Bank Reforms are needed: Customers talk about experiences using Pre-paid cards – worth reading before you buy!!!!

reliance mobile/pre paidcard (Complaint)
Posted: 2009-08-18 by d.m. vardiwale
disconnection of mobilephone no 9510024806
i have purchased prepaid card on 2nd August 2009, i have provided all the documents necessary under trai’s guidelines to the same, After 6 days one massage i have received regarding submission of documents or company disconnect the mobile. i contact rcare and sole the problem and they…

[Poor customer service over and over again by banks that are either Meta Bank or like Meta Bank compounded by an indifference to their customer’s needs. Bank reforms are needed]

airtel Pre paidcard (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-08-02 bydhwsni vora

charges deducted wronglt evenry day and exotremlllllyyyyy bad afters sales feed back

Hi sir / Madam,

its my sincere request to you please help to get the issue solved.

I have a airtel connection pre paid sim card – friends and family card.

I m really reallyl harresed by this bloody company i have never ever seen such a disguesting company in my life…..

[Bank is indifferent to customer’s requests]

Visa Pre paidcard (Complaint)  Posted: 2009-03-09 byJulia can’t use I got my pre paid visa card today. Put $20 on it. I activated by phone call. By this evening, is still is not working. I am trying to pay for an item I bought through ebay. What is the problem? [Bank keeps money from customer although it belongs to him; why use pre-paid cards at all?]

pre-paid card (Complaint) Posted: 2008-05-05 by V.S. Patwal refund for not using Airtel Friends Chat I never used of Bharti Airtel. Just by opening the messages sent by the firm, Rs.25/- has been deducted. For the last two three months they have their own renewing this. It is requested that all messages from Airtel may be stopped immediately and amount deducted may be refu…[Another gimmick pushed on a reluctant customer]

pre paidcard (Complaint) Posted: 2007-11-26 by marilyn mccray refund talked to Mr. Nelson early ask about the deal he said he couldn’t give me the refund.the bank said to ask him for a copy of the draft cause he should not be able to draft my account as a checking its a saving.please some one help me this is not right they took the money on 11-07-07 a…

[The bank took her money through slick bank maneuvres. Are women scammed more than men? Are non-English speakers scammed more than English speakers? Just curious about Meta Bank since they do profiling anyway.]

Wal-Mart = Meta Bank (Complaint) Posted: 2009-02-26 bykat Walmart pre-paid card I purchased a Wal-Mart Pre-Paid Card and the sales clerk did not explain that we had to keep our reciept in order . to activate it. I can’t find my receipt and now how do I activate it. Does this mean I lost out on $100. 00? Not only that but i called the customer service and there a joke to nobody wants to help without the receipt...[Walmart keeps money from customer]

AirTEL Pre-Paid Life Time 999 Scheme (Complaint)

Posted: 2007-11-23 by VELU D 1 RUPEE LOCAL SCHEME , NOT ACTIVATED IN LIFE TIME PRE-PAID CARD .not activated in our pre-paid card. If you are not taking the necessary Action the same mail will be forwarded to your President SANJAY KAPOOR Bharat Airtel (President ). The below mentioned Two Mobile Numbers Required one ruppee Scheme activation immediately…[Bank keeps customer’s money from them]

Green dot =Meta Bank (Complaint) Posted: 2008-10-02 by Mr. M…pre-paid card does not work Ever since I purchased a green dot VISA card on August 28, 2008 I have not been able to use the $200.00 I loaded on to it. Today is October 2, 2008 and I still have not received my VISA cards and I still cannot spend my money because everytime I try to og on-line or purchase something over…[Bank keeping customer from his own money]

Airtel (Complaint) Posted: 2007-10-03 by Dev Kumar S Conversion of Post-paid to Pre-Paid card Request was given to convert my postpaid connection to pre-paid 25 days back. Was promised this would be done within 5 working days but still not completed.[Bank getting interest on your money]

I’ve been calling Airtel customer care since last friday but invein – My postpaid to got disconnected and finally…

Reliance (Complaint) Posted: 2010-03-12 byReena.MGSM card not activated took Rs 50 for the Pre-paid card. I submitted zerox of PAn card and artion card for proof of address. Now its more than 10 days the card is still not activated. When I contacted the retails he informed that the person who has carried the documents have submitted those to reliance and you card will be actiivated in 2 hours time …[The bank keeps the money from the customer for over ten days. Just like Meta Bank!!!! Bank reform is needed to protect customers]

NTB (Complaint) Posted: 2010-02-15 byDianne DewHundred Dollar Holiday Rebatewould receive a Visa Pre-paid card for $100. 00 dollards by mail. About six weeks later I received a post card stateing that I did not qualify for the promotion. I called the NTB where I purchased the tires and they said that I did qualify for the promotion and that they would get back in touch with me, but they keep giving me the run around…[After she bought the service and the TV set, they tell her she did not qualify? That is just not right!]

Direct TV (Complaint)

Posted: 2010-02-03 byH.M.F.I.C*2010 Unauthorized Bank Charge they did not accept pre-paid card as a payment I need to give them a real checking/debit card in order to start my service. So I got my Visa check/debit card and paid with that! A day later I look at my account and Direct TV took $25 three times from my credit cards. Twice from the pre-paid card they didn’t authorize…[Bank reform is needed that will protect the consumer.]

