When it’s too good to be true…Tip: Never give money ahead of getting the service

‘financial freedom scam’ Articles – Of course they are all scams, read how they are playing up to your interests and needs.

Financial Freedom Network and Society

If I told you there was such a thing as a financial freedom network and a financial freedom society, would you believe me?

For all intent and purposes, this sounds much like a clandestine organization. Well, you’re half right.

In the not too distant past and in countries where freedoms are still not always obvious, the attaining of financial freedom is still frowned upon.

Even today, a certain clandestine activity is not unknown in more open countries. But by and large, such networks and societies are very much educational and commercial in nature and thus very much open to the public.

Mind you, these are not the banks or investment houses that offer their investment “products”.

Let me explain a little of both sides of the fence:

The “Dark” side of Financial Freedom [I agree with the fact that you should know who you are dealing with. Do your business with a longstanding business in your own community. If someone tells you that you will get rich quick, it doesn’t exist. Do business locally and within that business also insist that your money stays local.]

This darkness really is about having that secret investment club, or in the annals of time, some have grown to become very powerful societies.

These societies are often mention and greeted with fear. loathing and distrust. In the west they are often referred to as some kind of mafia – like organizations – even the Masons have been implicated. [The masons…that is taking it a bit too far for me here!!!] [The only thing that you need to be aware of is when anyone tells you not to mention a conversation with them to anyone else. That is just the conversation that you should be telling to everyone and anyone you meet!!!]

In the Far East, the “Tongs” or gangs have their great “Mandarins” running legitimate businesses but seem to have a deep dark but powerful organizations which control many of the business within their financial control or reach.

Otherwise, the less frightening but no more acceptable are a type of “Old Boys’ Clubs” or “Sorority Houses” which admit only the most select of rich people into their fold and thus businesses. They are almost always developed from or are already well established in an extensive network of finance and business. They may actually be fully legitimate but are too clandestine to the public psyche.

The “Legit” side of Financial Freedom

These are the newer and less established clubs, largely run by “wannabes” and new money coming into the world of investment as a group. Vety often, newcomers to the investment game want to get ahead by getting into such groups, often led by one or more persons with some financial building expertise.

Just a word of caution for any of you that want to join such a group. While possibly educational, due diligence is always called for. Treat every “opportunity” presented with your own careful research, which must also suit your set of investment criteria. Jumping on every opportunity will simply guarantee your own investment wipe out!

Another caution is that a very large number of these groups will fail and fall by the wayside. It’s difficult to put a number to the failure to success ratio but my own diary from 20 years ago suggest the failure rate is in excess of 96% over 10 years. And this is world wide. So be careful and invest your time and money wisely.

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Beware the Predators of Your Livelihood In Our Crowded World.

Beware the Predators of Your Livelihood In Our Crowded World.

So you make a great living. Your job is A number one secure. Or you have a nicely profitable business that affords you a nice home, family and vacations. You’re all set right?

Beware, the Predators of that Livelihood you had so lovingly nutured. Oh, yes, they are lurking everywhere and are constantly searching for your livelihood assets to predate upon.

You are vulnerable because someone is watching you and wants what you have. The more “ethical” will try to emulate your success and muscle in on what works best for you. But expect the worst out of many people when money comes into play. Their eyes get squinty and their thoughts turn vile.

Expect back stabbing at its mildest and outright lawsuits over any excuse to try to legally “steal” or extract money from you. Their intention is often to put your economic livelihood in peril. Yes, you’ve got it, legal robbery – is there such a thing?

You bet. Of course lawsuits are not called that but beware the “injured” person (remember coffee scalding vs McDonalds?) and class action lawsuits over something as mundane as earphones causing the user ear damage because the user turned the volume up too loud. Well…

I’ve noticed through the decades, as the towns, cities and everywhere else gets more crowded, the battle for what people do not own is becoming more prevalent. [Why is this? They are making slave laborers out of some of us and creating a huge segment of the population who realizes that they cannot make it in this system so they go onto and stay on well-fare. These scammers are taking well-fare checks!!


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Financial Freedom Scam On The Internet.

Financial Freedom Scam On The Internet.

Alert! To my readers.

With the latest dawn of Wall Streets and indeed the world’s significant financial meltdown, The recession is a real scare. And this is what’s spawning this huge spate of financial freedom internet scam con artists.

This is an especially bold one: A freedom financial network scam.

– They go by a name like “Freedom Financial…something or other”. They do this on the phone or the internet and then call you. They operate all over North America with untraceable call numbers. These predators prey on unwitting people who are already in desperate situations and demand with scare and bully tactics to part you from money you don’t already have. So you borrow from an already overloaded loan account to try and get more money.

Tip = Never give anyone any money in advance of getting a loan. [Do you see the similarity between this and the prepaid bank card???? Meta Bank has all of the control over your money. The fact that they lied to me one person is reason enough to stop selling this card to customers, but they lied to two customers at AAA. Why does AAA still market this card?]

Beware of these too:

– Too good to be true e-mails promising you riches in the bank but requiring you to register and send money (lots of money) first. Alert check this out while the link is still live about a soliciting scam on the internet.

– Official looking e-mails from a bank or a payment service like paypal or a credit card company asking you to re-authorise your personal and document information “To Prevent Fraud” or some other fake security demand.

– Aunt Martha or Uncle Ted died and you are about to receive a huge inheritance but the problem is that you will be required to send a large sum of money to a solicitor to process the papers.

– An apparently lucrative offer of fast riches turns ou to be a scam masquerading as a reputable mlm company – often called an mlm scam.

– Congratulations ! You’ve won the lottery – but please send money….

I think you get the picture – there’s always the spectre of identity and credit theft. Also, you stand the chance of paying for an unknown relative’s car.

Just remember that genuine and reputable companies will not do this via the internet. You have to go to them personally. When it’s too good to be true….check them out!


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