Meta-bank Offshore Bank Services Why?


Offshore banking is using banks and financial services located outside of the jurisdiction of your country of residence. You may choose to use offshore banking services for extra privacy, tax efficiency, or asset protection. [Meta Bank’s own word’s!!! They don’t even get it!!! Well they do, but they think the rest of us aren’t looking or something. I’m not so sure about that part.       Who do they need privacy from? Why? Just Curious? More Tax Efficient than our bank around the corner? How? How? Just Curious? Asset protection from whom or what? Why? Just curious?]

Offshore Banking services also tend to be less regulated than domestic banks, depending on where you reside. They suffer fewer restrictions from governments because they are often located in countries where the laws are not as strict. [Fewer laws, but you, as the customer will be dealing with Meta Bank. Think about that, a completely unregulated Meta Bank, who so far has shown no scruples. Wow!]

As such, it can be financially beneficial to move your assets offshore. These banks offer confidentiality and privacy because they usually have no obligation to divulge information to any body of government or tax authority. Offshore banks provide a good way of protecting assets, and can be useful for anyone looking for higher rates of interesdt and privacy. [Confidentiality and privacy because there is no government and no tax authority and with that no regulation over Meta Bank either. Why would they give you higher interest rates there? What would make them continue to give higher interest rates once they got your money? Why would Meta Bank kept your records private? Perhaps only to keep their income private. But what is there to protect you from Meta Bank’s Mafia like tactics that they have used before elsewhere with their other customers? Meta Bank has been known to lie to customers just to keep their money from them, and they are the small potatoes customers. What if you come in there with really big money to hide away from someone? Meta Bank could just say that it is their money and who would be there to say that it wasn’t Meta Bank’s money? How far do you really trust Meta Bank]

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