First Plus Platinum Credit Services (Complaint) Posted: 2010-02-03 byMakrov Rip off Well I only use a pre-paid card when on line. Thank goodness. For the last three weeks every time I put money on my card and buy from Spiegel’s or JcPenney they zap my money off my card for government grants, voice mail services and activation fees. It is a real headache. I don’t even have a credit card with this company and no one seems to have a number in which to get in touch with them with…[Are Spiegel and JC Penney working with Meta Bank now too? Pay cash. Bank locally.]

NETSPENT/PREPAID DEBIT (Complaint)  Posted: 2010-01-30 byFernando Dickerson

UNATHORIZED BANKDRAFT I don’t want no pre-paid card from you. Return my money…[Netspend is one of the most complained about services offered by Meta Bank.]



only 1 visa (Complaint)

Posted: 2010-01-13 byM75803 Complaints Unlike a Visa credit card, this is a pre-paid card and like a lot of Americans have debt and are subjects to wage garnishment from IRS or for child support. Since this card is pre-paid, that keeps the customer from having wages garnished. Just ONE of the benefits of the card. So stop complaining…[I have often felt that Meta Bank places this website Complaints Board here.No one should be trying to get out of paying child support.]

green dot prepaid creditcard (Complaint) Posted: 2009-10-14 bymurrietagurl26

False account information  earlier this year I purchased a green dot pre paid card well I needed to use it again yesterday to pay my insurance so I called to ask what the status of my account was and they said it was overdrawn by $9.90 ok that’s fine they also told me if I added the funds to my account using a …[ a big scam]

Fido (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-10-03 byKalun

Customer Services

9:00 pm and got my pre-paid card. That shows the professionalism in Fido…

Master Card/credit cards (Complaint)   Posted: 2009-09-26 byMoneybags denied Master Card and it was a pre-paid card. I never got my refund for purchasing the card or the card. I thought that it was a regular card with a $5000 limit. My credit reports need fixing (2 of them) and I’m unable to fix them because I ‘m unable to work right now so I have limited income…[Meta Bank will lead you to think that their prepaid card will help, but it won’t and they will fix it so that you will end up paying much more in fees. Stay away!!!!]

GE Money Banks (Complaint) [GE is using Meta Bank now]

Posted: 2009-09-15 byKara Overcharged It is states on the packet that the pre-paid card comes in “Your temporary Walmart MoneyCard Visa is activated for immediate use everywhere you can swipe your Visa Card with in the United States, as well as online, by mail or over the phone. ” I have called the card’s distributer, Walmart Corporate, and the MoneyCard’s customer service several times have not been helped in anyway nor have my mother and I been able to contact a supervisor because it is apparently impossible to speak to the head of any of the divisions…[ That is correct. Stay far away!!!!]

Chase Bank (Complaint) Posted: 2009-08-29 byCONSUMER72 CLOSING ACCT WHEN I HAD FUNDS IN IT 00 via a pre-paid card, received a confirmation number, called the chase rep back, gave the confirmation number and was told its not good enough they need proof by the form of a letter from the agency. i called back the agency, and was told they have no access to chase, it being a financial instituition, and that they do not report to the chex system ??? again, wtf ? I than had two different reps telling me two diffeferent stories, and the funny thing is, all they had to do was take the $$$ out of my account if indeed i owed them, which i’m really starting to question ! SO, INSTEAD, THEY ARE SHUTTING MY ACCOUNT DOWN NOW, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE PAID WHAT THEY SAID I OWED, AND SINCE THEY FROZE THE DAMN ACCT, I WILL HAVE TO SUFFER THE PENDING TRANSACTIONS THAT DIDN;T GO THRU, WHICH I’M SURE I WILL BE CHARGED 35…[This sounds like Meta Bank]

Acai Berry Detox (Complaint) Posted: 2009-08-17 byMsNata money being taken out of account’s Hey out there to everyone that has been tricked out of money for free products and things…Don’t give up on being able to get thing’s for a trial period please don’t this is what you do…

Go to wal-mart or a check cashing place that sell’s prepaid credit card&#…[Worst advice possible!!!!! This is Meta Bank!!!!]

tri financial llc (Complaint)  Posted: 2009-08-12 byray bay rude and very nasty hello i took a loan out from cash net usa i think last year. and when i did barrow the money from them i did have a bank account. something happened with my bank a web site was taking money from my account. i had it set up with them so they could take it out i had to close my account due t...[The bank doesn’t care about you. They just want money.]

gdot online visa (Complaint) Posted: 2009-07-12 byShirley Richardsbilling address I purchased a new pre-paid card, and it tells me my billing address is incorrect! It’s frustrating me because I puchased the card and can’t use it! Please Help!…[Meta Bank takes your money and will not let you access it, typical for Meta bank]

PaidForFree.Com (Complaint)  Posted: 2009-07-07 by Garold

ScamOr a pre-paid card, you don’t need. 😮 This is the SCAMThey make it mandatory that you choose something to buy or else, but they say you don’t have to, BUT YOU HAVE TOO!. The last straw came when they sent me confirmation and that I had agree to a subcriptions to get more junk mail to receive more junk mail…

Walmart MoneyCard (Complaint) Posted: 2009-07-02 bykmcgurrell     Walmart = Meta Bank

will not activate card, make me wait 7-10 days for a refund[Major complaint about the pre-paid card is that the bank takes your money and keeps it from you]

