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  1. Yes I truly agree both Turbo Tax and Green Dot/ Meta Bank is both a scam.
    Someone filed taxes using my name and social security number, They filed using Turbo Tax and had the funds sent to an Meta Bank/Green Dot account, So I called both companies to let them know that I was not the one who filed and yet and still they are all giving me the run around I am extremely upset they will not tell me were the funds went what address were the card was delivered nothing I am very upset and very agitated with this whole situation I just don’t know what to do

    • Please report this to the Office of Thrift Supervision and to your State Attorney General’s Office. This is like a double crime.
      Meta Bank in this case has committed a form of a crime on their real customer base.

  2. Paul

     /  March 7, 2014

    Green Dot is a sleezy operation. We bought a Walmart Green Dot card, and after purchasing it we used it for a period. They informed us that they had cancelled our card and forbidden us from ever having another one because we had reloaded it too many times. We were never informed prior to the purchase of the card they they had limits on reloading. When we questioned them as to their reloading policy, they said it was “confidential”. In other words, they will arbitrarily penalize a customer who has paid for their product without telling the customer beforehand their rules of operation.

    This is incredible, and it is unbelievable that Walmart would sell the product of a company that operates in this fashion.

    • The Green Dot pre-paid card appears to be by design a major scam.
      Thank you for sharing your story, which is an excellent example of how bold and brazenly METABANK scams their customers with a circuitous form of reasoning that is designed to put off the consumer who feels isolated. The Green Dot Prepaid Cards are basically sold in an anonymous way so that META BANK keeps from encountering the real face of the people they are scamming.
      The way that you were treated by Green Dot, a METABANK prepaid card, is a criminal act.
      Perhaps because you have shared your story, other people can be spared from having to experience a similar abuse.

    • Please help us to warn others about the problems you found using a METABANK product, specifically the prepaid bank card. Thanks!

      It is awful that METABANK’s Green Dot gave you the run around and took advantage of you. May what happened to you never happen to another person.


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