IPower Customer Service Drops Drastically Since Meta Bank


The minute Meta Bank took over IPower’s account customer service satisfaction dropped.

This indicates to me that the money that the Haahr family has donated to politicians and power politics has payed off. I hope that woman in the bank in Hartford, Wisconsin who sold out her family and friends for a $100 prepaid card prize in order to get $500 donated to the marching bank toward their trip to London is reading this because I doubt that the Haahr paid those other people $100 or even $600 to get the contract for Meta Bank to have exclusive rights to IPower.

[How much does one flight cost round trip from Wisconsin to London, England again?]

Our complaint has been about Meta Bank’s poor customer service and their errors. For Meta Bank, the customer is always wrong, but Meta Bank always ends up with extra amounts of the customer’s money.

Look carefully to see who authorized this switch to Meta Bank and also look to see if Meta Bank donated to their election campaign.

If you are poor, and can’t donate to election campaigns, but you can write or phone, please do that. Write to your elected officials from Iowa every time that you are unhappy with your IPower Customer  Service after phoning Meta Bank to try to resolve the problem. That person only wants to stay in their elected position, and if they have helped to put Meta Bank in control of IPower accounts, you can help to get that changed and improved.

We have told you before that META BANK only wants money and that they do not care about their customers. If you find this too, write to your elected officials or phone them since one of them put META BANK in charge of IPower. Iowans deserve better. We deserve much better than META BANK!


Meta Bank Ipower customer ratings – last 12 months – [Meta Bank just got this contract!]

12 months6 months3 months1 month2010
Meta Bank Ipower customer ratings - last 12 months - customer service satisfaction trends
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