Meta Bank regrouping, seeking new ways to scam their customers

2011 Banking & Securities Outlook

An unusually uncertain prospect

To borrow from two Federal Reserve Bank chiefs, we have moved from a period of “irrational exuberance” to one of “unusual uncertainty.”

– In July 2010 Congress passed sweeping regulatory reform in the shape of the Dodd-Frank Act, ending months of speculation.

– And later in the year, the Basel Committee issued the new capital and liquidity guidelines known as “Basel III.”

These two major events will profoundly shape the banking and securities industry in 2011.

Amid the uncertainty some things are clear.

Banks are actively responding to the new pressures they face from regulators and evaluating considerations that will position them for the revised capital regime.

Some of these responses may well dominate the industry in 2011.    They concern everything from

        • strategic questions about business models,
        • to capital allocation,
        • to management of regulatory relations,
        • to the technology platforms required for data management, and, finally,
        • to the quest for that most elusive of goals – revenue growth.
This report was made by Deloitte

And what does this mean for the consumer?

The banks like Meta Bank are re-grouping.

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