200 dollars onto the pre-paid card. I needed this pre-paid card to pay a bill online. When I attempted to activate the card online, I was given an 800 number to call, to complete the activation. Of course the office for the 800 number was closed so I waited untill the next day and gave them a call…united pharmacy/Viagra (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-06-25 bySamuel SDpicer

Debit credit card/No item shipped

Ticket#2009062410009259 Dear Samuel Spicer, We have successfully received your order E20-670502

After unsucessful attempts to email them. Thye still has not responded.

submiItted a request for 30 Viagra Pills+1 free they debit my credit card for $57.27…

Heretaunga Dairy/Foodmarket (Complaint) Posted: 2009-06-15 bySharon

Purchasing of Pre Paid Phone

I went to buy a $20 vodaphone pre-paid card and was told that as the service was free I had to spend a minimum of $2. 00 at the diary otherwise they would not sell me a prepaid card. Need to know if they are within their rights to demand this…[What a gimmick!]

Advanced Wellness Research (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-04-24 byNicole

Unauthorized charges

I bought the trial which said, clean your teeth for only $6.95. Now they say I signed up and have charged me $85.92 and $81.30. I called and they are in India and will not refund my money. I have not received the products. My credit card was a pre paid card, I will file a dispute, but not …

NetSpend (Complaint)

Posted: 2009-02-18 by Parker

Unauthorized charges If you must use a pre-paid card I recommend green dot…[Why? Meta Bank!!!!]

United States

i’ve been a customer of greendot since 2005 or 2006. throughout the years, i’ve had a history of months of a few dollars in reload, to months in which i made a modest amount of reloads. the month of January 2010 has been a bonanza–in the dollar amount i’ve loaded into my card–roughly $6900!!! followed by February in which i’ve so far loaded nearly $2000. which is why i’m more so aggravated to be sitting down at 4:30am writing a letter to collect a mere $143.49!!!

on January 31, 2010, having loaded $400.00 onto my card, i ordered food from a chinese restaurant for about $16, paid for a hotel room. for about $73, and was shocked to be declined when i tried to buy gas later that day due to lack of sufficient funds!!!

when i checked online, i noticed 4 UNAUTHORIZED items PENDING:

3 charges for $75.00–from an arco gas station from which i’d only made a purchase of $23.00

a charge for $143.00 from a walmart in lancaster, ca–a place i’ve never been in my life!

i promptly called greendot and reported it a a theft! i told them i wished to press charges and have the perpetrator arrested. i also asked that the money be CREDITED to my account immediately! i was told it could not be done then–since it was still pending–that i should wait till after its posted to ring back, that it would then take 3-5 days for it to be credited. i requested a new card and asked for fast delivery, since i was staying in a hotel.

i was told to load $30 onto the card to cover the fedex OVERNIGHT charges. i got the card AFTER FOUR DAYS! what was the point of paying all that money–if the mail took as long as regular mail? i asked repeatedly if i’d get it overnight and was told yes. it was sent Sunday–so i thought…Monday–Tuesday tops…did not get it till Thursday! this ended up costing me $73×3 (nightly rate for hotel) since i couldn’t very well go home let my card be received after i’d checked out!

after the charge to walmart was posted, i called back and had the most horrendous experience with greendot to date!!! nobody i spoke to seemed to fully understand me; they’d be stuck and repeat a phrase over and over–whether or not it reflected or concerned what i was saying. when i asked to speak to a supervisor, they’d put me on hold till the dial tone came on. when i asked to speak to a supervisor on american soil–who speaks english as a FIRST language, they simply hung up on me!

my level of frustration got so high, i became afraid for my health, (i have very high blood pressure) so for 2 weeks, i steered clear of calling greendot…when i finally called, i was told first that they couldn’t help me b’cos the charge had been posted–meaning the merchant now had the funds, so it was out of their hands–that I SHOULD CONTACT WALMART MYSELF AND TRY TO EXTRICATE MY STOLEN MONEY FROM THIER CLUTCHES!!!

i went totally nuts and said no way–that i’d waited for it to post because i was told BY GREENDOT–that only then, could my money be credited to my account…i requested they retrieve the recording of my calls (don’t they always say they’re recorded for “quality assurance”?) to prove that greendot reps, did indeed say so. he acknowledged that was indeed, the policy–wait till it posts, then have your money credited into your account–something i’d done many times before–find an unauthorized charge, call greendot and its credited in a few days?

why has this been sooooooooooo problematic–and in a month that i loaded more money onto my card than ever? i asked and i’m asking…why is it that i never saw those $75×3 to arco–$225 (which had been SUBTRACTED from my total CASH balance) in the CREDIT column of my card statement.

in a world where even the tiniest mom and pop shops are going green and paperless, why won’t greendot EMAIL me records from my OLD card which i no longer have access to, but very much need for my records and taxes?

why am i the one going through all these headaches, when according to your policy and employees, i did EVERYTHING i should have done: [Now this is a change. Meta Bank usually blames the customer. You still have the problem though and Meta Bank has your money]

i reported the theft and requested credit SAME DAY it occurred.
i called back after it was posted–when i was ASSURED it would be a matter of days till i got my money back.
i requested a cancellation of the old card and ordered new one–at an expense to me.
i requested an investigation and let it known i wished to press charges.

