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Submitted: Thursday, February 04, 2010

Posted: Thursday, February 04, 2010

I filed my taxes with taxbrain on 1/15/10.  They emailed me that it was approved by the IRS and I would receive my refund on 1/29/10 by direct deposit.  Some genius at taxbrain incorrectly coded the routing numbers and my refund went to Republic bank.  After numerous emails and frustrating telephone calls, I heard from someone in customer service telling me that they were “generously” refunding my fees and offering me free tax services for next year.  Like I would ever use them again.  I asked what they were going to do about refunding my overdraft charges and all of the expenses I have incurred because of their “mistake”.  They told me that they were sorry.  I am livid.  This company should be made to pay for all of the inconviences they have cost not just me, but the thousands of others who actually thought they were a reputable company.  I have called management at Taxbrain, who will not return either calls or emails.  This is FRAUD.

(Yes, this is fraud and incompetence.  Meta Bank is all over the place doing incompetent and irresponsible things, but Meta Bank always makes a buck for them, just not the customer who always has to pay fees.   Meta Bank uses so many different names that it is impossible to keep up with every single one of the places they are operating, but it all goes back to Storm Lake and the Haahr family.

This experience is so similar to what I experienced with the METABANK AAA VISA Travel Card. It is the same bank and the same service. Bank Reforms are needed or METABANK needs to be held accountable.)

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