“Instant Guaranteed Approval* No Credit Check, No Security Deposit” – Meta Bank promises but can’t deliver in reality, This kind of thinking is what caused the housing market to crash and put the USA into an economic downspin

 Instant Guaranteed Approval* No Credit Check, No Security Deposit
– FREE Direct Deposit – Easy and Immediate Access to Your Paycheck
– FREE Money Transfers to Other Facecard Members – No More Wire Transfers
– Pay Bills Online – No More Late Payments, No Stamps Required
– Receive $15 of Extra Value on Average Per Month Via Prewards, Electronic Coupons Loaded Directly to Your Card


[This gives Meta Bank far too much access to your account and control of your money. What should be a service has been abused within Meta Bank. They lie to their customers. Meta Bank doesn’t serve their customers, they abuse their customers. Overtime, and through great observation, we have not yet noticed any real change in Meta Bank’s internal practices that will allow us to endorse even banking with Meta Bank. Investing in a bank that operates like Meta Financial/Meta Bank is a poor idea since they are practicing skills that will only work for making a quick profit, for themselves a quick profit, but not for partnering companies nor necessarily for investors either. Giving credit to someone who has a poor credit history is not helping the American economy. Meta Bank is not providing a genuine service. It is how they get customers and then abuse them by placing them into a locked in system of economic servitude, furthering the economic problems that allowed them to consider using Meta Bank products in the first place. Corporate partners will end up losing their customer base and not increasing it in the long run since eta Bank will ruin that company’s credibility. Meta Bank’s failure to find internal controls that would protect consumers and bring partner company’s a solution they would find genuinely beneficial to their long term growth are Meta Bank’s downfall. Their downfall is in the way they think and continue to operate so that no real change can be found from within. Meta Bank is blinded by their own philosophy. What will it take to get proper reforms when Meta Bank is unable to see themselves as being immoral in their philosophy? The public must be warned about Meta Bank. How many other banks and companies have followed Meta Bank’s action plan? It is short-sighted and dooms them to failure. I can only urge people not to engage in doing business with Meta Bank, but it is for the general public not to allow themselves to be blinded by Meta Bank’s glowing publicity. The choice is for all of the general  public to work to get the necessary changes that will genuinely improve the US economy and the global situation. Please heed this message.] 

[Meta Bank took $5,000. 00 in my cash money and lied to me so that I couldn’t access my own money. I was forced to live more like a homeless person while on vacation in Europe. When I returned, Meta Bank lied to me about the events that happened. They were in the midst of a lawsuit for CD Fraud which they pushed off onto one employee. What were her supervisors doing for an extended period of time? How did the bank examiners miss this unless someone else was helping to cover it up? I began to do research and found that Meta Bank using many different names scams their customers on a regular basis. Laws need to be properly enforced or reformed so that the consumer can make wise and informed decisions based on genuine and clear information. The lack of having any kind of protections in place for us as consumers is what caused the housing market to fall and Meta Bank continues the practices that contributed to this kind of irresponsible lending. This is what needs to stop and to be stopped by those people who care.]

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