META BANK’s Biggest scam: “Once direct deposit is added to your card the only fees you pay is a monthly maintenance fee of $4.95.” META BANK is in full control of all of your money and has free use of it, but a customer has to pay at least $4.95 per month, until she encounters overdraft fees and other hidden fees


Tashina wrote: “This product is great! I’ve been a customer for a little over 2 years. Once direct deposit is added to your card the only fees you pay is a monthly maintenance fee of $4.95. I miss the iadvance loan- their rates and time limit were so much better than those pay day loans where they charge you weekly.”

Reply to TASHINA,

META BANK frequently gets companies to promote their bank cards. Consumers have discovered that the clerks who are asked to promote the gift cards, prepaid debit cards put out by META BANK are often also urged to sell more and more of their cards via a competition that their bosses urge them to get involved in after having made them a gift or bonus of some kind using a META Bank prepaid card. What the clerks don’t know is that META BANK then gives the customers, perhaps their long standing customers, extremely poor service, lies to them and fails to address any of their real concerns. Why should META BANK address the customer’s needs or concerns once they have full control of their money? This is where and how META BANK is a scam and how they will actually run off any company’s former customer base that may have existed. META BANK excels at marketing, but they aren’t about service to customers. The companies that often may choose to be taken in by META BANK most likely are courted by META BANK who is really doing a serious sales pitch. If this company is actually on the brink of failure, META BANK is not actually a real solution for their long term growth. Any company thinking that using the kinds of services that META BANK is offering should be most wary. They may experience a brief period of improved collections, since that is the other area where META BANK excels (Strong arm collection agency techniques), but this will be off putting to former customers who object to the mafia like techniques used by META BANK. Also the fact that META BANK lies and makes our own money inaccessible to us as consumers is a great disadvantage for holding on to customers. Partner companies also need to be forewarned not to do business with META BANK or any company like them. A monthly maintenance fee of $4.95 is ridiculous; this is not the American dream for consumers. Comparing META BANK’s services to PAYDAY LOAN is comparing one con artist with another; don’t do business with either place. I was really badly scammed by META BANK. This inspired me to do research into how META BANK operates. I found many horror stories about META BANK. Please do not push their services off onto your customers.


By the way, other customer reviews of Indigo by META BANK have shown that the card was awful.

“Pay day loans” is under scrutiny in many places since it is one of the most predatory lenders out there.


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