previously. If those associations have since changed, I have no control over that. I post links to the original source with each posting so it should be there for you to check if it still exists.

    My purpose in creating this blog was to forewarn others about the problems I had encountered and the problems that others had encountered using METABANK. I did not want to have happen to others what happened to me.

    How could I best serve others so that what happened to me will not happen to them? I simply wish for others to be spared from the same problems I had with METABANK . After an online search, I found that many others had experienced equally horrendous treatment at the hands of METABANK.

    Yes, my PREPAID CARD worked well for awhile and then META BANK scammed me. They prevented me from using my own money when I needed it the most and then they lied to me and tried to push the blame for the problem off onto me, their customer. I have also now stopped doing business with the partner company. I have seen this pattern repeated over and over again within the complaints made by METABANK customers.

    The bottom line is that if you have a poor credit history, using METABANK’s PREPAID Card will not restore it even if it is attached to a direct deposit of your paycheck. It just won’t work given how METABANK is managed internally and we have few if any government regulations over this aspect of banking.

    If the banks can’t self-regulate in a way that actually serves the consumer, then the consumer is obliged to find answer on their own. META BANK practices predatory lending and banking practices.

    I did not want another person to be forced to live as a homeless person in another country where another language is spoken other than my native tongue because METABANK was holding my money and not allowing me to access it.

    If I had simply not used METABANK, I would have had money, my money that I had been saving for the trip of a life time. The key is that METABANK lied to me and kept my money from me, but this is a rather common complaint coming from METABANK customers.

    With that said, if people, once they have been warned, still wish to use the PREPAID CARD, a form of debit card, provided by META BANK that is their choice.

    I cannot in anyway condone getting further and further into debt. Please look up the case of BOESEN and METABANK to see how METABANK pushed and pushed. Some of the early newspaper articles have since been archived, but some information still exists.

    I do not wish anyone to suffer when I can warn them of what happened to me.

    After that, if someone writes to tell me that they are already in debt and wish to go deeper into debt, I cannot condone this action.

    However, why would anyone ask me to help them get further and further into debt if they had read and of my other posts?

    In the end, what any individual does to serve themselves according to our current laws are their own business. I am just a regular person who was scammed by METABANK; that experience was traumatic. Why would I wish for anyone else to have the same experience that I had when they could prevent that from happening.

    Other solutions must be found that put the individual in control of their own destiny and decisions.

    I can only tell the truth as I know it.
    I am not selling anything.
    I can only share information that I have experienced or found elsewhere

    Have you read the complete blogsite????

    Oh by the way, from your link that you provided, it appears as if you are in collections.

    Have you been fully forthright with me?????



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