BANKMETA:NetSpend MasterCard Prepaid Card (Fee Advantage Version)- AccountNow Visa Card (Direct Deposit) – UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Life Plan) – Facecard Prepaid MasterCard : All to be avoided

  • MetaBank is one of the largest prepaid debit  card issuers in the United States
  • (more than 50% of the debit cards reviewed on are issued by MetaBank).
  • Through their Meta Payment Systems division, MetaBank services more than 500 prepaid card programs.
About MetaBank
Stock Symbol: NASDAQ:CASH
Corporate Headquarters: Storm Lake, Iowa
MetaBank Corporate Overview
MetaBank WebsiteFDIC Status: MetaBank (FDIC Cert: 30776) is FDIC Insured

since September 6, 1955.

MetaBank is owned by Meta Financial Group, Inc. Meta Financial Group, Inc.

(MFG) is a $757.3 million thrift holding company for MetaBank and Meta Trust Company.  

(META FINANCIAL GROUP grew as a sub-prime lender,

meaning that META BANK grew off of others misery

to which they only added more misery.)

Headquartered in Storm Lake, Iowa, the Company

converted from mutual ownership to stock ownership in 1993.

Its primary businesses are deposits, loans and other financial services

and products to meet the needs of its commercial, agricultural and

retail customers; and an industry-leading electronic payment systems division.

MFG shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under

the symbol “CASH.” MFG operates under a

super-community banking philosophy that allows the Company

to grow while maintaining its community bank roots,

with localized decision making and customer service.

Administrative functions, transparent to the customer,

are centralized to enhance the banks’ operational

efficiencies and to improve customer service capabilities.

(Except that they have used this system to scam

the American public and the international community.)

MetaBank is a federally-chartered savings bank with four market areas:

Brookings, Central Iowa, Northwest Iowa and Sioux Empire;

and the nationally recognized Meta Payment Systems

(MPS) division.

(The MPS has proven itself to be  unreliable from

a consumer’s perspective in the past; their thought process

is the source of their own downfall.)

MPS supports clients nationwide and manages

four primary business lines that contribute to revenue and deposits:

  • prepaid cards, ( Prepaid cards make money for banks and not customers)
  • credit cards,
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM) sponsorship
  • and Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination.

(And you, as a potential customer,

really don’t want to bank using any of what META FINANCIAL GROUP has to offer. Please be warned!!!!)

Twelve bank offices and two MPS offices (including one bank administrative office) support customers in Iowa, South Dakota

and MPS clients across the country.(Yes, you could already be doing business with META BANK!!!)

Meta Trust provides professional trust services.

(Oh no, yet another way to be scammed by META BANK)

Selected Prepaid Cards Associated With MetaBank
  • NetSpend MasterCard Prepaid Card (Fee Advantage Version)
  • AccountNow Visa Card (Direct Deposit)
  • UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Life Plan)
  • Facecard Prepaid MasterCard
  • READYdebit Visa (“Control” Plan with Direct Deposit)

 (Please be forewarned about META BANK

and how they treat their customer base. You don’t want to partner

with them and you don’t want to be their customer either.)

Recent MetaBank News Items
  • FaceCard Announces New Look, New Features

( new terminology, not really new service)On October 1, 2010, the folks behind the Facecard Prepaid Debit Card announced some great new features for their product.

  • Big Beneficiary of NetSpend IPO: GreenDot 

( GREENDOT is META BANK!!!)The on-again, off-again NetSpend IPO is… on-again. And it looks like one of the big beneficiaries of NetSpend’s IPO will be one of NetSpend’s biggest competitors: GreenDot Corp.

  • Buy A Friend the Prepaid Gift of a Safe Drive Home 

(What do they have to do to get the card to work when                                              they need it the most??? This is where META BANK                                                      has failed miserably in the past.)

  • During the holiday season, we typically think of

buying prepaid cards as gifts for friends and relatives so they can use their gift card at retailers like the GAP, or But what if you could give the gift of a safe drive home? You can, thanks to the Home Safe Card (and you can also support Mother’s Against Drunk Driving or MADD).

  • Green Dot’s Bank Holding Company Move

One of the (many) interesting pieces of information

from the filing announcing Green Dot’s IPO

plans was the announcement of Green Dot’s move to

become a bank holding company.

We’ve dug up a few more facts about the move.

  • NetSpend IPO Buzz (Good and Bad)
    The second major IPO of a prepaid card company

is going to hit the street this week, with NetSpend Holdings Inc.

about to launch as NTSP on the NASDAQ.

The days leading up to the float have been bumpy

for NetSpend, as one of its critical partners

(Meta Financial, owner of MetaBank, the bank partner of

NetSpend) came under scrutiny by a banking regulator.

Here’s a quick look at the buzz surrounding the NetSpend IPO.

(Why would any corporate entity ever want to do

business with META BANK? META BANK is

unable to self -regulate since they don’t have

a normal moral compass that is greatly needed

in the world today and in this economy.)

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