having done all this, why am i having so much difficulty retrieving my hard earned CASH, when the thief who stole it had such an easy time using my card WITHOUT being in possession of it, WITHOUT my identification and authorization? isn’t it greendot’s REPONSIBILITY to make it MORE DIFFUCULT FOR THIEVES to steal from its customer’s card? why does greendot expect me to contact walmart and investigate by myself?

why can we no longer speak to americans or english speaking staff IN AMERICA DURING BUSINESS HOURS–9-5PM? i mean, i understand outsourcing calls AFTER business hours, but not 24/7! this has led me to lose confidence in greendot–as if going offshore is one step closer to its bigwigs soon taking all our CASH and bailing to some exotic offshore company, where they can’t be touched by the US.

that’s why i’ve put LESS money on the card this month–and depending on how this letter is handled, why i’ll be taking my business elsewhere–it seems clear its not appreciated by greendot. finally, due to my negative experiences with greendot lately, i have decided to warn other unsuspecting prospects by posting this letter–as is on complaints board dot com–check it out…you’ll find i’m not the only one complaining about your poor services>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you wish to dispute a transaction that has posted to your statement

i unequivocally DISPUTE the transaction made at walmart lancaster on January 31 2010 in the amount of $143.49. i did not make the charge, did not authorize it, have NEVER been in that city AND CAN PROVE IT!


if this is not handled to my satisfaction, i shall call upon dateline nbc, 60 minutes or 20/20 to investigate your practices.[Please do this!!!!!]

[Then right under this complaint are two ads for “green dot” pre-paid cards. I think that Meta Bank puts up this Complaints Board website just to let people blow off steam and hope that they will do nothing more after that. ]

Wal Mart (Complaint) Posted: 2009-01-03 byshannon  pre paid visa

you buy a pre paid wal mart visa card and guess what wal mart does’nt even exept them on there own on line ordering web site!!! they will still take the money off the card and you have to wait up to 30 days to get it put back on or some how convince visa to do it! there accuse is it i…[Yes, this would of course be true] (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-12-09 byGINA


I recieved a phone call also, I went to web site and the recording said to try to file for a grant to help me pay bills and morgage. I was not sure about this so I bought a pre paid visa card for 25 dollars. the charged it 2.95 at first, then charged the card the balance on it. Thank god I…

Ultra green tea (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-10-13 by Ra

Over charging account  [Oh this is interesting and you cannot reach the company to get it fixed]

Load up a pre-paid card with a Visa logo on it for the amount of purchase for the amount of a product, so that way if the promotion states 5 dollars for s/h then that is all you are willing to lose, if something goes awry…

VIVIAN ANDREWS (Complaint) Posted: 2008-09-04 by VIVIAN ANDREWS



Posted: 2008-08-20 by Kelli

taking fees offcard

approx 4 months ago I was contacted by this company saying I had won a free trip. It turned out they wanted money for the trip. They said I had entered online (I do not recall ever entering any contest online) I turned the trip down (after i HAD GIVEN THEM MY CREDIT INFO as i was uncomfort…

Airtel (Complaint)

Posted: 2008-05-10 by M.D.KRISHNA MOORTHY

Post paid coneections

day and Pls load the Pre-paid card it will be activated within 9 Hrs. But so far it was not happened. We value your association with Airtel. Warm Regards, Vigneshwari But No body retruned back for the same, I have wiated upto 03. 05. 2008, But no Reply…

Hutch – Mumbai (Complaint)  Posted: 2007-09-19 by Prakesh

Unfair business practice in India

practice in India for pre-paid card services. My pre-paid minutes were erased and validity period was shortened. I purchased Rs. 500 recharge voucher of validity of one month and loaded that on a prepaid card. After 6 weeks, without any usage the minutes are erased. Following are the unfair practices of Hutch… [This is like a lot of people have experienced with Meta Bank]

Ever Private Card Company (Complaint)Posted: 2007-05-07 by Kellie LaShell Evans

This needs to be turned in to the BBB [Good luck]

I was charge 49.99 by this company and I did not give them permission to debit my account. I did apply for a pay day loan and was turned down, and I remember the pre paid card popping up and I closed the screen, because I am not going to pay to get a debit card and I already have one from …

Airtel (Complaint)

Posted: 2007-01-13 by Balaji H Narhare

Card blocked after 8 months

I’ve bought Airtel Pre-paid card(9892895408) 8 months back at our office from a airtel agent or employee? namely Mr Kuldeeep that time we bought more than 10 card for other college also, from 5th Jan’07 my incoming and outgoing calls blocked by Airtel, when i inquired about blocking at costumer care they said they need to verify my SIM number which i’d changed few days ago, and asked me to go any Airtel gallery i went to Vashi gallery and they verified my SIM number and told me that my connection will be started within 1/2 hour but connection not work then i call CC(121) and this time CC rep…

Airtel (Complaint) Posted: 2006-12-09 by Dr.Anupam Zutshi Incoming calls blocking!

