MetaBank TurboTax Complaints

Unsecured Personal Loans

$10k-$100k No Documents Good credit only, 700 credit score  (This bank wants and needs deposits that are large, only really big deposits, but who are they? Do you know who you would be dealing with? Why bank online when you can walk into a locally owned bank and talk to real people.)
$160,000 mortgage for $712/mo. No SSN req. Calculate New Payment! (No Social Security Number required?????)
Private Money-the 1st Time – Professor Reveals New Formula to Get Real Estate Private Lenders!
(Why would one guy only have figured this system out and why would it be private? The word private is of concern here?)

Instant Approval. No Credit Check. Payday Cash in 1 Hr. Bad Credit OK!  (No credit check??? This will or can be used against the customer. It is in the customer’s best interest to have a credit check.)

Who is MetaBank? (Meta Bank is a”THRIFT BANK” meaning that they will cut corners in their customer service)

Updated: 2/17/2010
Article ID: 7890

You may have received an e-mail from MetaBank (example below) regarding your tax refund account.

MetaBank of South Dakota is working with the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, LLC (SBTPG) to provide refund transfer services formerly handled by Santa Barbara Bank & Trust (SBBT).

In 2010, SBBT sold its tax products division to SBTPG, a private company. For more information, click here. If you need information concerning your Refund Transfer from MetaBank, please call SBTPG at 800-717-7228 or go to the SBTPG website

Sample E-mail from MetaBank

From: MetaBank Tax Products Group
Date: January 24, 2010
Subject: Tax Refund Account Status (RT)

You are receiving this email because you used [WWWTran] to prepare and file your tax return and you requested MetaBank to process your income tax refund and pay your [WWWTran] user fees from your refund. MetaBank expects to receive your IRS refund on [DATE]. Please log on to our Internet site at at that time to check on the status of your refund.

You have been assigned the following Client Identification to protect your privacy: [ID NUMBER]

Please use this ID on all email with our customer service department. For inquiries, please reply to

MetaBank Tax Products Group

Use a local CPA and not METABANK an online bank. Pay the local CPA on a per hour basis. With the CPA, there will be no hidden fees. With METABANK, the customer may never get any satisfaction, but lots of hidden fees. The CPA can also advise the customer  and give the a financial plan for their future. Meta Bank guides their customer’s into using more of Meta Bank’s services so that METABANK can make more money. This is not for the customer. Customers should be getting all of their refund checks directly from the government. METABANK should not be the middleman at all because they are taking a fee just for the money passing through their hands.

I am complaining about METABANK in general.

This is an example of METABANK as TurboTax, they have expanded into all brands and all levels of the market. All people are vulnerable. Bank reforms are needed.

Bank locally! Don’t bank online with METABANK. Don’t make your long standing customers subject to METABANK, you will just loose those customers.

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