Meta Bank ~ U.A.E. Authorities Probe U.S. Credit-Card Accounts in Hamas Killing – America responds

Hey, did the Credit Card company get paid its bill? And who wrote the Check?

Which other places were those credit cards used? and for how much?

Maybe the hotel and airline got zipped? They must have travelled on Arab airlines.

My thoughts exactly, does the bank get shafted with the cost of this operation? Will other card holders be liable for the fraud through higher rates and fees? What is the total cost associated with these illegal operations? Who pays for them?

Stop the religious wars and ethnic cleansing and the world would be a better place.How can any religion condone these sorts of actions and remain moral?

Morally and ethically, there’s a world of difference between constructing a cover story and planting all the right documents to make it plausible; and simply stealing a real person’s identity and using that as a cover. Let’s say the CIA used your identity as a cover for an assassin who killed an al Qaeda operative, and that al Qaeda started coming after you as a result. Would you be real happy about that, William?

Once you condone and applaud extra judicial murder, you have to ask who is next: you or me or anybody?

The other side of all this should by now realize that with Israel now having a bigger say than President Obama in the US Senate, resorting to violence against Israel is worse than useless.

You are not that important, Joseph Canepa. So do sleep tight and don’t worry – unless a terrorist blows up the plane you are flying on.

You have a greater chance of dying of lack of health insurance than you do of dying at the hands of a foreign terrorist. you’re argument is non-sensical, if preservation of life is you ultimate goal.

The more “extra-judicial” activities we undertake, the more terrorists recruit those who would wish to do us harm.

We need to practice what we preach, lest others do as we do, and not as we say.

It is not about political correctness it is about living up to the standards that you want to set for the rest of the world.

I see lots wrong with training children to be suicide bombers. What you don’t see as being wrong is destroying that which makes our country great – which is abiding by the rule of law.

The risks of dying at the hands of a terrorist remain small – and will continue to be so as a result of doing things correctly. Every time we are tied to something like this, we tick off more who would do us wrong – and justifiable so.

We are the hypocrites here.

Mr. Birkett: First, he was an “alleged” supplier of arms. Under our system of laws, regardless of public opinion, it’s up to the government to prove that, according to Constitutional rules. Second, with respect to your disease analogy above, I would agree. But you don’t cure the disease by removing one bad cell by injecting 50 more in its place. it is precisely these actions that feed the recruiting drive of terrorists, and is the object of their scorn. To be blunt, we lie. We profess being peace loving and law abiding and then wage war and commit lawless acts.

Did you ever take the time to understand why 9/11 occurred? Bin laden had two purposes. First, to draw attention to the fact that we militarily and economically support a corrupt violent government in Saudi Arabia. That is,, in fact true. Second, to draw us into a guerrilla war that would prompt others to condemn our actions, join forces against us, and destabilize our economy and political will.

Looks like he is winning……

Wow, I didn’t know credit cards were such lethal weapons that one could use them to kill someone? It must have been real messy.

By making the world a more lawless place?

Well, while I wouldn’t want to suggest this guy was innocent, by any means, what sets this country apart (except during the bush era) is that we make governments PROVE guilt before imposing punishment – especially the ultimate punishment. The only exception is combatants engaged in actual combat. Unless there was a war raging in his hotel room (a luxury suite, no doubt), there had to have been a better, more lawful way…..

Killing anyone is just killing plain and simple. All you cheerleaders should be talking peace but bloodlust by you all seems as if nothing can ever change.
By destroying what makes the USA a better place?

To me, the risks associated with a lawless government far outweigh the dangers of a terrorist attack.

How many innocents has Israel killed in the name of military occupation and expansion. Who was there first and who is the terrorist?

Another sign that borrowers have returned to the credit market.

I don’t have a problem a terrorist is killed. But what is troubling is the way he was killed.
instead killing the guy, why not just kidnap him and bring him to Israel court for justice?

If west sinks to same level of terrorist group, next time, when they blow up a building, west lose moral
ground to declare a formal war against terrorists.

No doubt there will be reprisals for this action so get used to more asymmetrical warfare (AKA terrorism).

He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.

Why is this “credit card” stuff even being investigated? What should be investigated is why Mahmoud al-Mabhouh did not have the s&^t kicked out of him before he was assassinated……You are a wit ‘Jennifer Mann’ and a perfect lady. But your politics are those of the playground bully….Boo hoooo…An you Mrs. Gomes are the playground wuss…Jennifer Mann,

It’s time for you to join the army as a volunteer and deffer your wages until you kill at least half a dozen men. You are a killing machine and for you to not being in military is a waste. Pack up and leave…Jennifer sounds like a former boxer. What difference does it make, when a man is being killed if anything oozes out of him or not, what pleasure do you take on that?…I’m already on a military payroll. You, Jeesh Daram, are obviously not. And although LGBT are prohibited from openly serving, you can serve in the military under the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. So, you should enlist…Were your parents married?…’Jennifer’
If you are really a member of the USA’s armed forces (which I’m afraid I don’t believe) then next time an IED explodes near you please understand that while I didn’t do it I entirely applaud the attempt to blow you up. You are, without a doubt, the most unkind and worthless person I’ve ever had the misfortune to read.

If giving aid to the Mossad in the form of US issued credit cards is all we could do to help in this endevor so be it. However I think the quality of the passports and other documents indicate we also supplied them as well. This is a direct attack against Iran who is the state sponsor of Hamas. Good for Isreal and good for the US in carrying out this assasination….May God have mercy on your soul…Charles, Now go and finish a bottle of vodka, you have done your duty for mankind for one day. You are a good citizen of Israel….Have you stopped burning puppies yet Charles?

Joe, this is the standard policy for Israel, 6 million people against an entire world. That is their normal scaling…Make it 6 million plus me… I stand by Israel…Nah, you won’t be counted in, you will be an unknown loss for a lost cause.

What? “the media is run by Zionists”? You go to bed each night safe in that belief?……

It has obviously escaped your notice that Israel is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians because they are Gentiles. This isn’t going down well with about 99.999999999999999999999% of the worlds population now is it Einstein.

@Michael Singer
I can read English and I can read French and I can get by in Spanish and Portuguese but I haven’t got a clue as to which language you think you’re writing.

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