I am a holder of the Airtel pre-paid card. For the past one-week my incoming calls have been blocked. On contacting AirTel executive at customer care I was informed that this was due to the reason that my card was not verified. I had been contacted for verification prior to this and had given AirTel executive my address and had set a time for him to meet me and collect the required documents, however he did not turn up then and yesterday also on talking to your executive I again fixed a time for him to collect the documents today…[Meta Bank’s service is a lot like this]

TracFone Wireless (Complaint) Posted: 2006-10-11 by Gale Cheated and lied to me buy, and can use a pre-paid card on, and it would be good anywhere in the United States. The phone he gave me was faulty, and kept going out over and over losing the air time I had placed on it. The last time it went out, nothing could be brought up on it at all. I called the company on three different occasions, each time it happened…

Cingular (Complaint) [ Typical of Meta Bank]

Posted: 2006-08-16 by Zack Do not refill Go Phone Cards

Used up my minutes on my plan a week before my account automatically refilled. Bought a Go Phone Card at Walmart.

Tried to enter the # and was eventually told by customer service at Cingular that I could NOT re up for more time using a pre paid card. [This is a problem that many Meta Bank customers have also found]

Now I hav…

Reliable Plumbing & Electrical Work – Derrick Chua (Complaint Comment)Posted: 2010-03-16 rocks

Downright cheating

“Register one Pre-Paid Card? Ar U Challenging Our SPF or U watch too many cartoons? Go and try it out and i reali want to C c c -OO- and did U visit my vehicles? One at Jelapang Blk 527A Multi-Storey Car Park and another at Beside BLK 185 Bedok North Rd. Alamah i waited so many days liao…Wide World Soft Baky AZ (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2010-03-08 bySinger Wanted

Anti virus/ Credit Card Fraud

My advise is to use a pre-paid card that only has enough credit to do the purchase of an item for that specified amount. They can’t use it later because there no credit on it and will forget about it after trying a few times. You can alternate between a couple cards over time to throw them off for a longer period of time…[Meta Bank doesn’t work like that though]

Green dot prepaidcard (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2010-01-25 by TFG Card Solutions

monthly fee

Instead of purchasing a pre-paid card, ask your payroll department to contact www. tfgcard. com and get a payroll debit prepaid Visa. Your pay is direct deposited to your account and many of the fees are waived when using for payroll…(NO DON”T DO THAT  EITHER. JUST BANK LOCALLY!!!!)

Smokes51 (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2010-01-22 bykdenyt  On-Line E-mail Scam

I use a Netpend pre-paid card. After 15 days they send you a card with your name on it -it’s a mastercard. It sucks a little because they charge a 1. 00 for every transaction and it cost about 4. 00 to activate it-but I only use it on line-when I see something I want to order I put just that amount of money on it-it keeps me from being screwed by these scams-they can TRY to charge me but there won’t be any money there!…

Smokes51 (Complaint Comment)Posted: 2010-01-22 by kdenyt

On-Line E-mail Scam

I only use a pre-paid card for this very reason. To cancel your order: 1-877-657-3244. This is so nasty-I wanted to STOP smoking not injest just nicotine. Good Luck…

Wal-Mart / MoneyCard (Complaint Comment) [Meta Bank]Posted: 2010-01-22 by jobuck

Money card from nightmare.

i can’t even get my walmart visa pre paid card activated wallmart just ate my 50$ up thank god i just put 50 bucks on it i will shop else were up walmart an there foreign support target trys to buy american made products i will shop at walmart no more walmart rip off . john

H&R Block EmeraldCard (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2010-01-09 by Tax Prep

Emerald card scam/rip off

and deposit, not some pre-paid card which has too many loopholes and continues to treat your refund as a loan. They want you to get involved with the card so that they can continue to charge you fees and you lose money every time you use it. If you are fortunate to get the 2 day RAL or card refund, immediately take it to your bank and they will take the money off the card and afterward if you want to keep their card as an emergency pre-paid, you can do so by placing maybe $50 to $100 on it and pay a $1…

Straight Talk (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2010-01-02 by FarmerGal

Phone service

money back for the pre-paid card. I called the service line with straight talk and got no where (surprised?) and corporate is not open for me to talk with them. Funny thing is. the corporate line offered for me to leave a message. however when I tried it told me that the mailbox was full! HA. I am calling the local news station for help with this and will be placing other phone calls to anyone else I can think of…

Search results 95 matching “pre-paid card”

Etisalat (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-12-02 byjaymnoble4


Same thing happen to me, I purchased an iphone 3GS at Du, but since I have my existing etisalat sim card, i disregard my du post paid sim, but every time I put credit in my etisalat pre paid card, just overnight all my credit turned out to be -2.99 AED (negative!!!) I tried to unlocked my …Achieve Card Mastercard (Complaint Comment) [This is very curious!!!]

Posted: 2009-11-26 byclo1971Scam I learned quite a bit about pre-paid cards. NEVER have your paycheck direct deposited to a standard pre-paid card. Some branches of The Federal Government and numerous State and Local Govs. & Agencies as well as businesses have started offering pre-paid payroll cards for the un-banked. Most are offered by big name brand financial institutions and have to abide by strict rules such as your entire paycheck must be available at the time of the wire transfer/direct deposit and not withdrawal limits…[Be sure that your pre-paid payroll card has no fees attached to it and that it is not managed by Meta Bank. Many people have complained about this way of being paid. Just have your check deposited into a locally run and owned bank or be paid in cash.]

Lanphier Associates (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-10-30 bybtown

Lawsuit Scamgo to Wal-Mart get a pre-paid card and that it needed to be International in order for them to process it I asked him why does it have to be International if you are located in Califronia he told me that California is far from Texas so it has to be International. He says that they will take me to court if I don’t take care of this today…[I had wondered if some of the people on the phone were stupid or just lying to get more money from me. Which is it?]

