Not Obama’s doing, Meta Bank did this themselves, Other Greedy Banks like Meta Bank did this to the US and Global Economy

Americans, stand up to the lies of Meta Bank, and any bank like it!!

Meta Bank set up all of the rules, changes them, but is making all of the money for themselves off of the most economically fragile Americans.

Meta Bank doesn’t care about human beings. Meta Bank never heard about the “Golden Rule”

Meta Bank Executives are just making as much money as they can until they get stopped.                                                                           Forget politics! Fight the real crooks!

When you talk about the economy do not mention any politician’s name, just talk about the exact changes that you want to see happen and complain to the right people about the exact problems you have experienced with the banks.

As it stands currently, banks can take people’s money and lie to them, change the rules at any point, and earn interest off of their “customers” while charging outrageous fees. Meta Bank is greedy and rich!!!

This is free enterprise. This free enterprise is forcing people into the welfare system. What can be done then to keep people out of the welfare system. Don’t remove the welfare system, just make it so that people don’t have a need for it.

Regulation of Bank’s like Meta Bank that are cruel and unscrupulous needs to be made as soon as possible.

Meta Bank and the non-profit Network Branded Prepaid Card Association, that Meta Bank helped to found, paid more for lobbyists in DC in 2009 than any other interest group. They paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to Rupli and Associates to represent their views on the pre-paid bank card in the US Senate and US House of Representatives.

Banks make interest off of the money that you put on the card, lots of money. Often times conditions and other fees are attached to these pre-paid cards. Sometimes they expire. Then the bank just gets whatever money is on the prepaid card.

My problem with Meta Bank was that they lied to me and kept my money from me.

Oh yeah, you may want to say, that I had not understood bank rules, but that is just it. I did understand the rules and that Meta Bank was both lying to me and breaking the rules all over the place just so they could hold onto my money and so I could not access any of it when I needed it.

Meta Bank was going through a 4 Million Dollar law suit for embezzlement at that time. The Bank executives blamed it all on one person in the bank, a woman, who had done this for 15 years. Why hadn’t internal audits within the bank picked this up? Why hadn’t the bank’s supervisor of this woman picked this up? Why didn’t Meta Bank step up to make the customer’s who had been scammed whole? They have FDIC insurance, right?  This wasn’t some politician; this was Meta Bank’s own doing, and they will continue to do this if complaints are not made to the right people.

I do not want Meta Bank to keep getting away with this kind of acts against humanity – they prey on the most vulnerable

Meta Bank can lie and get away with it. Why don’t more people complain to the right places, the Attorney General’s Office etc. to get this stopped?

Oh that is right, poor people are in a survival mode, and after dealing with Meta Bank; They most likely are homeless so they probably can’t access a computer or even afford paper, envelope and a stamp.

Are you going to stand by and let 1 out of 9 American children live in  homeless conditions? They don’t have enough to eat and do not perform well in school as a result. What kind of a future will there be not only for them but for all of America?

Keep blaming every politician who has existed since the beginning of time or put together some kind of petition to stop these predatory banks from doing what they are doing to the “least” in our society!!!! Get out your envelopes and your stamps and stop Meta Bank. Give any and all politicians something to work with to make America a better place for everyone.

It will take the concerted effort of every good person in the USA and abroad asking for the right changes.

Pure criticism and bashing for the shear joy of bashing someone will not get any changes that any of us need no matter who we are. Last fall before the election took place, the economy was in dire straits. Lets just pull together and get it fixed. I just want it fixed sooner, rather than later by whoever is in office now, if you get my drift here? I cannot let Meta Bank keep scamming me or anybody else. Please help, write letters to get bank reform in place. But stop Meta Bank now!!!!!

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