Big money screams very loudly

Ads by Google Please note that I am not promoting the following. I am pointing these out. I found them at the side of the page. They are the advertisers for this site. This site would like to block my blog, and perhaps has already done so. I would like to protect consumers from this kind of banking that seems to be pervasively destroying our economy and our lives.

AccountNow® Prepaid Card

$25 bonus w/ free direct deposit.   (Don’t do direct deposit!)
No credit check. 100% Approval!   (Demand a credit check or pay in cash)       (Bank in a locally owned bank where you can speak to someone in person face to face for free any day of the work week)

MetaBank Debit Cards
Apply for a MetaBank Prepaid Debit
Card. 100% Guaranteed Approval.

(Please see comments above. Other banks offer the same service, but be equally wary)

Who funds most blog sites? Big money screams loudly, very loudly. Please proceed very cautiously. Look for the source.

The only people who will make money from these prepaid bank cards are banks. Consumers should avoid using prepaid bank cards, prepaid gift cards and debit cards.

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