CigArrest (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-10-30 byitsjusmeFalse advertising, Cigarrest are crooks!

because I was using a pre-paid card and got hit a dollar something convenience fee per transaction). Then suddenly they tried to take $99 something. Luckily I had no money left on the card (wasn’t expecting the charge but it shows everytime someone tries because I get hit fees when transactions fail too)…Maria Duval (Complaint Comment)   [I wonder if some of the people writing in after this actually read this complaint about the prepaid card???? The bank’s make interest from holding your money]

Posted: 2009-09-23 by KuimomFRAUDI did give her my pre-paid card like credit card from the store. i got no money there. be smart i just cut the card. she cant get more money from me. i dont like that she found out where i live and keep sending me the information. all drama. NEEDED stop. any concern. report to police and call law enforcment…walmart /money store (Complaint Comment)[Yes, report this as a crime. It is a crime!!!]

Posted: 2009-09-19 by Blondie Joyowes me $85.42

} Reload this pre-paid card {2. } Add funds to PayPal for instant online spending {3. } Make a same day payment, cell phones, utility bills, credit cards, etc. So YES they are reloadable, because I have now re-loaded it 4 times since. and wonderful option to be able to add funds to your PayPal account, because I buy things on-line all the time especially Amazon… (Note: This person has just been lucky so far – However, I suspect that Meta Bank may actually run this site)

NAPW-National Association of Professional Women (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-09-15 byMtgPlanner


I ALWAYS forget about this:received the letter in the mail and after googling napw I decided I will send the pre-paid postage card in WITHOUT my information. Hey it’s the smallest of payback maybe anyone else that does their homework and sees the complaints will do th…[Be sure that none of your contact information is on that material or else you will be paying whatever forever]

Walmart Prepaid visa (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2009-09-01 byRPeterson

took my funds of 250.00 and wont refund any thing

the day) purchases pre-paid card for us to get some groceries, etc for things we needed immediately for us and our kids. I go online to activate card and am told activation was stopped and to click button for refund. Instead of clicking refund button I called the activation number on the pre-paid card[Note pre-paid card activation was stopped after taking the person’s funds…That is the problem with the pre-paid cards!!!!!! Then for other people to write telling people to use the pre-paid cards is absolutely ridiculous. They have not read what this person just wrote!!!]

DTECH Evolution (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-08-27 by wastakenfor


on my debit account(pre-paid card) it shows Dtech evolution. So I quess they just 550. 00 from me…

Googincome (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-08-26 by mateoash

Misleading advertising

Its hard to avoid these scams when all of us wanna earn a little extra, I joined up with these scamers but fortunately I used a pre paid card, so it was no god to them.

BIG TIP, before signing up for any of these things use twitter or face book to find groups of people who have been…Acai Berry (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-08-09 by A.Smart

Acai Scam

Just BE Smart get a pre-paid card dont use credit cards i used a card that you deposit money and it’s visa i paid the product and you wont have to wory about being charged again for me the product worked and i wasnt charged again SIMPLE…  [Note: This is why I wonder if it is Meta Bank’s website. The pre-paid cards are not being properly loaded. What else is there to understand?]

sears, rebate center (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-07-11 by debik

rebate never recieved after 4 months

I will not be using the sears pre-paid card since i will not be shopping there again…[Meta Bank]

Encore Marketing Group (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-07-07 by staci0729

Grocery Voucher Scam [ A college student reports that “This scam has came to Indiana”

This scam has came to indiana, I am a college student and of course i felt since they were adversting on the local station that the radio who have done it own reasearch before running such commerical, but it down shady to me so i figured if i was to it i would be put on a pre paid card tha…

Advanced Wellness Research Inc/Pure Acai Berry Pro (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-06-23 byMariposa1982

No Contact with Comany

use a PRE-PAID card!! I do it allll the time. so I am not charged ANY hidden fees. H. E. B has pre-paid cards that do not charge to re-load. like Ace Cash Express does…

(Note: Do not trust any pre-paid card at this time until proper bank regulations are put in place to govern them in the USA. I often wonder if Meta Bank actually runs this site so that their customers can simply let off steam but not take it any further where it would do some real good?) (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-06-13 by PAULINE DONNER

unaurthorized withdrawal of funds from my mastercard account

saw a charge on my pre-paid card. Fortunately I did not have sufficient funds for them to complete the transaction. Who are these people and how can they be stopped? P. Donner… (Good question)

National Readers Service (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-03-19 byant3daly

faulty sweepstakes/magazine subscriptions

I have a Mastercard debt pre-paid card. The kind where you put money into the card. Basiclly one of those cards you can use for direct deposit when you don’t have a bank account. The lady on the phoe talk very qickl andtold me that someone woujld be calling me back asking me to rate her prefrmance…

Sirius Satellite Radio (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-03-15 by woef

Stealing my $50 pre-paid giftcard

I have many Complaints on Sirius and still never got connected. But this is out of the scope of this topic. Back on Topic:I too Had a $55 dollar Gift card from Best Buy for Sirius, I come to find out my hundreds of Dollars invested, that you can not sign up… Direct TV, Inc (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-03-12 by McDonald

