Netspend/META BANK Complaint-

I had numerous charge made on my acct. before the charges where posted call as soon as i saw it (i called them)they told me they could not do anything until the charges was posted to the acct. and when the charges they did(get posted i call) them back and the told me to file a dispute and i did that then after all that they keep on telling me the have not got the fax ,then when they finally get the fax after 8 days too tell me things they cant accept this is bull s#!T!!! just because i sent them a copy of my transaction history with the charges that AM disputing

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1. Written by Me, on 01-09-2009 19:10

You can also contact the CEO of Netspend Dan Henry@ 512-532-8200 Ex. 8780 or his personal assistaint Shannon Carol @ 512-531-8786 or 913-832-4253.

[Who is Me? If this person couldn’t get this issue resolved over the phone through regular channels, why would the writer respond to someone writing in as Me?]

I will be contacting him. The Better Business Bureau, the OCT and my states Att. General. I recommend everyone do the same!

[This customer doesn’t sound pleased with Netspend.  At this point they should contact all of the agencies they have listed.We have been advising people to deal with local banks. Don’t bank on line. Bank with real banks and real people where you can look them in the eye face to face. Do Not Use Meta Bank. Do Not Use Netspend, an affiliate of Meta Bank. This former customer has given you enough reasons for why you should not use their services. Netspend can give you all of the pep talk they want, but if the customer service just isn’t there to back up the publicity, it is of no use to you. Publicists can write whatever they please. They went to school to learn that trade, but their skill at writing does not reflect META BANK/NETSPEND’s actual character and ability as a company to be able to serve their customers properly]

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  1. banditfireup

     /  January 31, 2011

    Netspend is really like a scam..if they wanted to make the business bloom up they should care and protect their customers. You cannot even talk to the person’s from META BANK. They should provide customer’s better assistance and assurance that they are in good hands. That’s what Netspend should do!!! even the agents sounds so stupid every time you called in and ask for questions they can’t even talk to you like they know their product it self, all that they could tell you is that “uhmm…can i put you on hold???” what kind of customer service they have. They should train them well and it’s too obvious that the agents are from off-shore. The accent is different. That’s all that i could say.

    • “Putting a customer on hold” is what they have been told to do. They want you to give up trying to deal with them. If you have had any kind of consumer problem with Netspend, a division of META Bank personally, please describe it in writing and submit this to the Office of Thrift Supervision in Washington, DC. and to the US Attorney General’s Office.

      As consumers, we do not have to remain victims. We can and will do something about this situation.
      Please do not use products put out by META Bank.
      Bank locally
      Get a savings account. Pay with cash as often as possible.

      Changing the topic and being put on hold like that is reason enough to switch banks. I think that the prepaid card may have had some potential, but that it was so heavily abused by banks like META Bank who then they sent in lobbyists who basically got a form of expanded services which amounted to a form of deregulation where the customers were set up to be abused and misused. The current system sets the customer up to become the economic slave of META Bank, and that is how you were being treated on the phone. Different accent or not, forget that part. Had that person treated you respectfully from META Bank you wouldn’t have cared. I believe if you had been treated with dignity and respect if they had a different accent or not wouldn’t have been a problem. That employee was doing as they had been instructed by their CEO.

    • Welcome to the scam of Corporate America. Please write to your US Senator(s) and US Representative(s) and to the US Attorney General along with the Office of Thrift Supervision. We need laws that are written that protect consumer’s rights, interests and needs. Meta Bank takes away all of your money and dignity. There are no laws in place to prevent us from being scammed by these big money making factories. We need better laws that protect us. Corporate America only sees us as a tool for their use and for their disposal. You are not a real person; you are only a working mule for their system.

      I created this blog since I didn’t want anyone else to be treated by Meta Bank the way that I had been treated. I was fed lies and given double talk. Unfortunately, this is how business is done in the USA at this time. Woe is me! Woe is me! We need all sorts of better protections from these corporate powers. I was told that a corporate entity was doing what they were doing because there was no law that said they couldn’t do what “was a real problem.” META BANK operates along these lines and then one step lower from the outset. They set out with a mindset to make you fail financially. Oh yeah, I saw the website and it is all publicity made to look like educational material and glitzy. It is nothing but publicity. Finding real information is so difficult at this time, but you know when you have been taken. That may be the clearest thing you will ever know in your entire life. Then the audacity of the power system holders to show their card and say “Well we can do that, so we do. There is nothing to stop us” – that is the thinking of banks like META BANK and corporate America. Encourage your elected officials to fix this problem and to stop being distracted by doing politics and posturing for power in DC. Make them work for their money and to serve the American people.

    • Meta Bank doesn’t care about their customers other than to get full control of your money. Meta Bank charges customers to phone them. Meta Bank consistently puts customers on hold and lies to us.
      The use of the term “Customer Loyalty” has nothing to do with improving how META Bank intends to serve their customers. This term “customer loyalty” is the term META Bank is using for the gimmicks that they use to lock customers in to their service from which customers find it impossible to get out of. META Bank is and has been nothing but a headache for their customers.

      Being “off – shore” has gotten a bad reputation. Don’t let that distract you from what really needs to be done. It is the CEO’s at META Bank who are thinking up how to take advantage of their customers. Anyone who works for META Bank is being taught how to treat customers. I find it unusual that they haven’t figured out that they are the ones being hired to do the dirty work that will make the META Bank CEO’s rich, but do nothing to improve the quality of their lives.

      META Bank is not the kind of company nor the kind of company practices that should be copied or encouraged by any other corporate entity because META Bank is nothing but a scam. They operate much like we used to see in those old B-Rated Movies where someone owed a bookie and that bookie was basically a mafia type guy who sent thugs around to enforce the bookie’s rights. This is a thug mentality from which Americans and the world need to be protected.

      Good luck in getting anything resolved with META Bank. Please inform the OFFICE OF THRIFT SUPERVISION in DC and your elected US senators and representatives of your situation and ask that META Bank be stopped from doing what they did to you to another person, not even one other person. We have had enough of this kind of treatment.

      Any company, corporate entity or bank that learns META Bank’s techniques also need to be stopped. META Bank has put themselves in a situation where they train others. They also change their names and become other entities. This is a real problem for the American people since we aren’t able to stop them. META Bank hired lobbyists to push the prepaid bank card. META Bank is one of the founding members of the Prepaid Bank Card Association, a non-profit organization so they have attorneys who are also “slick” working to find every loop hole possible. The only way to get this stopped is to complain to the right people and then vote after you have made your situation known.

      Change is possible, but we need to help make that happen so that no other Americans or anyone anywhere must have to deal with such a scam.
      META Bank lied to me

  2. Julie

     /  February 14, 2014

    NETSPEND, ONLY 1 VISA, CONTROL CARD, WESTERN UNION PREPAID, AND MORE SHOULD ALL BE AVOIDED! Do Not use any prepaid cards issued through MetaBank! Your money will become theirs!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience so that others can be spared from the same abuse at the hands of Meta Bank.


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