Meta Bank issues “Facecard Prepaid Teen Card” – Be Warned!

The Facecard Prepaid MasterCard® and the Facecard Prepaid Teen MasterCard are issued by MetaBank pursuant to license by MasterCard International – Cached

Do not give your teen a prepaid bank card, especially if it is issued by Meta Bank.

Meta Bank has a long history of poor customer service, of lying to customers in order to cover up their own mistakes.

Meta Bank will get the interest from this prepaid bank card and you will get fees, over draft fees or other fees, for any money that is spent that goes over the amount on the card. Meta Bank has been observed to put holds on these cards simply because they think there may have been terroristic activity on the card. There was no unusual activity on the card, in fact. Meta Bank just chose to make the student’s life miserable and to get extra fee money in for themselves.

Do not bank with an online bank like Meta Bank. They charge for every phone call to them to ask about your account. They also may charge you for each purchase you make on the card. Rules will not be clearly stated nor on the opening page. First they will find out if you are over 18, then they will do a heavy marketing to you. You will think that you have the ideal thing for your teen, but you would be far better off opening up a savings account for your teen at a local bank.

Don’t do business with Meta Bank

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