Unauthorized use of my debit card and Identify Theft

nightmare! Bought a pre-paid card and our own converter for our RV. With the card we were covered for 3 months, no payment. Direct t. v. never added the pre-paid card to the account, AND they are billing us for the converter as a rental! Even sent us a box demanding we return it! After two months, we notice that they got ahold of Best Buy, retrieved our credit card and ran it for $820…

Grant Funding Search (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-03-11 by kitty white

Offered CD for 1.99 & then debited my bank account $70.00  [Maybe buying on line isn’t a good idea after all]

number and my card is a pre-paid card, they tried 4 times to take 14. 99 off of my card. well needless to say i only has 5. 00 on my card so they didnt scam me but for only 1. 98, when using the internet you must get a pre-paid card. you can purchase them just about anywhere wal-mart ect. just try to be smarter than they are…

My Cashmaster (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-03-08 byfosters6924

unauthorized withdrawl

95 from our a pre-paid card we use for my husband while he is gone, luckily we did not have any on it and they wont force pay anything if funds are not there?. but I am calling them anyhow and then the card company/bank to let them know of this scam…

grantline pro cd (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-02-14 by Flynno

unauthorized withdrawal of my debitcard

Thank god I used a pre-paid card with no money on it, because when I called for Tech support they said my 7-day trial was up, and they are due 59. 99! When I asked for a reset, so I could start over and actually get my 7-day free trial, they just up and cancelled the account, and said, “You will be unable to access the site, and I have cancelled the account, you will not be due any additional funds…

Acai Noni (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-02-11 by mary beltran

charge me for thefull amt.

but i dont use credit cards i use pre-paid card. i’ll keep you posted if they get there money…

walmartmoneycard Visa prepaid (Complaint Comment) [Note: I hope that this system works for you. I suspect that the rest may be paying for your attitude on this. Please just use cash in the future for items that you actually need.]

Posted: 2009-01-28 by Lamont Rowan [Walmart = Meta Bank]

walmart pre-paid debit cards of an overdraft on a pre-paid card. Wal-Mart you need to rethink this…

Pure Acai Berry (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-01-27 by Trish

What a scam

If you really read the disclosures on the bottom of the page when ordering, you would have read that it’s a 14day free trail from the day of shipping and if you don’t return the product within that 14days after shipping or call them to cancel, a charge will be made to the same cr…

walmartmoneycard Visa prepaid (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2009-01-27 by Debbi

walmart pre-paid debit cards

I tried to activate the pre-paid card but they said that w/o my ss# they can’t!!! So, I called the # at the Billings, Mt. [877-937-4098] and SOPHIA told me that they will refund my money and I will recieve a ‘check’ in the mail within 7-10 business days for the full amount since I did not even activate it…

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H&R Block Emerald Card 11-17-08 (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-12-05 by reddolphin

Cash Advance

Last year they offered a pre-paid card, this is a expansion of that program that is a line of credit. Anytime you are applying for credit, chances are you are going to have a credit check. You can read about it from the two links below. http://hrblock…[Meta Bank doesn’t do credit checks]

Extreme Acai Berry (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-11-09 by Cathy Lanier

[send email]

cannot cancel my order

so I always use the pre-paid card and only put enough money on the card to cover the purchase I am making at that particular time. This is just my practice, I guess I have always been afraid of someone getting my account information and making charges that I didn’t authorize. Thanks to everyone for all the feedback…[Note: I have wondered if Meta Bank sponsors this website at times?]

Central Coast Nutraceuticals, inc (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-11-04 by Nada Clyne

[send email]

sent products I didn’t order and charged my creditcard

I only use a pre-paid card when buying online and I only ever put money on it when I plan to use it immediately. It’s a really good safeguard against crap like this! Good luck dealing with these people…

EZ1Rate (Complaint Comment) [NOTE: The problem has been with the pre-paid card. I hope that you continue to have good luck with this system.]

Posted: 2008-10-27 by CreightonScam/GasCard

the store and buy a pre-paid card and we’ll call you back tomorrow to get the date” I started laughing. when I told him I couldnt afford to buy a pre-paid card he just said o. k and hung up…

The Grant Professor (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-10-21 by Romel Reyna On line grant ripoff

A pre-paid card from Ace check cashing. Good I didn’t have direct deposit on the card or else I would have got taken for the 69. 00. I should have known somthing wasn’t right when the CD wouldn’t load on my Cd player. Thanks for this site I will be seriously careful next time. And of course I am purchasing another card with a different account number…

GE Money Bank (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-10-19 by Frances Bernay-Cohen

Cheating customers!

learned not to buy any pre-paid card ever again. This is a total scam and I wish I would’ve found this site before I slipped on my face with this so called -. I hope there is a lawyer that still believe in justice for all and take this as a class action case. If so contact me too. Thank you for reading this post and for the ones who didn’t research this bank first like the rest of us then I suggest you warn everyone around you I sure am…

Gold Coast (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-10-11 by Susan Maurerfree gas card scam

to see if I have the pre-paid card to pay for the shipping and handling. His number showed up on my caller ID and I am putting him on blast 909-842-9142. He is calling from Ontario, CA. I did report his number online for abuse. I think a copy goes to the FCC. He may be a telemarketer. I will tell him once again to remove me from his calling list or he should be fined… Grant Research Guide CD (Complaint Comment) [NOTE: Don’t assume that anyone has stepped up to help out. Be more proactive.)

