Don’t throw away those old gift cards . . . really??? It is expired!!! Oh yeah?!?! Who says??!! You know there is money on it.

Another forward from a friend – Postscript: Don’t throw away those old gift cards

Speaking of gift cards, here’s a lesson in how persistence can pay off handsomely. On a recent shopping trip to a Bloomingdale’s in New Jersey, Bella presented the cashier with three $50 store gift cards, two of which had expired, according to the saleswoman. Tapellini was annoyed and prepared to walk away, but  Grace, who’s doesn’t easily take no for an answer, wasn’t about to give up.

“Isn’t there something we could do?”  she asked the clerk, emphasizing the fact that the couple had just given the store plenty of business.

The clerk, clearly peeved and dismissive, suggested “my friend, Grace” and  “her friend, Bella” call the phone number on the back of the cards, though she didn’t hold out much hope for them. They called anyway.

After entering the serial number for the first card, the automated robot voice on the other end confirmed the fact the card was expired, but then instructed them to “press one.”  Upon doing so, the voice said, “Your card has been activated.” The same thing happened with the second card. By investing a couple of minutes, they found $100. Not bad.


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