Bank Reform Needed- Has Meta Bank ever consider the customer? Customers should bank locally and in person never on~line

BE WARNED Joining the “Innovators Roundtable” [Their term, not ours] this spring is Sears Holdings.  Sears Holdings joins other industry leaders, including Bank of America, Citi, Experian, FIS, GE Money, Green Dot, H&R Block, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, MasterCard Worldwide, Meta Payment Systems, NetSpend, U.S. Bank, Visa, Walmart and Wells Fargo.

Green Dot
H&R Block
LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Meta Payment Systems   all are basically part of META BANK
Wells Fargo seems to be closely aligned with META BANK
Bank of America, well that speaks for itself.
Mastercard is a brand that is used by banks so they may or may not be “at the table” so to speak.
As we have said before META BANK is out to make money, more money.
They are studying the market through Financial Seminars and you might say what big deal. In this case though, the purpose is simply for how they can make more money, it isn’t about how to provide better customer service. That is not within their frame of reference nor in their scope of thinking. META BANK simply wants to get rich as quickly as possible and NETSPEND is a part of METABANK; they are one in the same with two different names. Both need to be regulated since they do not have an internal regulation system nor a moral code of ethics.

I am amazed that Netspend has not been recognized yet as a scam. I have never dealt with a more horrific organization in my life. … – Similar

I think this company is a SCAM! Don’t do it. Guest’s picture. 1 Oct. 2009 | 7:43 PM Guest #9. I got netspend account and I love it! [Meta Bank has posted comments on other complaint sites before as well as advertisements for the same product that customers are complaining about] › Personal Finance – Cached – Similar

Jan 9, 2007 Netspend Scam! Fraud Got as a Gift, Tried to actviate it; Asking me for SS#, Full name spelled out with middle inital, full date of birth,…/netspend-corporation-c3817.html – Cached – Similar

Jul 18, 2008 NetSpend Complaints: Scam and cheating. Internet Services. – Cached – Similar

Netspend Corporation (prepaid Cards) scam artist, liars, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive. Austin Texas.…/Netspend…/netspend-corporation-prepaid-mf5b8. htm – Cached

Aug 22, 2009 I just got a a prepaid Visa card in the mail today and I don’t know Lots of negatives about this company. DO NOT deal with them. › Business & Finance › Credit – Cached – Similar

You can also go to NetSpend Login to check for account balance. If you check on the web for scam, you will find quite a number of complaints… – Cached – Similar

Nov 27, 2006 For starters, you should know just by looking at NetSpends website, that they are a scam and a joke. NO ONE who is honest, is going to tell…/Complaint_-_NetSpend_-_Prepaid_Visa_Credit_ Card_12843.htm –Cached – Similar

Scam Email “netSpend Account Information” from “”NetSpend Account Information” ” in ScamdexDB – classified as a Auction/Escrow Scam from the WWW.SCAMDEX. – Cached – Similar

Apr 9, 2009 On 4/9/09 I arrived home to find a nice, new NetSpend Prepaid Visa in my mail. This would have been fine except for the fact that I did not › Financial › Banks/Credit Cards – Cached – Similar

How many people need to complain about NETSPEND/METABANK’s customer service before we get Bank Reforms put into place to protect the general public from opportunistic banking practices such as we have seen here???

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