Posted: 2008-06-13 by Aracelis Quinones

Unauthorize charges

yeah i just got scammed but luckly i used a pre paid card so i would like too say wow why would these people want to scam fellow americans well you know what goes around comes around you reap what you sow times commen to reap it!

Airtel India (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-05-24 by Rahul Sanghavi

Airtel Bangalore customer care sucks!

Dear Sir/Madam, I have Airtel Pre-paid card my mobile number is 9731451719 initially it had been activated and it was working but lateron it is not working means it is barred initially I had not submitted the address proof but second time i have submitted all documents which are required 1…

WC Explore USA (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-03-29 by janis denton

Charged my credit card without my permission!

scammers as they used a pre-paid card I have. I am disputing the charges with my card company. Thank goodness it wasn’t my Bank Visa or Masterdard. I called the number and they were closed but said to call back on Monday, so we’ll see what happens. I would just like to know how they got my card number and through which other comany I may have done business with on the internet… (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-03-21 by JANET

performance health usa green tea diet

what the !$#%^&(&^ Well I went for the whole $3.95 shipping charge and told them no more charges where to be be made without my permission.I check my account and they had tried to charge me for $79.95.I sure am glad I gave them a account number on my pre paid card, so they did not …

Grantconsultant (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-03-17 by Anton Profitt

Unauthorized debit of check card!

I gave him the number to a pre-paid card to wich there was just enough to cover the s/h charges, so if they try to charge anymore they’re SOL. Come on people be smart if someone says something is free theres always a catch. Remember nothing in life is free…

EDP (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2008-02-24 by eva

They took 159.95 out of my account

I am not interested in a pre-paid card from your company. I did not authorize my checking account to be debite for the amount of 49. 95. MY checking account #372833954 ; my routing #for my bank is 036001808. PLease credit my checking account back in the amount of 49. 95. I DO NOT WANT A PRE-PAID CARD FROM THIS COMPANY…

Airtel Website (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2007-09-26 by Prabhu Bondalapati

Online password forgotten!


I have submitted application on saturday 22nd september 2007 to convert my airtel pre paid card into post paid. An airtel agent came to my residence and I have filled a form and paid Rs. 600 for the same. He told me that my connection will get activated on monday afterno…

Secret CashCard (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2007-08-05 by Aaron Davis

Threatening phone calls to my place of employment!

when I signed up for a Pre-Paid card but I’m informing the B and B about this. I told them that to and I said I was gonna call them and bug them everyday at Ever Private Card Service until I leave for Rochester, NY until I get my money put back in. They said that the 49. 95 was a one time fee…

Airtel (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2007-06-21 by Preeti Agarwal

Sim card is not activated!

I have a Pre-paid Card with Hero-Honda Skim. My Honda Skim Sim Card No. 899198000006070957 9 (Cell No. 9998927607) was stolen at 05-16-07 and i locked that card two days after that day via Dhebar Road, Airtel Branch, Rajkot. Then i go to Dhebar Road Branch and ask about start the Airtel above mentioned number again…

Ever Private Card Company (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2007-05-08 by Christine Sanchez

This co. has messed up my account!

Yeah this same company did exact same thing to me… I was applying for a pay day loan as well and i dont remember actually giving this company permission but they say i ordered some kind of pre paid card from them or something but i have yet to receive anything from them so wtf did i pay…

Visa Homeland (Complaint Comment)

Posted: 2007-04-30 by Cris Alejandrez

Withdrew money from my account without authorization

95??? You can get a Western Union pre-paid card for $20. What a scam!!! Make sure you read “ALL” the fine print and never, never, never give your bank info Online. This is a lesson learned the hard way. Hope this info helps and is a warning…

20 ways to save on a shoestring (Article Comment)

I do my laundry where I can use a pre-paid card, and I buy that, plus any other things I will need for a month (gas, cigarettes, etc. ) as soon as my check hits the bank. I’ve arranged so all my bills come due at the same time. When all the bills are paid, I am free for the rest of the month and my reputation is in good standing…[Note: what place does this person get their prepaid card at?????)

Wi-Fi Scam (Video Comment)

i gave my credit card # to people to start a dial-up account in june for a friend,and was guaranteed that that eas to be the only time charges were to be from that card.the acct was cancelled a month later because the access phone #turned out to be a toll #(300.00).my card then was …

[I was curious enough to check out the ways that Twenty Ways to Save on a Shoestring Did that: The ideas work if nothing out of the ordinary happen and if you are fortunate enough to be able to live within your income coming in each month. Every month money should be set aside in savings if possible. Using cash would be a visible sign to a person that there just isn’t any more money left on a card. This has been the real  problem. Banks have allowed people to spend money they do not have. At that point they go into to extremely high overdraft fees perhaps without even knowing this. Spending real cash money would let people, especially children know exactly what money they still had let to spend. Saving is very important for staying out of debt and having very good health coverage and other insurance for emergencies that our income cannot possibly cover is best. The insurance industry is more like a major puzzle for most people.   Most of the people who have written in are speaking about how the banks who provided them with the pre-paid cards abused the contracts they had together. If the provider had just obeyed the rules then these problems would not have happened. Banks need to be better regulated; they have become far too greedy. For those people who have not yet been scammed, I am happy. I happen to know that Meta Bank is studying how to scam you at this moment though so you should not feel too blaise nor comfortable nor self-righteous because banks like Meta Bank don’t care about you as a person, they just want more money.]

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